Construct2 Microsoft Conference


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Construct 2 HTML5/ Windows 8 and Windows Phone Development

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Construct2 Microsoft Conference

  1. 1. Using Scirra’s Construct 2 as aTeaching Tool at Birmingham CityUniversityAndrew WilsonSchool of Computing,Telecommunications and Networks,Faculty of Technology, Engineeringand the Environment
  2. 2. Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment Computing, Telecommunications and Networks. Digital Media Technology. Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems. Birmingham School of the Built Environment.
  3. 3. BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology Course four years old. Approximately 20 students each year totalling 60+ Students. Course focuses on programming C# / C++. Developed and evolved due to industry input. Strong links with large and small scale studios (Birmingham Science Park and Leamington Spa). Emphasis on encouraging extra-curricular activities and engagement with industry.
  4. 4. Issues facedFirst year students adapting to University life.Little programming experience.Poor alignment between what they thought the course should be and thereality the skills industry wants.Teaching and learning style is very different in Higher Education.Adjusting to University life, making friends, coping with work loads andavoiding failing assessments are often higher priority.
  5. 5. The Learning Pyramid: Level of retention of information Is any body there ? 5% Lecture Reading 10% Audio visual 20% 30% Demonstration 50% Group discussion 75% Practice 90% Teach othersAdapted from NTL Institute for Applied behavioral Science
  6. 6. Group learning Designing. Implementing. Testing. Working across disciplines (art and audio). Presentations.
  7. 7. Scirra’s Construct 2Complements programming modules – not a substitute.Students chose the tool themselves based upon team decision - negotiation.Easy to learn and students can teach themselves in teams.Can get productive more quickly compared to programming.Less frustration in their game making.Learn importance of play testing and feedback.Learn to take constructive criticism from this.
  8. 8. The development environment
  9. 9. The walkthroughVideo: Construct 2 demonstration
  10. 10. Microsoft’s Imagine CupStudents compete internationally with their peers.Incorporated into 1st and 2nd year assignments - incentive to get involved.
  11. 11. “This scheme is a unique partnership involving the Students Union and BirminghamCity University. The scheme topped the 2010 Times Higher Education (THE) Awardsin the ‘Outstanding Support for Students’ category.”Outreach and master class programme for potential students to experience gamedevelopment and University.Tutorials (Usman Mohammad) published on Microsoft Faculty Connection resourcecentre.
  12. 12. Windows Gaming Ambassador Engagement through peers. Monetary incentives. Rewards. Catalyst for the interest in games competitions.
  13. 13. Windows 8 and mobile development
  14. 14. Student interviews – working in teams with Construct2Video: Student Interviews
  15. 15. Recognition LAUNCH Presents: Microsoft, The Cloud + Apps Gaming
  16. 16. Le the games begin……Scirra Construct2 a tool for students to rapidly develop games forWindows 8