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Computing at School Microsoft Opportunity with Touchdevelop


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Presentation from #casconf2013 Computing at School 2013 Annual Conference, Birmingham

Published in: Education, Technology
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Computing at School Microsoft Opportunity with Touchdevelop

  1. 1. The Opportunity of MicrosoftCreating Inspiring CurriculumLee StottTechnical Evangelist, Microsoft@Lee_StottLeeStott@Microsoft.com
  2. 2. StudentEducators Start-Up PartnerSupporting InnovationDreamSparkImagine CupMicrosoft UKStudents”on FacebookLinkedin Group forEducatorsMSDNBizSpark CommunityInnovation AcademyBizSpark OneMicrosoftEmpowerMicrosoft ActionPacksCloud EssentialsIndustryassociationsInvestorsResearchCentersTechnicalassociations
  3. 3. In the new world of work,unemployment is high, yetskilled and talented peopleare in short supplyThe Economist
  4. 4. Future Employability77% More than 50% oftoday’s jobs requiresome technology skills, and expertssay that percentage will increase to77% in the next decade.60%Within 10 years, 60%of the jobs thatwill be available are ones that don’teven exist today.IDC
  5. 5. EducationSystemChangeInnovativeTeachingPracticesIndividuals withskills for life andwork todayWhole SystemRenewalSchoolLeadershipand CultureIndividuals withskills for life andwork today
  6. 6. Skills for life and work today
  7. 7. What are Innovative teaching practices?StudentCenteredPedagogiesExtendingLearningCSIntegrationPersonalisedCollaborativeKnowledge buildingSelf-regulationProblem Solving24/7 learningopportunitiesGlobal andculturalunderstandingBy educatorsBy studentsBasic usage vs.Higher-level usage(for knowledgebuilding andcreativity)
  8. 8. ITIL research Mixed methods usedMethods Published at: www.itlresearch.comAcross159 survey schools24 site visit schoolsTeacher & SchoolLeader InterviewsTeacher & SchoolLeader SurveysClassroomObservationsLearning ActivityAnalysisStudent WorkAnalysisStudent FocusGroups86 teachers18 school leaders4,038 teachers159 school leaders81 classrooms967 learning activities3,367 student work33 focus groupsEducationSystem ChangeSchoolLeadershipand CultureInnovativeTeachingPractices
  9. 9. 25%14%12%10%8%7%7%6%5%4%3%2%Lack computers for studentsInsufficient time to prepareNot enough professional develLack computers for teachersInternet not reliableOutdated technologyDifficult to access computersLack ICT-supported resourcesWeak ICT infrastructureNot enough technical supportComputers vandalizedICT not supported by leadershipSource: ITL teacher survey, 2011Based on analysis by SRI InternationalPercent Teachers Citing Most Significant BarrierWhy is CS integration hard? Teachers say …
  10. 10. 36%26%17%15%15%12%9%6%5%5%3%Find information on the InternetPractice routine skills and proceduresTake tests or turn in homeworkWrite or edit stories, reports, or essaysAnalyze data or informationAccess class resources or online…Collaborate with peers on learning…Create multimedia presentationsUse simulations or animationsWork with others from outside classDevelop simulations or animationsAnd Students Use ICT…Basic usesof ICTHigh leveluses of ICTSource: ITL teacher survey, 2011Based on analysis by SRI International
  11. 11. Smart Device Usage
  12. 12. Use of Social mediaDespite students limited ability to accesssocial media in schoolsStrong analysing, cataloging and sharing theirExperiences, insights, opinions and feelingswith a community in a highly timely manner.
  13. 13. Key goals of Personalised learning
  14. 14. Mobile Learning Requirements
  15. 15. The Ultimate School
  16. 16. Effective use of technology
  17. 17. Fragmented practicesMissing pedagogical elements of innovationStudentCenteredPedagogiesExtendingLearningICT IntegrationInnovativeTeachingPractices
  18. 18. System disconnected From innovative teaching practices“My success is judgedby examiners, by Ofsted,by parental choice… andwhat parents want, whatchildren want is notnecessarily what I wouldjudge as innovation.”School leader, England“Innovative practicesremain individualinitiatives of motivatedteachers. Being aninnovative teacher hasno direct and explicitimpact on one’s career.”School andTeacherPerformanceStudentAssessmentsProfessionalDevelopment
  19. 19. Enrich learning: Ubiquitous student ICT accessNurture adoption: Professional development thatprovides teachers collaborative opportunities to designand research innovative teachingCultivate innovation: Leaders who develop integrated andshared visions of innovationConnect Systems: Assessments and appraisals aligned withinnovative teaching and learning goals
  20. 20. Ubiquitous student ICT access:Shape the Future ProgramDreamSpark.comYouthSpark.comTeacher Professional development(Microsoft Expert Educator Programme)Shared visions of school innovation:Partners in Learning School Research (PILSR)Access to Tools and Resources (Partner in Learning) ( FROM RESEARCH TO ACTION
  21. 21. Shape the Future: Through creative public-private partnerships, we help governmentsextend digital access to their citizens, many of whom are young people seeking to developknowledge and skills for the 21stcentury workplace.Office365 for EDU: O365 is free for all students and teachers around the world andprovides ready access to technology tools that power learning and collaboration: email,instant messaging, group video and voice chat, and online document viewing and editing.Partners in Learning: This long-standing program provides professional development togovernment officials, school leaders, and educators to help them with new approaches toteaching and learning, using technology to help students develop 21stcentury skills.Skype in the Classroom: Skype in the classroom is a free, global community for teachers toconnect their students with other students and guest speakers from around the world foramazing shared learning experiences and bringing a world of new ideas into classroomseverywhereMicrosoft IT Academy: Moving beyond high school, this college- and career-readyeducation program is available to all accredited academic institutions and providesstudents with the 21stcentury technology skills necessary to acquire technical certificationfor today’s rapidly evolving workplace.Faculty Connection: Technical resources, training, and software tools are provided tofaculty to help with teaching computing and technical classes.
  22. 22. Kodu Game Lab & Cup: Leveraging kids’ love for computer games, this freegame-design tool enables them to easily build their own video games withinminutes by dragging and dropping images and simple icons, thus tappinginto their natural creativity and exciting them about the potential of computerengineering.DreamSpark: Free access to Microsoft designer and developer tools forstudents and educators around the world helps advance the learning andteaching of key technical skills at a critical time in a student’s developmentduring the high school and college years.DigiGirlz: Addressing the need to keep young women excited about tech,these camps give high school girls a chance to learn about careers intechnology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in hands-oncomputer and technology workshops.Imagine Cup: The world’s premier youth technology competition provides anopportunity for high school and university students to learn new skills andapply their knowledge and passion to develop technical solutions for some ofthe world’s toughest problems.
  23. 23. Microsoft Student Partners: University student partners are engaged todrive awareness and enthusiasm for Microsoft technologies on theircampus. As they conduct demos, host events, and connect with otherstudents and faculty, they gain experience and create networks thatdirectly enhance their job prospects upon graduation.Students2Business: A direct path between university students andMicrosoft partners, this program matches qualified students with jobs orinternships in the technology industry.Imagine Cup Grants: A direct output of the Imagine Cup competition,these grants are given to a select number of winning student teams to helpthem take their project to the next level through a comprehensive grant ofcash, software and mentoring support.BizSpark: Access for software startups to Microsoft software developmenttools and connections with key industry players, including investors, helpyoung entrepreneurs starting a new business.Microsoft Innovation Centers: State-of-the-art technology facilities,located in 44 countries, are open to students, software developers, IT pros,entrepreneurs and academic researchers for collaboration and skillsdevelopment, thus fostering greater technology-based entrepreneurshipand employability among youth in their communities.
  24. 24. Access to software and resourcesfor learning, teaching andresearchEasy-to-manage program tooutfit software labs, and providethe latest professional softwareat no charge to students andfacultyReduced ITtraining andteachingbudgetEnable faculty with the latesttechnology to engage studentsand prepare them to achievetheir career goalsWhat is DreamSpark.comMicrosoft and Computing at School (CAS) have worked together to provide a free 3 year subscriptionto DreamSpark Standard for all CAS Schools.See
  25. 25. Global communityProviding Examples OfInnovative LearningActivitiesFREE professionaldevelopment supportfor Teachers andSchoolsPartners in Learning NetworkDevelop and sharebest practice in the useof technology tosupport teaching andlearning‘Absolutely, without doubt the best CPD Ihave ever had’ – Gareth Ritter – Head ofCreative Arts – Willows High School•
  26. 26. • David Renton• Reid Kerr College, Scotland• Lecturer in Computer Games Development• Microsoft Partners in Learning - The K-Team• @drenton72•
  27. 27. touchdevelopbringing the joy of programmingfrom early computersto modern touch devices
  28. 28. mobile devices have morefeatures to accesstouch screen, media,high-res camera(s),WiFi, cellular, bluetooth,GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope,compass, ambient light sensor,proximity sensor, FM tuner, NFC, etc.
  29. 29. touchdevelop• Create apps on mobile devices for mobile devices• Create and run apps instantly on any HTML5 enabled device(PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet)• Syncs to the cloud (no need to save to internal or external devices)• Create an app once & it’s instantly available on all your devices• Create apps purely using touch or click (keyboard is optional)• Game board template comes with built in physics (gravity & friction)• Built in sprite support (you can set speed, rotation, check for collisions)• Publish as a WebApp or a Facebook App• Extensible - Converts to JavaScript for editing in Visual Studio and canbe published directly on Windows 8 or WP stores
  30. 30. Progression• Kodu• Scratch• TouchDevelop• C# (XNA / MonoGame)• C++
  31. 31. demotouchdevelop
  32. 32.
  33. 33. • David Renton (Reid Kerr College soon to be West College Scotland)•• @drenton72•• TOUCHDEVELOP BOOK FROM REGISTRATION• Questions?