Azure in academia uk


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Presentation by Ashwin Karuhatty Director of Academic Programmes at Microsoft to UK Cloud Education day 2013

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Azure in academia uk

  1. 1. Windows Azure in Academia Ashwin Karuhatty Director, Global Academic Programs
  2. 2. devices services 2003 2010 2015 2020 50 billion MOOCs Industry and Technology Trends By year-end 2013, consumer cloud services for accessing content will be integrated into 90% of all connected devices. The phenomenon has been likened by the president of Stanford University to"a digital tsunami", threatening to sweep aside conventionaluniversity education - The Guardian
  3. 3. Student Patterns in MOOC
  4. 4. PC, tablet, phone server and cloud
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. Technical Faculty Programs: overview 7 IT Academy: Certification MSP Student Partners Imagine Cup: mentors Faculty Connection Curriculum Resources DreamSpark: Software & Tools App Development Windows Azure Educator Grants
  7. 7. Faculty Connection Portal 400 000+ Downloads a year Repository Resources • 3K curriculum materials • Software tools • Curriculum Resourcekits • Training materials • Presentationvideos • Newsletter • Provides technical resources, training, and software tools • Source for MS specificnews,technology highlights and events
  8. 8. Faculty Connection: On-line Curriculum Resource Kits
  9. 9. Resources for teaching with Windows Azure
  10. 10. Windows Azure Web Sites Start for free and scale as you go • Web Sites • SQL Database • Caching • CDN • Storage Mobiles Services Turnkey backend solutions for your mobile app • SQL Database • Mobile Services Cloud Services Enterprise-grade cloud platform • Cloud Services • SQL Database • Caching • Business Analytics • Service Bus, Identity Virtual Machines Infrastructure on your terms • Windows VMs • Linux VMs • Storage • Virtual Network • Identify Big Data Get actionable insights from your data • Hadoop, Business Analytics • Storage • SQL Database • Marketplace Media Ingest, Encode, Protect, Stream • Media Services • CDN • Storage Enables you to quickly build,deploy and manage applicationsacross a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.You can build applicationsusing any operating system, language or tool.
  11. 11. Direct to Students  Azure Training Camps  7 Days passes distributed by Microsoft Staff  Hackathons/Appath ons  5 month passesto encourage app development,distributed by Microsoft TE direct to Students.  9 Month Passes for Imagine Cup Competitors  Distributed by Imagine Cup team to Students passing Quiz #1 and those in Round 2 of other challenges. Through Faculty  Enabling In-Class Teaching of Cloud  Faculty must apply online at Education  Request passes for themselves and students  Supporting Educators  12 Month Passes distributed to verified faculty & instructors, renewable for extra year.  5 month passes given for students in the class; can be extended per request. Any question: credit card is not required Windows Azure Educator Grants
  12. 12. Educator Grants: Includes the following resources: Windows Azure o 2 small compute instances / VMs o 35GB of storage (Enhanced as of Mid-September) o 50,000,000 storage transactions (Enhanced as of Mid-September) o 10 Shared Web Sites o 10 Shared Mobile Services SQL Azure o Two 1GB Web Edition database Azure AppFabric o 250,000 Service Bus messages (Enhanced as of Mid-September) o 750 Service Bus Relay hours 1 Hosted Service Data Transfers (per region) o 8 GB in (Enhanced as of Mid-September) o 8 GB out (Enhancedas of Mid-September) Premium Services: 10 free Web Sites, 10 free Mobile Services, and Virtual Machines (incl. Linux)
  13. 13. Apply for Windows Azure Educator Grant:
  14. 14. Sign up for an Azure Account
  15. 15. Azure Tracker
  16. 16. Azure Resources
  17. 17. Level: Intermediate level Prerequisites: beginner level of C# Programming Skills, basic use of Visual Studio and understanding of Relational Databases. Requirements: No Previous Cloud Computing needed. The Lab Environment requires a minimum VS 2010 or VS 2012 Express for Web, 4 GB RAM, and Internet access. Each moduleconsists of a lecture and a lab. The lab exercises are designed for 2 hour sessions. There is also an Instructor Supplement available containing the solutions to Labs 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Windows Azure and SQL Database (Faculty Only). Module 1: Overview of Cloud Computing Module 2: Windows Azure Fundamentals Module 3: Windows Azure Storage Module 4: Windows Azure SQL Database – The Fundamentals Module 5: More about Windows Azure SQL Database Module 6: Virtual Machines and Web Sites Module 7: Windows Azure Mobile Service Module 8: Windows Azure Applications Windows Azure and Windows Azure SQL Curriculum Resources Check out the Online Cloud ComputingResources Kit Suggested Curriculum Resources Introduction to Cloud Computing: AzureforCS101 This package contains three 1-hour lessons onthe principles of cloudcomputing. The target audience is the instructors ofsecond or thirdyear undergraduate classes incomputer science or software engineering. Eachlessonconsists ofa PowerPoint deck, video, sample programs, and homework assignments. Windows Azure and SQL Database This curriculum provides foundation informationabout Cloud Computing ingeneral and Windows Azure andSQL Database inparticular. The tutorialscover how to developfor the Windows Azure environment and howto use SQL Database as the back-end RDBMS. Creating Virtual Machines andusing the WebSites feature of Windows Azure is also included with Windows 8 and Windows Azure Mobile Services. Thismaterial includes 8 PowerPoint presentations,6labs, sample ideas for projects and selectedcase studies. Teaching Web-scaleData Management on a Cloud While a classic undergraduate course ondatabases dealswith small data tablesof highly structureddata hosted ona single machine DBMS, this course aims at exposing students to web-scale structured+ unstructureddata hosted/computed onmultiple machines. Cloud Computing - Software Engineering Fundamentals This short course is byProfessorsHeinzelreiter andKurschl from the Upper Austria University. The material defineskeyterms, discusses keysoftware technologiesandcloud software architecture issues. It also shows implementations of comparable sample applications basedon Windows Azure andGoogle App Engine. Windows Phoneand Azure This short course byRobMiles, Universityof Hull, is anadd-on to Windows Phone ProgramminginC#. It uses presentations, labs anddemos to introduce students to the basics of how cloudcomputingworks, what it brings to the Windows Phone user andhowto use the Windows Azure Windows Phone Toolkit to create applications.
  18. 18. Invitation to Azure University Faculties
  19. 19. Azure Universities in FY13 11 11 14 8 9 6 5 16 12 6610 8 9 12 68 Azure Universities Belgium Canada China Colombia Finland France Germany India Ireland Israel Portugal Russia Taiwan Turkey UK USA UK Universitiesin the Program • Glasgow Caledonian University • Sheffield Hallam University • UCL • Willingdon Community School • Teesside University • Plymouth • University of Chester • University of Manchester • ClystVale Community College • University of Westminster • Edinburgh Napier University • WMSF
  20. 20. What you can do? • Be on top of industry trends (Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing) • Leverage Azure Educator Grants (and the partnership) • Sign-up today to be part of Azure University Faculties
  21. 21. Q&A