Solutions for Service Providers Brief


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Solutions for Service Providers Brief

  1. 1. Solution > Infrastructure > Service Providers NetApp Solutions for Service Providers CLOUD SERVICES ARE CHANGING expertise to accelerate your time to KEY FEATURES THE GAME—FOR EVERYONE market and unique capabilities that Speeds time to market and revenue Driven by constrained budgets and the establish service differentiation. rise of virtualization, worldwide spending For two decades, NetApp has helped Enables differentiation through on cloud services is projected to grow leading companies design enterprise unique technologies almost threefold, to US$44B, by 2013.* IT solutions. We’ve listened to our Minimizes infrastructure costs Companies like yours—telcos, tradi- service provider customers describe tional managed service providers, their cloud service requirements and Optimizes operations system integrators, and technology we’ve encapsulated that knowledge in Enables predictable enterprise- vendors—are scrambling to capitalize design guides that can help you more class service levels on this opportunity. Yet becoming a quickly design your solution. Long- successful provider of cloud services standing partnerships and integration is not assured. Choosing the right with technology leaders like VMware, infrastructure on which to build a future Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, Oracle, and portfolio of cloud services is a critical others have resulted in technologies decision. NetApp solutions, combined that are critical to enabling virtualized with our best practices for service service-based infrastructures to function providers, can get your business off seamlessly, saving development time. on the right foot and enable you to And our deployment and training best rapidly build a profitable portfolio practices, developed through numerous of services. customer engagements, can shave months from your deployment schedule. Rapidly deploy differentiated enterprise services You also need to deploy services that Speed is critical in the race to stake give you an edge. Building NetApp into a claim in the evolving cloud services your service offers you the opportunity market. NetApp offers experience and to differentiate your services in ways *IDC Cloud Update Sept 2009
  2. 2. “We standardize on NetApp and use clustered NetApp FAS6080 systems as our workhorses. NetApp technology contributes to each of our competitive advantages: lower cost, greater flexibility, and higher SLAs.” Dr. Stefan Bucher Senior Vice President Computing Services & Solutions Member of Management Committee T-Systems International GmbH that you can monetize. How much up to 2000TB per storage administrator.* critical functionality for multi-tenant could you charge to activate servers Industry-leading storage efficiency environments. And the NetApp suite in minutes and whole infrastructures capabilities, secure multi-tenancy, of integrated data protection products in hours instead of days? Would and a unified storage platform are lets you consistently meet the highest customers pay extra for riskless just some of the important technology recovery point and recovery time disaster recovery testing? How about differentiators that can minimize your objectives. As an example, using self-service backup and restore, on infrastructure and operational cost base. NetApp, T-Systems Dynamic Services demand, within minutes? Service backup recoveries take minutes and providers today use NetApp technology Projecting forward, you can plan on have a success rate of virtually 100%.* to drive revenue from these differen- cost reductions from that initial base tiated service features. Our API allows because of our R&D mission. The goal NetApp service-oriented infrastructure service providers to further leverage core of our engineers is to design-in storage —A solid foundation for growth NetApp technology to build derivative efficiency, so that you buy less storage NetApp offers a proven solution to products to drive more revenue. from NetApp than you would from help service providers accelerate the other vendors. Breakthrough efficiency delivery of differentiated and profitable Operate with low cost and predictable techniques like RAID-DP® and dedupli- cloud services. Built on a unified, service levels cation are part of our history AND our shared storage platform, our service- future, and we look forward to sharing Running a profitable business depends oriented infrastructure provides the our future road map with you in detail. on predictable costs and service levels. key attributes that you need to deliver NetApp can help you attain both. Our NetApp solutions also minimize the services to your customers quickly customers routinely use less storage, risk of financial penalties by offering and securely, including: space, and power for a particular consistent enterprise-class service workload than they would use with • Secure multi-tenancy levels. NetApp technologies enable traditional solutions. Also, you can you to perform service upgrades and • Service automation and management run your service with fewer people. migrations with zero downtime, a NetApp has customers today managing *Oliver Wyman Sensis Case Study— *T-Systems Case Study—
  3. 3. Figure 1) NetApp solutions for service providers. • Data mobility Once you have the service-oriented by using defined templates and proce- • Storage efficiency infrastructure deployed, you can easily dures so that you derive maximum • Integrated data protection deliver new service offerings as your value from your investment. As an business grows. To do this NetApp example, NetApp has helped many Supporting products include: offers your product development team customers design a service catalog design guides that are backed by with a menu of options driven by a • NetApp FAS storage controllers with reference architectures and NetApp flexible set of policies. Provisioning multiprotocol support (FCP, IP, iSCSI, Professional Services expertise. The storage through automated policies NFS, CIFS, and FCOE) following is a partial list of NetApp avoids human error, reduces vari- • MultiStore® for secure partitioning design guides: ability, and optimizes service delivery of network and storage resources to time. Overall, a service catalog takes host multiple tenants • Backup as a Service the complexity out of provisioning, • Storage Suite 4.0, Managability SDK, • Disaster Recovery as a Service lowers your administrative costs, and SANscreen® to extend data center • Desktop as a Service enhances the quality of service for automation • Messaging as a Service your customers. • NetApp Data Motion™ for • Collaboration as a Service Our project delivery methodology is nondisruptive movement of data • Archive as a Service based on best practices from large- volumes for upgrades and load scale deployments. NetApp experts balancing Service management and and Authorized Professional Service • Storage efficiency software, including project delivery Partners can work with your team to deduplication, thin provisioning, and NetApp understands that delivering accelerate your journey from idea to flexible cloning to reduce costs a solution is about much more than revenue while mitigating deployment • A suite of data protection products just the architecture. We can help and business risk. that includes Snapshot™, you manage and operate your storage SnapVault®, and SnapMirror® to meet any SLA
  4. 4. A company dedicated to your success We have a history of going the extra mile Learn more to make service providers successful. Our job doesn’t stop with the solution For more information about NetApp From Oracle on Demand to T-Systems, design and deployment. NetApp service provider solutions, go to our flexible and collaborative approach solutions come with the backing of For more information makes a difference for the companies a company that is fully dedicated to about the NetApp Partner Program we work with. For example, many of your success. For example, NetApp for Service Providers contact us at NetApp’s most innovative products, offers a multi-tier partner program that We look including FlexClone® and NetApp Data is specifically designed for service forward to helping you build a Motion, grew out of our response to providers. The program presents an successful service business. unique service provider requirements. array of benefits and resources to This is one reason why NetApp powers accelerate your business over the IT services that touch over a billion long term. people today. And you should know that, unlike our major competitors, NetApp has no proprietary branded services that it will sell against you. We are focused exclusively on the goal of being your storage and data management supplier of choice. NetApp creates innovative storage and data © Copyright 2010 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of management solutions that help you accelerate this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data Motion, FlexClone, MultiStore, RAID-DP, SANscreen, SnapMirror, Snapshot, cost efficiency. Discover our passion for helping and SnapVault are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, companies around the world go further, faster at Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. DS-3008-0210