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  • It is important to maintain professionalism and good character as you represent The National Merchants Association. Be confident, smile, and listen to your merchants questions and concerns. Keep control of the presentation and always remember The Experts at The National Merchants Association Work For You!Script: Thank you for allowing me to offer this presentation. Giving you a complete understanding of your merchant account and it’s many benefits is just one of the ways that we are different. But what sets us apart is that we work for you. It’s that simple.
  • As with any powerpoint, you don’t want to insult your merchant by reading every slide to them. But for the wwhww slides, it’s important that you read them and empasize the “work for you” .Know this information and recite it for the merchant while they read along. Impress your merchant by letting them know you know and believe in NMA’s philosophy.Script: We are America’s only merchant advocacy group dedicated to eliminating the unnecessary and unreasonable fees that some credit card processors charge.
  • Merchants may interrupt and start asking questions. It’s important for you to not get too far off the presentation when answering questions. You must maintain control of the presentation. Many answers to their questions will be answered throughout the rest of the presentation. Let your merchant know that you will cover an unanswered questions at the end.
  • Here you can tell them why NMA was founded. Our CEO and founder, Heather Petersen, started the Association in 2006 after working for the top five processors and seeing how they treated merchants. She realized that merchants needed a voice in this industry and started NMA as just that.
  • NMA uses a very in-depth monthly audit on every merchant account to look for discrepancies that may cause unnecessary surcharges and downgrades from the Card Associations. If more than 15% of a merchants transactions are not “qualified” then there’s an opportunity to rearrange and save the merchant more money. With other processors, once a merchant account is setup, it’s left unmanaged. If a merchants average ticket, card type, and monthly volume are not identical to the original setup, surcharges and downgrades can occur. By staying on top of shifts, we can make the necessary changes BEFORE these surcharges and downgrades are charged, thus keep merchants cost as low as they can go.
  • Our corporate office hours are M-F 9 am-5 PM Pacific Standard Time but we have 24/7/365 tech and customer service lines for merchants.
  • Our corporate office is locate in Burbank, CA but we have satellite offices in Anchorage, Dallas, Dayton, and Miami.
  • It’s important to let merchants know that you respect their business but that you recognize the need for someone to manage their merchant account. We keep costs down by simply managing their account for them. They get the peace of mind of knowing they’re always paying the least amount.
  • Not only does NMA offer top-notch service and low rates on merchant services, but we also offer a variety of other membership benefits to help merchants maximize their businesses opportunities.
  • There are three levels of service a merchant can choose from. The bronze is the basic level and includes the necessities. Silver is for the merchant that wants to grow brand identity and increase exposure effortlessly. Gold is for the merchant who is ready to take their business to the world wide web!
  • Ordering free supplies is very simple. They can call in, fax in, or email the request through our 24/7 support line. They are shipped within 3 business days. For equipment malfunctions, a new terminal will be downloaded and shipped overnight to the merchant. The quarterly account review is the method of reorganizing the merchant’s account to be certain the fee classes are always accurate to keep costs as low as possible.
  • NMA

    1. 1. The NMA DifferenceWe work for you. It’s that simple. HELPING YOUR BUSINESS SUCCEED
    2. 2. WHO WE ARE AMERICA’S ONLY MERCHANT ADVOCACY GROUP The National Merchants Association is first and foremost a merchant advocacy group. Our experts work for you as America’s ONLY association dedicated to helping merchants eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees that most processors charge to accept credit cards!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    3. 3. WHAT WE DO OPTIMIZE YOUR MERCHANT ACCOUNT Through an accurate evaluation of your business model, as well as on-going account review and maintenance, the experts at The National Merchants Association OPTIMIZE your merchant account to work for you, maximize savings, and add profit back to your bottom line!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    4. 4. WHY WE DO IT HELPING BUSINESS OWNERS SAVE In an effort to help business owners SAVE, were taking the guesswork out of accepting credit cards. Accepting credit cards shouldnt cost you an arm and a leg! Let the experts at The National Merchants Association optimize your merchant account and keep your costs as low as possible! No Smoke and Mirrors, No Tricky Rates, just honest accurate pricing! We make your merchant account work for you!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    5. 5. HOW WE DO IT EXPERT ACCOUNT OPTIMIZATION Through an in-depth account analysis we assign your business SPECIFIC qualifying card types to the appropriate category, thus reducing costs. The experts at The National Merchants Association, work for you to properly setup your merchant account which is continuously monitored and optimized so that youre ALWAYS paying as little as possible to accept credit cards in your business!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    6. 6. WHEN WE DO IT 24/7/365 CUSTOMER SERVICE/TECHNICAL SUPPORT The experts at The National Merchants Association work for you 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year, MAXIMIZING your savings and reducing your costs year round!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    7. 7. WHERE WE DO IT ANCHORAGE TO MIAMI, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Through technology and offices strategically located throughout the United States, the experts at The National Merchants Association are right around the corner or just a click away! From Anchorage to Miami, we’re hard at WORK for you!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    8. 8. THE NMA DIFFERENCE WE WORK FOR YOU. IT’S THAT SIMPLE At the National Merchants Association, we’re different. We work for you. It’s that simple. You’re an expert in your business, let us be the expert in ours. We will setup your account properly, maintain it, and keep your costs low, allowing you to focus on what you do best…run your business. We tell you the truth about accepting credit cards and educate you on ways to keep costs low. Low rates don’t matter if your transactions aren’t qualifying there! Don’t fall for “Guaranteed Lowest Rates” promises and “Free Equipment”. It’s not always out of malice that processors overcharge; its simply a lack of maintenance. They dont have the time and/or desire to setup and maintain each of their merchants accounts accurately, thus resulting in unnecessary surcharges and fees. But at The National Merchants Association, we’re different. Our expert account optimizers individually evaluate and maintain your merchant account daily. By constantly re-assigning the cards you accept to qualifying categories, we make the majority of your transactions “qualify”, eliminatingN at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i on surcharges and downgrades.A M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    9. 9. Our Expertise…Your Success EXCLUSIVE MEMBER BENEFITS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR MANY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS. As a member of The National Merchants Association, you not only save on your merchant services program, but you gain a partner in business development. We’ve used our expertise in business to bring to you a large variety of benefits to control costs and accelerate profitable growth. Just another one of the many ways we work for you.N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    10. 10. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS WHICH MEMBER ARE YOU?Basic Basic Exclusive membership benefit tools to helpPlus you grow your business.Premier Plus Upgrade to plus and maximize your brand awareness through free advertising, discounted shipping, custom gift cards and so much more. Premier For the ultimate membership benefits package, upgrade to Premier and enjoy a free, professionally-designed website, payment gateway, Facebook page, and online shopping cart and give your business the online exposure it needs!N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i on A M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    11. 11. BASIC MEMBERSHIP P REM I ER ALL THE BASICS LUS P BA SIC • GIFT/LOYALTY CARDS • F R E E S U P P L IE S• FR E E FAC E BO OK STOR E Never run out of paper again. With our free supplies benefit, F a c e b o o iks t h e c o r n e r s t o n e s o c i a l m e dma r k e t i n g . i m p l e , of i a S Statistics show, you can increase your sales by 12% with Gift/Loyalty Cards. you’ll have all you need to keep you processing when you need u s e r - f r i e n d l y t e m p l a t e s a l l o w y o u r b u s i n e s s t o s e l l p r o d u c t Get 100 FREEbstandard gift cards when you upgrade your membership to s on Face ook. it most. Advantage Plus. • F R E E WA R R A N T Y• FR E E IWS SI TES U P P L E EB • NATIONAL REWARD NETWORK ADVERTISING With only seconds to grab a visitors attention, your online store needs to Never worry about your equipment. With our free warranty ’s l o o k r e a tN M A web design partner offers over 50 free professionally g . Join the ranks of thousands of brand names and professional sports teams benefit, your terminal will be repaired or replaced at no cost to designed eCommerce templates. through the free hometown marketing program, and get your brand noticed you should it break down. • Q U A R T E R LY A C C OU N T R E V I E WWARRANTY through bank-sponsored rewards programs.• F RE E S H OPP IN G C A R T Never wonder if you’re paying too much. With our quarterly A complete eCommerce solution for anyone with an online business. With • TEXT MESSAGING MARKETING (SMS) account review, we are checking to make sure you’re always all the features, tools, support and technology needed to build, promote Send your customers text messages with news updates, coupons, special paying as little as possible to process your transactions.ADVANCE and grow your online business. promotions, and more. Keep your brand top of mind through constant and daily • D IS C OU N T E D S H I P P I N G R AT ES• F RE E PAY ME NT G ATE WAY reminders. No matter what size your company is, or how much shipping you Our user-friendly payment gateway allows you to accept online payments f r o m a n y w h e r e t h a ne i’ n t e r n e t c o n n e c t i o n . s er • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING do, your business qualifies for shipping discounts with majorC E R TI F I C AT Social Media integration is the key to success today . Don’t get left behind. With carriers like Fedex, UPS, DHL and more.ION our simple to use social media integration, your brand will start getting the • P C I C E R T I F IC AT IO N attention it deserves. Don’t put your business at risk! With our free PCI Certification program, we’ll have your business certified immediately upon receipt of your terminal or virtual gateway at no cost to you.O P TI MI ZATI • C A S H A DVA N C EON Is your business caught in the credit crunch? Let us give you the funding you deserve. Get a guaranteed $5K with no credit check today! N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i on A M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    12. 12. AFFORDABLE POS SYSTEMS COMPLETE INSTALLATION, PROGRAMMING & MAINTENANCE We offer a variety of POS STARTING AT JUST systems to meet your needs. Our fast, user-friendly systems $99/month offer a robust feature set designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail store, restaurant, hotel, or bar.N at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You
    13. 13. DON’T BE A SQUARE INTRODUCING A MORE WELL-ROUNDED MOBILE SOLUTION • Free Card Reader • 2.75% / Swipe • Next Day Funding • 3.15% + $.15 Keyed TXNS • No Additional Fees • PCI Compliant • Secure EncryptionsN at i onal M er chant s A ssoci at i onA M er chant A ccount T hat W or ks F or You