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Step-By-Step List Building


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Step-By-Step List Building

  1. 1. Im sure you heard the saying the money is in the list and for the most part it is true. If you have an e-mail list and you know how to promote offers to it you can make a killing. Think of all the big name marketers youve heardof. Do they have lists? You bet they do. All the big names have super large lists that they market to consistently to make an easy income. The advantage of having a list is that the buyers are in front of you all you have to do issend them e-mails. Below I am going to go through a few tips to starting your own list. Keep these things in mind and you should be well on your way to making an awesome list.
  2. 2. The most common way to build a list is to send traffic to a squeeze page which collects e-mail addresses. The mostcommon squeeze page is a short sales copy that promotesa free e-book or course if you enter your name and e-mail. If youve been around article marketing for a little whileIm sure youve visited one of these sites at some point. To build your squeeze page I suggest you search through a forum for some tips. I love the Warrior Forum but there are plenty of good ones out there.
  3. 3. Now that you have your offer and squeeze page ready to go its time to generate traffic. This is one of the biggest struggles of internet marketers. If you dont have any traffic you dont have a business. Traffic is so important. You could have the best squeeze page in the world but if you dont have any traffic going to it you wont make any money. There are a ton of ways to get traffic to your site and Im sure youve heard of a few ways. Forums are a great place to go for free tips about traffic. Article marketing, YouTube videos and social media are all great ways to get some free traffic to your site. Once you havethe traffic and your killer squeeze page you are ready to go so get out there and start making those dollars.
  4. 4. Follow these easy steps and you should be ready to go. Keep in mind that all you need is a good squeeze page some quality traffic and you should see youre list build pretty quickly. The key know is to take action. Now thatyou have these great tips they are worthless if you dontdo anything to accomplish your goals. take action! So get out there and start making some cash from your list.
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