Make money while you are advertising – banners broker review


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Make money while you are advertising – banners broker review

  1. 1. Make Money While YouAre Advertising –BannersBroker Review
  2. 2. I want to introducea phenomenal businessopportunity which iscalled BannersBroker. It is not yourregular juice, vitamins or any otherjunk (okay, it’s not all junk) sellingMLM (multi level marketing) company. InfactBannersBroker (later BB) isn’tan MLM company, it is a businessopportunity where you can makemoneyeven without referring a singleperson, but referring pays big bucks.Before I begin going in-depth about BannersBroker I should saythat it has pretty strictpromotional guidelinesand I would like tomake a disclaimer:Banners Broker is not an investmentcompany. BB is an online advertisingcompany.
  3. 3. It is not guaranteed that you will makemoney with Banners Broker.I will get compensated, if you registerthrough my link and make purchases.BannersBroker is an advertisingbroker, it makes money in the same waylike Google, Yahoo or Bing does.How it all works?Lets say company X orders traffic fromGoogle for 2 million dollars. Googlewould pay 1 million to the site owners(publishers) who have Google’s adwidgets (adsense), to deliver the trafficto company X and Google is left with aprofit of 1 million.Surely the numbers are different and thiswas just an example, but this iswhat BannersBroker does, it bringstogether advertisers withpublishers and for doing this it gets paid.
  4. 4. You can make money with BB byrenting advertising space, orin BannersBroker it is calledpanels. Every panel has a limited earningpotential. There are 6 types of panels.Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Red andBlack.Here is a table in which is shown howmuch a panel costs, how much revenue itcan bring and how much bannerimpressions you will get by purchasingthat panel:TYPE COST REVENUE IMPRESSIONSYellow $10 $20 1000Purple $30 $60 3000Blue $90 $180 9000Green $270 $540 27000Red $810 $1620 81000Black $2430 $4860 243000The bigger the panel, obviously it takeslonger to produce its revenue.
  5. 5. You can also register to BannerBroker with an intention of justbuying banner impressions, or you canregister as a publisher and get paid foryour website’s traffic.Well, if you are just starting and don’thave a website then you got only oneoption to buy panels and make money.In this article I only touchedthe surface of BannersBroker, there is alot more to it, but I just wanted to brieflyintroduce it to you. If you are interested inthis opportunity you can register righthere:http://www.bannersbroker.comAnd if you would like to get all thetutorials how does BannersBroker workgo here and You will learn all youneed to know to succeed with BB.I take care of all my referrals. If you haveany questions feel free to contact me viaSkype “julius_ledux” or write me an
  6. 6. email “ledux.qwertyui(eta)” Iwill get back to you ASAP and will helpyou with your issue.Also if you have any questionsabout BB just leave a comment belowand I will answer it.BannersBroker Statistics ( April 30th ) BannersBroker StatisticsBannersBroker Review