Make Money Quickly With WP Bad Bot Plugin – Review


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WP Bad Bot takes a big problem and turns it into a big advantage. Learn how you too can profit from spam bots with this plugin.

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Make Money Quickly With WP Bad Bot Plugin – Review

  1. 1. Do you have a WordPress blog ? If yesthan keep reading. I have found this coolnew plugin. You will love it once you tryit.If you were running your blog withoutan anti spam plugin installed you shouldknow what is a spam bot. Atthe beginning, when I started IMZ6 I gotsomewhere around 5 visits a day and Iwas getting a few spam comments oncein a while, later when my blog grew alittle bit I was gettingthem consistently everyday, to be honest Ieven thought some of those commentswere written by real people :D , yeah andlatter I installed an anti spam pluginwhich is called Akismet, but this articleisnt about it.
  2. 2. How would you like to profit from thesespam bots that are running all aroundyour blog trying to write you a comment? Gosh, if you receive at least 5 visits a dayto your blog you have them, if youreceive 100 hits a day god, you have a lotof them. So how can you make thesedirty little auto bots work for you? Well,this new plugin called WP Bad Bot doesjust that.Let me explain how does it work. Yourblog is consistently attacked bybots: spam, content stealing or bots thatare even worse. WP Bad BotPlugin makes those bots work foryouredirecting their trafic to up to 5 sitesor URLs you wish. This plugin can detectover 500 different bots. But what goodcan you get from bot traffic? They arentgoing to buy from your or even look atyour site - they are bots. Well theres away how you can profit from them, not to
  3. 3. make a fortune, just earn a few extrabucks on autopilot.There are two ways how you can use thetraffic:1. Redirect the traffic to your YouTube videos, public profiles, articles etc. What ever you can think off. You will get an SEO boost, because of the traffic volume you send.2. Redirect to sites that pay for traffic, like LinkBucks,, There are much more sites like these just use google to find them. By redirecting those bots to these sites you will get paid for every bot you send to them.But I think these sites will pay you onlytill they figure out how to detect them.This could take a long time for themmaybe they wont even realize that at all.The reason Im telling you this is if youthink to use this plugin just for thismethod then it might not be that useful I
  4. 4. recommend WP Bad Bot for the SEObenefit. By the way theres a function inthe plugin that makes your blog evenmore attractive to bots which meansmore traffic.So if you want to earn some extrabucks on autopilot or increase therankings of your sites then grab thisplugin right now. You can get itright here :