Build A List With The Help Of Facebook


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Facebook marketing is one of the most effective methods to use for your list building project. Most Internet marketers today are finding their way to Facebook pages and groups. There are also those who are learning how to use the Facebook marketplace.
Facebook is a great medium to find and meet friends as well as family. Before, Facebook is only used for this purpose. With the growing number of people using it, Internet marketers realized the great convenience the site can offer. With its over 500 million users, there is no limit to the number of people you can reach. There is also no limit to the money you can earn.

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Build A List With The Help Of Facebook

  1. 1. ==== ====Get This Free Tool To Build A List WIth The Power Of ====Using Facebook Fan Pages to Capture Contact InformationThe use of capture or squeeze pages for viral list building and lead generation is familiar to mostpeople who browse the web regularly, but the use of a Facebook fan page (or business page) tocapture visitor information is just starting to "catch on." The use of social media in general hastaken off at a staggering rate and has ushered in social marketing with it. A Facebook fan page,when used correctly, is an essential component and offers some tremendous advantages overtraditional capture pages for list-building and lead generation. With Facebook exploding to nowwell over 750,000,000 people, the viral power to expand your traffic many times over, greaterconversion and the highest accuracy possible makes a Facebook capture page the superioralternative to traditional capture pages.A Good Capture Page Offers ValueA good capture page offers some type of incentive in exchange for visitors typing their name andemail into a form, essentially "opting in" and giving permission to receive emails or even to becontacted by phone. Obviously, the incentive needs to be something of value in order to draw inthe right people, but it need not be something of high monetary value. In fact, in many cases theincentive is simply providing online information and/or training and is either delivered via email, likean "e-book," for instance, or in many cases providing a link to a website with videos and links toother valuable resources. This type of lead-capture system requires a graphic-rich offer page withthe ability to capture the information and then pass the visitor on into the destination page, wherethe sale, or "conversion" process continues. The process of converting a visitor to a payingcustomer often takes time - like a courtship where you develop trust over time and engage in anongoing dialogue, all while providing ongoing value.Why Build a List?The most obvious answer as to why you would build a list is to sell someone something, but thesmart marketers are not necessarily looking for just the immediate, one-time sale. They arelooking to develop a large following to which they can provide products and services over anongoing period of time, so it is important that they nurture and cultivate the list by continuouslyproviding value - a "win-win" situation for both parties.Driving TrafficHow to drive traffic to a capture page is a huge topic and there are many techniques to do soincluding SEO (search engine optimization), email campaigns, and now through the very powerfulnew world of social media and social marketing. Businesses are aggressively driving trafficutilizing many of these different methods and well take a look at how they can get the most out oftheir efforts and out of their advertising dollars.Whats a Facebook Fan Page?
  2. 2. Facebook fan pages, often referred to as business pages, are pages where businesses are able topromote themselves on Facebook. Conversely, Facebooks personal profiles are intended to beused for non-commercial, social networking only. Where individuals on Facebook collect "friends",fan pages collect "likes" as they establish a following.Why do Businesses Need to be on Facebook?Simply put - because that is where the people are! With over 750,000,000 million users and mostof them logging in multiple times per day, Facebook already has more traffic than Google. Already,83% of businesses are using Facebook in some way because they know they need to have apresence on Facebook. As the saying goes, "put your bait where the fish are" - and they are onFacebook!The Importance of a Capture Page on FacebookSo if the people are on Facebook, then why not just concentrate your traffic-building efforts ongetting the attention of Facebook users and then driving them to your existing capture pagewebsites? Why have a capture page inside Facebook? Well, being active on Facebook is, for mostusers, an enjoyable activity where they are able to interact with friends, check out whats going onin their social circles, join in discussions, browse through photo galleries, search for lost friends,etc., and often the last thing they want to do is click on something that takes them outside ofFacebook. When something of interest floats by them (social marketing), they are less likely tocheck it out if it points to a site that is external to Facebook. As soon as they click on somethingwhich starts redirecting them to an external website, they will simply close it before it even finishesloading. Conversely, they are much more likely to check it out if it keeps them within Facebook.The statistics for Facebook advertising bear this out, as conversions are much higher if the landingpage for an ad is within Facebook. It also fits the sales process well, allowing marketers to developbuying interest in stages, eventually getting them to the point where they are willing to go to thetransactional site. Facebook also offers discounted advertising rates of up to 30% for channelingad traffic directly to a page within Facebook, as opposed to moving them to an outside site.Facebook is an Open and Viral NetworkFacebook is an open network and is built on the basis that everyone within your social circle (yourfriends) sees everything that everyone else is doing. The newsfeed (when you click Home) issimply a collection of the content that is being posted on the walls (personal profile pages) of allyour friends. Understanding this simple concept highlights the powerful viral benefit of marketingon Facebook, or even driving traffic from outside of Facebook to a viral capture mechanism on afan page within Facebook.Just as with a traditional capture page, a fan page capture page needs to provide a way to presenta graphic-rich and engaging offer or incentive to get the visitor to opt in and then automaticallysend a confirmation email. Unlike a traditional capture page, it should leverage Facebooks opennetwork environment and automatically send a customized wall post to that visitor as well, thusexposing all of their friends to your business or service. This essentially automates the word-of-mouth process, not requiring the visitor to take an active role. The credibility of that individualtranslates directly to your product and service, providing an instant recommendation and increasesthe likelihood that their friends who have an interest in your product or service will go to you first.In fact, by clicking on the linked wall post, they will go to your fan page capture and the wholeprocess starts over again.
  3. 3. So, if you are already driving traffic to a capture page, using a Facebook fan page capture canliterally multiply your traffic many times over. Even if only one friend clicks the wall post to check itout, youve doubled your traffic. With many Facebook users these days having 300, 400 or even500 friends or more, the additional exposure can be tremendous!Greater Conversion and Better AccuracySince Facebook is a membership network (i.e. free), users must log in and identify themselves toFacebook in order to access the network. This allows a Facebook fan page capture to streamlinethe capture process. Instead of requiring the visitor to fill out a form, providing at the minimum theirname and email address, they can simply, with two clicks, give Facebook permission to providetheir information directly from Facebooks database to the capture tool. Since they are not directlyproviding this information it lessens their reticence as well as eliminates the additional keystrokes,so visitors are much more likely to follow through. Statistics support this showing a 3- to 4-timegreater conversation rate over traditional capture pages.This process also ensures the accuracy of the information captured, as it is captured directly fromFacebooks database. This eliminates the common occurrence of visitors putting in falseinformation (i.e. Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus will no longer be visiting your site) to get past thecapture page. In fact, people typically use their primary email, which is less likely to go away,when they sign-up for Facebook, and they are much less likely to provide a fake name as thiswould obviously hinder the social networking process of finding old friends, colleagues, etc. Usinga Facebook fan page capture automatically upgrades the quality of the information captured.So to wrap it all up: A market with over 750,000,000 people, viral power to expand your trafficmany times over, greater conversion and the highest accuracy possible truly make a Facebook fanpage capture the superior alternative to traditional capture pages!Tim Kacprowicz is an Independent Social Media Consultant with Social Outbreak, helping providebusiness owners and entrepreneurs with powerful social marketing solutions and businessopportunities that leverage the explosive growth in social media, all under his Social MarketingEngine brand. To learn more, visit our Facebook fan page: Social Marketing Engine, and if you likewhat you see, we always appreciate your "Likes"!Article Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====Get This Free Tool To Build A List WIth The Power Of ====