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  1. 1. To assist in the meeting of strategic goal # 6 ‘To develop ICT abilities and application skills across the curriculum’
  2. 2. Review website provider, upgrade layout and look Maintain and update professional knowledge of website operation Provide regular DVDs and media for front office display and other presentations Update knowledge of school infrastructure particularly server information. Create a team of ICT leaders to assist their peers, teachers and producing media for the school. Develop ICT learning progression. Develop ICT self assessment sheets suitable for sharing books Develop teachers own knowledge of ICT. Develop teachers abilities in order to deliver a higher level of ICT in classes. Further develop teacher capabilities in integris use.
  3. 3. Website Mayfair Media Team Learning Progressions and Self Assessment Tools Staff Professional Development and Support School Systems
  4. 4. To Promote Mayfair School As a positive, open and welcoming school.
  5. 5. To allow Mayfair School and the Wider community to remain Informed with relevant, current Information that reflects Mayfair School’s character, achievements and to share events. Allowing Mayfair staff, children and community to safely display their abilities, knowledge, and share the school experience within a multi-media setting.
  6. 6. At the beginning of 2009 our school website was hosted by Kiwi schools provider. We were able to add to, adjust and manage our own content within the restrictions of the website’s functions. This service cost the school $1600* per annum. After consultation with the staff, who were to manage their personal page and class page, as well as a trial period which included waiting for updates and assistance to upgrade the site, we decided to terminate our contract with Kiwischools for the following reasons:
  7. 7. • Photos took along time to upload onto the site and had to be reduced in size several times to ‘co-operate’. • The site did not look appealing. Assistance, site capabilities and general ease of use were not always available when required. • To upgrade site capabilities would have cost considerably more than we were currently paying, without any guarantees of ‘ease of use’. • General weekly management took a long time due to upload times, and the site did not always automatically update when changed on some computers, (had to keep pressing F2 to delete local computer’s memory of the page?) • A hosting site similar in appearance yet easier to use with better upload time and time management has been discovered – and it is essentially free of charge.
  8. 8. is a hosting website that Has made itself available ‘free of charge’ to all sports clubs and schools in New Zealand. It is up to the local school to establish, create and manage the website, which is provided with fast upload time, no need to adjust or change photo size, ability to upload pdf and word documents, 100 pages to use, plus individual websites that are linked to the main site for classes and teams. The site managers ask that we either install the fundraising aspect of the site, which enables them to create revenue or we pay a charge of $450 for our site to locked (not used for advertising). An additional cost enables us to VIP our site and take away the ‘video’ link advertising sportsground. A MUCH larger cost of $1500 enables us to completely personal the site taking all reference to sportsground off each page.
  9. 9. School ground menu School ground video ad: can be removed for extra cost and replaced with our own choice of media Each page has a picture option. This has the ability to scroll through photos from the gallery. Welcome blurb. Taken from the last site, will be adjusted later. Advertising space. We can lock this and personalise it for a fee Rolling Welcome message Personalised banner. Each class website can make their own. Menu option. Can change words but not appearance as yet.
  10. 10. o Our Community: ‘Home and Schools committee’ ‘Star of the Week’ o Home page o All about us: ‘What makes us Special’ ‘Times and Terms’ ‘Enrolling with us’ ‘ERO report’ o Mayfair Events: ‘Calender’ ‘What’s been happening’ o Staff o Learning @ Mayfair: Literacy, Numeracy,Thinking Skills, Health and PE, ICT o The Mayfair Way o How can I help my child @ home o Awesome Acorns o Classes oNewsletters oGalleries
  11. 11. o Complete the sportsground website to the highest quality possible. o Give the site a trial period, looking at ease of management for myself, staff and children. o Survey parents and staff o Re-evaluate after 6 months. o Research into website providers such as Mogul and School Web design, looking into cost, effectiveness and ease of use. (We have already started to do this). o Continue exploring web options within our school community.
  12. 12. To establish and nurture a Specialised group of creative, innovative students, specialising in ICT.
  13. 13. To enhance a group of students with the advanced ability to analyse, collect and compile media independently, using a broad variety of multi media software and equipment.
  14. 14. • We have a solid group of (girls) committed to meeting weekly in order to learn new skills and work on ICT projects. • The group are confident and skilled in using Photostory and Photoshop. • The group have individual ‘assignment’ sheets that guide them through their personal task in order to create the office display, using Photostory. • Teachers and students around the school regularly use the assistance of various members in the team to peer tutor and problem solve, particularly in using Photoshop. The general use of this programme throughout the school has increased somewhat. • The team are fairly confident in using Premiere to create mini movies and slide shows, mainly using photo footage and moving background media. • Members of this team have been introduced to the Pivot Animation programme, have independantly advanced their knowledge of this and are starting to peer tutor. • The majority of the team are skilled in their use of both digital camera and video camera (with tripod). • The majority of the team are able to download footage from these cameras.
  15. 15. • Continue to ‘upgrade’ the team’s knowledge of using a digital and video camera. • Run ‘workshop’ sessions having them analyse footage and learn to use the correct ‘shot’ or focus for certain events and help them to become more aware of their ‘shooting’ environment. • Look into purchasing a camera stabiliser from Karamu (under $200), to assist the children when filming without a tripod. • ‘Upgrade’ the team’s editing knowledge using Premiere, helping them to produce movies for projects and displays. • Expose children to programmes such as ‘Front Page’ introducing the concept of webpage design, which can be linked or uploaded to our current site (I hope). • Continue introducing the team to programmes that inspire creativity and can be used in the classroom to assist problem solving, and enhance knowledge of different software, eg: Game Maker. • Continue using the learning experiences with this team to formulate effective tutoring to classroom practise and enhance peer tutoring. • Encourage more boys and year 4 students to join. • Visit Karamu High School’s Tech Unit with the team: ‘inspirational’
  16. 16. To expose and empower all Mayfair students with a broad skill base in ICT.
  17. 17. To equip teachers and students with a solid foundation of ICT knowledge and ability. Allowing students to self assess and communicate understanding with teachers and parents. Exposing students to the five key elements in ICT. This will be achieved through the establishment of benchmarks for which teachers and students will have the ability to monitor, evaluate and progress on an individual basis.
  18. 18. Data Processing:Data Processing: Using Xcel, learning to use spreadsheets, graphing tools and data analysis. Internet:Internet: Learning to use internet search tools, learning websites/web quests, creating webpages and email safely. Desktop and Word Processing:Desktop and Word Processing: General skills required to competently use a computer, and the ability to use word processing programmes. Multi Media Software:Multi Media Software: Using software such as powerpoint, photostory, photoshop, premiere etc to process photographs, video and music. Also animation and game making. Equipment and Devices:Equipment and Devices: Understanding safe use of digital and video cameras, USB drives and other related equipment. Exploring photography and filming rules/techniques.
  19. 19. Each element has it’s own sheet of progressions. They cover up to 5 stages of progressions within 3 levels. Junior, Middle and Senior. The levels are indicators rather than expectations where teachers and students can identify what they know and where to head next. It’s main purpose is to assist with planning and assessment. Sharing Book Assessment Sheets are currently open documents where teachers can choose the skills they have covered that term and fill them in before printing. Another option will be available where the skills of each stage will be ‘pre – printed’ and filed in the folder available for staff to photocopy from.
  20. 20. To encourage and up skill staff members in their personal and professional knowledge base in ICT.
  21. 21. To provide guidance to staff through clear, basic manuals/resources (how too), and tutorage in order to have staff competently fulfil classroom and school wide obligations linked with ICT
  22. 22. • Assisting teachers with classroom programmes through progression sheets/guides and general assistance with different tasks they wish to complete with their children. • Staff meetings; professional ‘guidance’ sessions focussing on Integris and Photoshop. • Providing ‘manuals’ for staff to refer to when required. Initially these were printed individually for each member of staff, however a general resource bank will be created and based in a central area for staff to refer to. • Providing an updated list of learning websites that can be used in classrooms. Creating them as favourites on R1s in classes that request it. • Staff surveys have been given to query what areas they wish to up skill in.
  23. 23. Since starting with Integris I have learnt the basic attendance, behaviour and assessment systems, creating printed instructions for staff to refer to. I have also learnt to create and programme assessment sheets and administration pages. I am becoming more confident and aware of how to use the networking system. I am able to activate network connections and re-boot the network system if it ‘crashes’ (usually after a power cut). We have purchased a second portable projector and screen. The LCD screen in the office has also been purchased using telecom points, this is for our photostory displays and ‘ads’, promoting future events and celebrating what has happened within the school. We have also purchased a digital video camera with tripod – child friendly. The use of digital cameras within the school is popular and fundraising for a camera per class may be a future option.