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Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. | What should you know about hearing loss

Listening to setback isn't something people routinely examined. The nonattendance of information about listening to hardship is the inspiration driving why there an extensive variety of myths and disarrays about it.

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Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. | What should you know about hearing loss

  1. 1. What ShouldYou Know About Hearing Loss Hearingloss isn’tsomethingpeopleregularlytalkedabout.The lackof informationabout hearingloss is the reasonwhythere all sorts of mythsand misconceptionsaboutit. Here are some commonmythsand misconceptionsabout hearingloss: Myth #1: Hearing Loss AffectsOnly the Elderly Thoughit true that most people affectedby hearingloss isoverthe age of 65, there are alsosome who getsaffectedatmuch a youngerage.Hearinglossaffectsall age groups,sowhetheryouare young or oldyou are at riskof it. Myth #2: Hearing Aids Can Restore My Hearing Hearingaids are a veryhelpful tool forthe hardof hearing.Unfortunately,it cannotrestore ones hearing. Hearingaids are merelydevicesthatcan amplify andenhance soundssothatthe deaf can hear clearer. Myth #3: Hearing Loss is Cause by Loud Music Contraryto beliefs, hearingloss isn’tonly causedbyloudmusic.Itcertainlydidn’thelpyourears,but there are plentyotherreasonsbehind hearingloss.Thisincludesmedication,aging,smoking,diabetes and genetics. Myth #4: Deaf People Will HearMe ClearerIf I Speak Louderor Shout It’snot a good ideatospeaklouderwhentalkingtosomeone whoishardof hearing.Whenpeople shouttheirvoice getsdisoriented,makingitmore difficultforthe deaf toidentitythe words.What’s more,the increase inthe volume of yourvoice canactuallyhurt theirears. Myth #5: Hearing Loss Cannot AffectMy Health The healthof the elderlyaffectedby hearingloss isatrisk.According to studies hearingloss canincrease the riskof developingdementia.Itcouldalsocause falls,hospitalizations,anddiminishedphysical and mental health tothe oneswhoare mucholder. Visitusat for more.