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Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. - Famous people with hearing loss

A couple of people may see impediment, for example, listening to the incident, as a piece of their success. There is moreover some who think of it as a weight that can make their life much harder or troublesome. These people look at the antagonistic side of life.

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Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. - Famous people with hearing loss

  1. 1. Famous People with Hearing Loss Some people maysee disabilities,like hearingloss,asa hindrance to their success. There are also some who thinks of it as a burden that can make their life much harder or difficult. These people choose to look at the negative side of life. On the otherhand,there are alsosome didn’tallow theirdisabilitiesfromstoppingthemfromachieving their dreams and becoming successful. Some of these persistent individuals have made names for themselves, inspiration others. Here are some of them: 1. Bill Clinton Formerpresident USBill Clintonstartedwearinghearingaidsin1997 because of high-frequency hearing deficiency,causedbyagingandexposure to load noise. Clinton, now, wears hearing aids in both of his ears. 2. Gerard Butler Accordingto Gerard butler,the reasonwhy his smile sometimes appears crooked in photos is because of he suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus. This condition, however, did not prevent Butler from starring in numerous productions, like the film version of the musical Phantom of the Opera. 3. Halle Berry Oscar award winner actress Halle Berry was a victim of domestic violence. Years ago, an abusive boyfriend repeated beat her, leaving one of her ears 80% deaf. 4. Jane Lynch Jane Lynch,who playedthe iconicrole of CoachSue Sylvesterinthe hit TV series Glee, didn’t found out that she was deaf until she was7 yearsold.Lynch can only hearusingher rightear, probably because of a high fever she got when she was a baby. 5. Whoopi Goldberg Host, comedianandactor Whoopi Goldbergopenlydiscussed her hearing loss conditions in 2011, in an interview withthe NationalInquirer.She blamesherhearing loss to her habit of listening to really loud music. Goldberg now wears hearing aids in both ears. Know more at