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Fall of Sumer Rise of Akkad


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Fall of Sumer Rise of Akkad

  1. 1.  Sumer city-states weakened each other by fighting over (1) LAND AND WATER. In 2300BC, Sumer was conquered by (2) KING SARGON of Akkad. Sargon actually (3) UNITED the city-states and improved its government and military. Sumer remained under Akkadian control for nearly (4) 200 years.
  2. 2.  King Sargon was a great military general. He taught soldiers how to fight in (5) FORMATIONS. Soldiers with shields would be in front with a layer of soldiers with spears behind them. Sargon controlled all of Mesopotamia! He destroyed the (6) CITY-STATE WALLS and put loyal Akkadian governers in charge of the city-states.
  3. 3.  Sargon ruled for (7) 56 YEARS before he died. He had created the world’s (8) FIRST EMPIRE. The capital city was (9) AGADE, located in northern Mesopotamia. Agade was a center of culture with beautiful temples and palaces. At the time, it was the richest and most powerful city in the world.
  4. 4.  The Akkadians ruled Sumer but Sumerian culture lived on! The Akkadians used Sumer’s(10) IRRIGATION SYSTEM. The Akkadians wrote in (11) CUNEIFORM. The Akkadians even worshipped the Sumerian (12) GODS (but they used different names.)
  5. 5.  The Akkadians had their own culture too. They created 3D sculptures called (13) STELES. Most famous stele is the Victory Stele. The Victory Stele was created to celebrate a military victory of King Sargon’s grandson, (14) KING NARAM-SIN.
  6. 6.  Due to the Akkadian Empire’s size, it was very hard to control. After 200 years of rule, the Akkadian Empire fell apart (15) IN 2100 BC Sumer returned to a city-state system but was (16) MUCH WEAKER AND LESS CREATIVE. Sumer existed until (17) 1800BC when it was conquered for good.