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Volunteer Internship in Kenya Internship Abroad Kenya Internship Opportunities

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Volunteer internship opportunities in kenya

  1. 1. Volunteer Internship Opportunities in KenyaVolunteer and Internship Placement Opportunities AbroadAt Lecdenkenya.com we offer excellent international internships and volunteeropportunities in Kenya. We have all-year-round placements for students, professionalsand basically anyone interested in overseas volunteer and internship work. Spice upyour volunteer travel in East Africa with exciting jungle safaris and lots of voluntarywork abroad and Gap Year overseas internship projects to choose from. Sign up now atlecdenkenya.comVolunteer Internship Opportunities, Volunteer Internship Opportunities inKenya,volunteer jobs in Kenya, Volunteer Opportunities Available in Kenya.Lecden-kenya offers volunteer internship opportunities in Kenya CommunityDevelopment for support and cross cultural exchange with the help of local andinternational volunteers.• Children Program in OrphanagesChildren Orphanage Volunteers ProgramVolunteer orphanages in Kenya: You will work with HIV/AIDS orphans, many of whomare HIV positive. Others have been abandoned after birth.We have orphanage projects in Nairobi, orphanages in Mombasa, Nakuru and othersmall towns. Orphans in Kenya orphanages and Children’s homes are extremelydisadvantaged and encounter a lot of hardships in their life. They are deprived of manyopportunities necessary for their development. The children in our Kenya orphanageprojects have never experienced loving, caring and stable relationships.
  2. 2. As an orphanage volunteer, you will helpvulnerable children. The children will receive much needed attention, compassion, hope,encouragement, support and love from you. Through the education and compassion theyreceive from you, the children are empowered to challenge life, poverty and exploitation.Kenya volunteer orphanage placements or voluntary work with disadvantaged childrenis very fulfilling. Volunteering in orphanages in Kenya will be one of the mostchallenging positive, life-changing, and rewarding experiences of your life.Booking / EnquiryMedical/Health ProgramMedical and Health Volunteer ProgramVolunteers in this area are given responsibilities depending on their medicalqualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses can carry full day to day treatment ofvarious diseases. Medical students work under thesupervision of qualified medical personnel. Volunteers who do not have medical traininghelp in packing of drugs, painting etc.The volunteers can work in the areas of maternal health, mental health, surgery,laboratories, counseling and testing. Volunteers can work in clinics located in the slumsof Nairobi, or in hospitals located elsewhere.
  3. 3. Booking / EnquiryHIV AND AIDS ProgramHIV and Aids Volunteer ProgramThe HIV/Aids epidemic in Africa is unusual in its scope and magnitude. Health workersin Kenya are laboring to cope with an unprecedented surge in the number of HIV/Aidspatients. As a HIV/Aids volunteer, you will help us mount an effective response inmeeting the needs of our target communities. Your HIV/Aids volunteer service willinclude homecare visits to the slums bringing vital supplies of food, medicine, andproviding basic medical care. HIV/Aids volunteers help decrease the spread of HIV byraising awareness and promoting access to medical care.Volunteers also provide emotional support and foster compassion for people living withHIV/Aids in the community. Volunteers educate and counsel the community, schools andindividuals.AIDS orphans are often neglected in Africa. As a volunteer in this program, you will visitHIV/Aids clinics, and help meet the needs of AIDS orphans.Booking / Enquiry• Teaching in local schoolsVolunteer in Kenya Teaching ProgramVolunteers on the teaching program in Kenya assist with the teaching of differentsubjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools.Volunteer teachers can teach mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history,business education, English, art and music. Volunteer teachers are not required to haveteaching experience.
  4. 4. Our volunteers work in schools withstudents who come from very difficult economic circumstances or are orphans.Please note that Kenyan school holidays are in April, August and November 15 –January 3rd. No school teaching will be available during that period.Booking / Enquiry• Youth ProgramsThrough Youth Volunteering in Community Development, young people come together tolearn, grow and serve by participating in responsible community service projects. In addition to the obvious physical andmental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherit life-skills to belearned, such as the importance of team-work, communication and discipline. Asvolunteers participate on sports projects, it is a way for Lecden-Kenya to promotepeace, unity and development and also to harness the potential in many young childrento take to professional football as a career. Volunteers will help in developing passionfor sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc. among school and community kids.Volunteers will also assists in coaching training drills, coordinating skills, andorganizing competitions among sports men and women. This project involve placementat a local school or with a local football club.
  5. 5. Football Coaching in Kenya.In addition to the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides,there are many inherit life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of team-work,communication and discipline. As volunteers participate on sports projects, it is a wayfor Lecden-Kenya to promote peace, unity and development and also to harness thepotential in many young children to take to professional football as a career. Volunteerswill help in developing passion for sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc.among school and community kids. Volunteers will also assists in coaching trainingdrills, coordinating skills, and organizing competitions among sports men and women.This project involve placement at a local school or with a local football club.VOLUNTEERS TYPICAL ACTIVITIES.Volunteers will help in developing passion in sports like football, basketball, volleyballetc among school and community kids. Volunteers will assists in training drills,coordinating skills and organizing competitions among sports men and women.PROJECT DURATION: Always open all year round and can spend a minimum of 2weeks.ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS:Typically volunteers are accommodated with a host family. Basically, there are threemeals a day which are mostly breakfast, lunch and dinner but in some exceptions youcould be provided with just two meals a day depending on your project locations soplease we advice prospective volunteers make provision for the exceptions.WHAT YOU CAN BRING TO SUPPORT.Set of jerseys, keepers gloves, footballs, boots, whistles and other sporting staff.…….Apply for this program……
  6. 6. Booking / Enquiry• Environmental conservation It is from here that we get our food, cleanwater, herbs, medicines and raw materials. In this program, we try to bring an end to thehabit of misusing this natural capital but instead renew it and even make it better thanwe found it. It is this practice that will lead to maintenance of global biodiversity, fruitfulproductivity and steady resilience of ecological systems.Volunteer’s responsibilitiesVolunteers work on a wide variety of activities,:-•Help to plant trees in areas where deforestation has been the order of the day•Teaching environmental awareness to planting trees within the community•Encourage establishment of tree nurseries, Soil cover e.g. grass, shrubs on fallowparcels and building a gabion to curb erosion, use of conventional insecticides andherbicides that are environment friendly, and Flower gardening to make our homes andthe environment beautiful and a place worth residing.Program Objectives•Create a habitat for our wildlife•To bring back life to our environment by making it healthy and naturalProgram Duration.•Program is opened to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend from two weeksonwards on the program.
  7. 7. Who can volunteer? Anybody can volunteer in this program as long as you are 18 yearsor more. It is regardless of your profession, however, specialized skills and expertise willbe used accordingly.Participants should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple livingconditions, be flexible and patient.Volunteer Benefits•You would discover more of yourself and be happy to bring back life to nature•You would have gotten for yourself more experience and how capable you are to workso hard.•Your experience and understanding for environmental issues would be even more…….Apply for this program……Volunteer in Kenya Program LocationsKenya volunteer jobs are available in the cities of Nairobi, and Siaya,Kogelo village.We also have volunteer work in Nyeri, Nanyuki, Maji Moto (Masai Mara) andKakamega. More volunteer destinations are available with special arrangements.Kenya Volunteer Program ScheduleYou can volunteer for any duration and stay as long as you wish. You can arrive at anytime during the month and the volunteer work starts the following day.You will typically work between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Your will spend yourspare time shopping, eating out, cinemas, chatting with other volunteers or swimming.You can also go scuba-diving and surfing if at the coast, skate on the ice-skating facilityat the Panari Hotel, or simply take a day out to giraffe centre and ostrich farm inNairobi.Kenya Volunteer Program is open to:We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches,colleges, and student associations).Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all yearround.The volunteer in Kenya program fee covers in-country orientation, training, meals andaccommodation, and supervision.
  8. 8. The volunteer in Kenya costs you need to meet are: Your flight to and from the country,visa fees, work permits, vaccinations, and travel insurance, return trip to the airport andairport taxes.You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like bottled water, personalcosts, public transport, beverages and entertainment.Typical Living Arrangements: Advance Africa Volunteers’ house and home-stays.Please join us in our Charity Work, Volunteer vacations, the ultimate Ethical WildLife Safaris, medical elective placements, corporate company breaks, Outreachmission trips, Educational Student &school trips. Together we can make a differenceto Orphans and other vulnerable Children/widows/ women/People livessee our chip in widget, http://lecdenkenya.chipin.com/lecden-kenya-a-non-profit-for-the-less-fortunate-kidsRegardsSteveinfo@lecdenkenya.com
  9. 9. http://www.lecdenkenya.com