Discover kenya volunteers vacations, gap year safari trip


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Discover Kenya volunteers vacations, Gap year safari Trip

Activities : Ngo , Gap year ,Career break ,Travel Tours ,Childcare Work , Combo Travel Placements ,Safari Tours ,Orphanage Work , Care Work , Community Projects.
Countries : Kenya
Location : Nairobi, Mombasa, Central Rift Valley, Masai Mara
Duration : 2-4 weeks

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Discover kenya volunteers vacations, gap year safari trip

  1. 1. Discover Kenya volunteers vacations, Gap year safariTripCompany :Lecden-KenyaActivities : Ngo , Gap year ,Career break ,Travel Tours ,Childcare Work , ComboTravel Placements ,Safari Tours ,Orphanage Work , Care Work , Community Projects.Countries : KenyaLocation : Nairobi, Mombasa, Central Rift Valley, Masai MaraDuration : 2-4 weeksInfoThe Discover Kenya Trip gives participants the opportunity to travel and work in EastAfrica’s most tourist focused country.This 30 day discovery tour comprises of a combination of voluntary work within the localcommunities. You will visit both the rural and coastal regions of Kenya to compare theirunique lifestyles and get a chance to meet the Big 5 on safari in one of Kenya’s famousgame reserves. This package offers participants the chance to immerse themselves intoKenyan culture, to experience life in Africa whilst helping communities by volunteeringyour assistance in various projects. Once participants have completed their muchappreciated hard work helping the communities they are given the opportunity to climbMt Longonot in Kenya’s central province or maybe even get face to face with a pack oflions on one of the safari game drives. No doubt you will meet lots of likeminded peopleout there participating in the same program. The Kenya discovery trip aims to benefit allconcerned as we put a great deal of effort establishing the links between the locals andthe volunteers to get the best possible outcome.Itinerary ‘Discover Kenya’ Proposed Itinerary;
  2. 2. Day 1 – Arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where you will be met by theSub Saharan coordinators where you will be transferred to a hotel or a host family.Day 2 - will start with a brief by the local staff about the trip including talks on theadventure aspect, health & safety, and the culture and way of life in Kenya. You will betaken on a city tour and a visit to the project, giving you a chance to meet and greet allthe staff members before the work starts the following day.Day 3 – 8 – For the next 6 days you will be given the opportunity to do some voluntarywork in a local children’s orphanage or be able to teach at a school. These depend onyour preferences. In the orphanages you will be able to look after and care for manychildren who have lost their parents through HIV/AIDS. Part of this process is lots ofinteraction with the children including games, activities and teaching the children. Mostorphanages also have feeding programs which volunteers will be involved with.Volunteers are also able to teach at specific projects a range of subjects includingEnglish, Maths, Science, and Geography. Volunteers are also encouraged to beproactive and create extracurricular activities for the children to participate in.
  3. 3. Day 9 – On day 9 you will be able to visit the David Sheldrick foundation for orphanedbaby elephants. Also nearby you will visit the giraffe centre, the Karen Blixen safari walkand finally have your evening meal dinner at the world famous Carnivore Restaurant.Day 10 – 14 - You will return to your volunteer project and continue working there foranother 4 days.Day 15 – Day 15 will see you embark on an adventure to either Mt Longonot or to HellsGate National Park. We have given volunteers the option here. Mt Longonot is adormant volcano located in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The trip is 7-8km long and takesaround 5 hours. Hells Gate National Park is unique as it is one of only two parks inKenya where hiking & cycling is permitted. The park offers many animal varietiesincluding zebra, buffalo, eland, thomson’s gazelle and many more.Day 16 – 19 - For the next three days volunteers will be taken on safari. The choices forthis include the Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru & Amboseli National Parks. We willorganise this trip on majority numbers. Each of the three parks contains Africa’s BigFive including lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard & rhino. You will be accommodated intented camps inside the national park and all your meals will be includedDay 20 – Day 20 sees you taking the 8 hour trip through the scenic Tsavo National Parkto Kenya’s second largest city and only port Mombasa.Day 21 – 24 Your time in Mombasa will be spent at a volunteering project. You will workin the project for 4 days. This again is a project of your choosing: perhaps somethingsimilar to the work you were doing in Nairobi or maybe something completely different.
  4. 4. This project must be chosen before arrival in Mombasa. You can discuss the options withour staff on the ground and they will assist you getting to work at the project.Day 25 – 28 This is your time to take in Mombasa’s famous culture. You will either besituated with a host family or in a hotel. Volunteers will be able to enjoy the beach lifeand participate in the Mombasa excursions including the Marine Park, Haller Park, andhistorical sites of Mombasa including Fort Jesus and further up the coast, the Gedi ruins.This time is mostly spent at your leisure.Day 29 – On day 29 you will make the trip back through Tsavo National Park to Nairobi.‘Watch out for those giraffes on the road’. You will have a farewell dinner consisting of‘Nyama Choma’ which is Kenya’s national dish.Day 30 This is your last chance to buy any souvenirs or gifts for yourself or friends andfamily back home. You will be leaving us from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Wewill see you off and wish you a safe flight homeIncluded in PriceAccommodation in hostel/camp/hotel (Day 1 – Day 30)Local food two times a day (Day 1- Day 27)Airport pick up/transfer to hotelPark entry feesService of local leader for entire project periodNot included
  5. 5. International FlightsInternal TravelInternal FlightsBalloonAdditional InfoNot Included in PriceAny room/food before Day 1 and after Day 30 (program concludes once volunteers aredropped off at airport, bus station, or hotel).Any tips to guides, gifts to host family or projectsPersonal expensesBooking / Enquiry
  6. 6. Programs, Events, Materials, Organizations, Affinity Groups, Volunteer Opportunitiesin Nairobi Kenya that were posted to the site in English concerning Children andYouth, Community Development, Community Service and Volunteering, DisasterRelief, Foundations, Fundraising, and Philanthropy, Sports, Recreation, and Leisure,Travel and Transportation.Orphanage in Kenya, Orphans in Kenya, HIV and Aids orphans in Kenya ,CharityWork in Kenya, Kenya Community Development Projects, Help us Bring Clean, SafeDrinking Water To Millions.This is a story that was never told, about suffering that never happened.This past year, a child you will never meet was spared the pain of malnutrition.Another was saved from a vicious illness. Still more were given safe places to learn andclean water to drink.Lecden-Kenya was there for the world’s neediest children, because of donors like you.Now you have an amazing opportunity to make sure Lecden-kenya is there again nextyearthere are only 24 hours left to take advantage of our match and have every dollar yougive DOUBLED. This means $75 becomes $150, $150 becomes $300, $1,500 becomes$3,000 – up to 1 million dollars! Donate now and support our efforts:• Safe drinking water – When children are thirsty, it doesn’t matter if a river isclouded and polluted, they’ll drink from it. Lecden-kenya simple solutions like cleanwater tablets make it easy for children to access clean water anywhere, anytime.• Education – In the aftermath of war or natural disaster, children often feelsafest in a classroom. Lecden-Kenya developed the School-in-a-Box kit so that aclassroom could be set up anywhere to restore a sense of normalcy and help break thecycle of poverty.• Immunizations – Lecden-Kenya provides vaccinations for more than half theworld’s children. Chills, fevers, vomiting, convulsions and death – this is what asimple, inexpensive vaccine can spare a child from suffering.Children don’t get to choose where they live. Millions end up in dire situations. Theseare children just like the children you know – small, vulnerable, and full of hopes anddreams.We owe the world’s children our help.
  7. 7. Help change a child’s future. In return, you can be confident that you are giving theworld’s neediest children a brighter tomorrow.With gratitude, Give joy, save a life,In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re excited toshare the perfect gift idea for our loved ones – a Winter Child Survival Pack to bringrelief and hope in the form of immunizations, clean water and micronutrients to asuffering children in Africa.This holiday do something amazing…Don’t buy sweaters or perfume.Buy safe, clean water for families in need.Give a gift. Save a child.Give a loved one something different this holiday season – send a Winter ChildSurvival Pack in their honor. Your loved one gets a personalized card from you, and adesperate child receives the following lifesaving supplies:> Immunizations that will save a child from measles and polio – two of the mostcommon and painful diseases.> Micronutrient powders that will help a child suffering from malnutrition get thevitamins and minerals essential for them to grow up healthy.> Water purification tablets to filter out dirt and bacteria so that children can drinkwithout fear of getting sick. Your pack contains enough tablets to clean 50,000 liters ofwater!Order your gift before December 17 to have a card mailed to your loved one in time forthe holidays!Donation Amount: Suggested donation: $ $25,$30,$50,$100,$200,$500 even more tomeet our fundraising goals of $ 60,000 by December 2010, for more information,see our chip in widget, water, give life ,But, there are still so many others who live without clean water.Every day, 4,000 children under the age of five die due to diseases that could beprevented by safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene.
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