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EBAT Media is A Social media management company focusing on managing the social profile of organizations & personalities.We design a social media strategies tailor-made for YOU. We are based in Botswana, Africa.

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Ebat media presentation

  1. 1. FACE THE FACTS•FACT # 1- Conversional Marketing is dying.•FACT # 2- Social Media is taking over conventional marketing.•FACT # 3- The number 1 activity on the internet is Social Media.•FACT # 4- Businesses cant afford NOT to use social media as part of their marketing strategy.•FACT #5- Although Social Media is cheap, it is an expensive mistake to not incorporate it into a business communication & marketing strategy.
  2. 2. A few Numbers to Consider•85% of consumers want to use social media to engage companies.YES! This includes YOUR company.•93% of all people who are on social networks believe that ALLcompanies should have social medi presence. YES! this includesyours!•93% of the worlds population under the age of 40 have joinedsocial networks. Again...Do the maths. Are you willing to take therisk with your company?•93% of online buyers use search engine to find out opinions ofother buyers on products. The number 1 place for shared opinionsis Social Media Platforms.
  3. 3. A few Numbers to Consider- General Info on Botswana Total Facebook Users: 174140 Position in the list: 126. Penetration of population: 8.58% Penetration of online 145.12% population•There are currently 174140 Facebook users in the Botswana,which makes it #126 in the ranking of Facebook Statics byCountry.• Facebook penetration in Botswana is 8.58% compared to thecountrys population and 145.12% in relation to number ofInternet users.• The total number of FB users in Botswana is 174140 andgrew by more than 46780 in the last 6 months.
  4. 4. General Info on BotswanaUser age distribution on Facebook in Botswana•The largest age group is currently 18 - 24 , followed by theusers in the age of 25 - 34.
  5. 5. General Info on BotswanaMale/Female User Ratio on Facebook in Botswana•There are 56% male users and 44% female users in Botswana
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDIES• www.socialmediaexaminer.com – an all-round guide on social mediawebsite launched in October 2009, relied 100% on Social Media Tacticsto drive traffic to their website. In less than 5 months was declared the#1 small business blog in the world, added more than 13,000 emailsubscribers, brought nearly 100,000 people a month to the site and isranked as one of the top 4200 websites in all of America. No moneyspent, just time.•@emersonsalon, a boutique salon in Seattle, connects with existingand potential customers through social media. 75% of their customersare from Facebook, Twitter and their blogWe look forward to being a part of such success stories locally
  7. 7. WE ARE THE SOLUTION•. In the jungle of Social Media, online marketing can be confusing andmake you feel like you have been thrown in the deep end. EBAT Media ishere not only to make your life easier, we are here to build a steady andfavorable reputation for your organization while bringing your products& services closer to your stakeholders by keeping them informed aboutwhat your company is up to.•We will draw up a social media strategy that best fits your companyand utilize the available social media to manage your presence in themost effective way. Every company has different needs and we willrecommend and implement the best social media strategy tailor-madefor your specific needs.•We act as your brand ambassador by representing your companyfavourably to your stakeholders. We will act the custodians of your brandand ensure that we speak boldly for your brand.
  8. 8. WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS DO WE USE?• a social networking service and website which allows for organizations, people,and friends who have common interests to connect. Facebook has 800 millionactive users and counting. Imagine what you could do with these numbers. Weare here to create magic with these numbers on your behalf.•An online social networking service with over 200 million users that enables itsusers to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters. Because of the140 characters, its imperative to make impact with every “tweet”, you can counton us for impactful tweeting on your behalf.
  9. 9. WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS DO WE USE?• A business-related social-networking website mainly used for professionalnetworking. Linkedin.com currently has 120 registered users in more than 200countries. We will build meaningful and beneficial professional relationships onyour behalf. .......AND MANY MORE.........•We at EBAT Media understand that there is a continuum of social media and wevow to each of our clients that we will stay ahead of the crowd on their behalf.
  10. 10. Do you need more convincing?•You are already involved in Social Media & it affects you; Youremployees are in social media and talking, discussions about your brandare already taking place.... Why not put measures in place to shapeoutcomes?• Word of mouth is the #1 influencer of most final purchases. Word ofmouth spreads like veldt fire on social media. Make it count for yourbrand.• Social Media may not be a do or die or the Holy Grail for yourbusiness, BUT its a powerful force that WILL impact your business.•A wise person once said “The best place to hide a dead body is on Page2 of Google Pages”. When you are highly active on Social Media, youcome up on the 1st and most relevant page on search engines.
  11. 11. So How will you know it worked?•. One may talk all day about strategy and intentions, at the end of theday, business owners want results. EBAT Media uses the followingmethodologies to show results of work put in;•Your Followers/group members/mailing list- We will show you theincrease of followers in numbers since you have engaged us. MoreFollowers = more people seeing your content.•Who is talking about you? What are the perceptions about your brand?– We will do an online survey for before & after.•We will look at the conversation between you and your target/existingmarket before you engaged us and after. Conversation = more credibility& your brand being on more lips.•Analytics- We would like to drive as much traffic as possible to yourwebsite. We will measure the growth in traffic during the time you haveengaged us.
  12. 12. Contact UsWe are looking forward to you contacting us and a possible working relationship:Lebogang MaruapulaSocial Media Consultant+267 72114846ebatmedia@gmail.comORGwen IsaacsSocial Media Consultant+267 71705150gwen_isaacs@yahoo.com