Stats course expectations 2011


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Stats course expectations 2011

  1. 1. Course Expectations/Syllabus for Probability and Statistics CPContact InformationMs. LeBlanc 978 – 462 – 8171 ext. 1159Welcome to Probability and Statistics CPI hope that you had a great summer and are looking forward to a fulfilling year. Statistics is used inalmost all fields of human endeavor and will be relevant to you as you go on to study in college or jointhe work force. We study statistics for many reasons including: to gain the ability to read andunderstand the various statistical studies performed in your fields, to conduct research in your field, andto become better consumers and citizens.Class Rules Student Responsibilities 1. Be respectful and courteous to the 1. Arrive to class on time and ready to teacher and your peers work. 2. Follow directions and classroom 2. Ask for help when you need it procedures 3. Take responsibility for your education, 3. Be honest and take pride in your work behavior, grades, and consequences 4. Obey all school rules 4. Participate in class appropriately (e.g. raise your hand) 5. Remain seated during instructionConsequences 1. Warning (verbal or nonverbal) 2. Conference with student, change of seat, and/or call home 3. Teacher or Administrator Detention and call home 4. Removal from class 5. Referral to the Assistant Principal and call homeMaterials (You are expected to bring the following daily) • Pens or pencils • 1 inch 3 – ring binder • Textbook • Calculator (Please note that a calculator is essential to success in this course, it is suggested that you purchase a TI – 83 or TI – 84. If you choose to purchase a different calculator, it is your responsibility to learn how to use it. Classroom time will not be spent on the idiosyncrasies of various calculators.)
  2. 2. Grading Policy • Homework – 20% Homework is assigned every night and will be checked for completion the next class period. To receive full credit, homework must be complete with all work shown. Homework is essential practice and review which will help you succeed in this class. • Tests – 40% Tests are always announced and will cover all previously covered material. • Quizzes – 30% Quizzes will be given frequently and may be announced or unannounced. • Classwork – 10% These assignments consist of all assignments completed during class such as the problem of the day, notes, and worksheets.Classroom Procedures and Policies 1. Daily Procedures a. Arrival to class: When you enter the classroom, you are expected to obtain the problem of the day, take your assigned seat, have the previous night’s homework out and ready to be checked, and complete the problem of the day. b. During Class: Once class has begun, it is expected that you listen, take notes, and participate appropriately. c. Dismissal: Please remain working and seated until I dismiss you. 2. Tardiness You are expected to be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings. Students who are not in their assigned seat when the bell rings will be marked tardy. The Triton Regional High School tardy policy will be strictly enforced; for further information, consult the student handbook. 3. Absences Consistent attendance is critical to academic success and students should strive to maintain good attendance. a. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missed notes and assignments, and to complete all missed assignments. Assignments must be turned into the “make-up work bin”. Students should arrange to copy notes and obtain assignments from a classmate. If a student has missed a test or quiz, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make-up the test or quiz. b. You have twice the number of days to complete missed work as the number of days you are absent, for further information, consult the student handbook. c. When you return from an absence you are required to complete assignments that we are working on that day, this includes tests and quizzes. If you were absent the day of a test review, you are still required to take the test. 4. Extra Help I am available after school every Thursday for extra help and/or make-up tests and quizzes. I am also available by appointment for Monday – Wednesday after school.
  3. 3. Probability and Statistics CP Course Expectations/SyllabusPlease sign this sheet and have your parent/guardian read, sign this sheet, and complete the backside.This is your first homework assignment.I have read and understand what is expected of me and agree to follow the rules and procedures. Student Name (Print): __________________________________________________________ Student Signature: __________________________________________________________ Parent/Gaurdian Name (Print): __________________________________________________________ Parent/Gaurdian Signature: __________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Student Contact Information SheetStudent Name: ________________________________________________________________Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________Relationship to Student: ________________________________________________________Parent/Guardian Phone Number: _________________________________________________Parent/Guardian e-mail: ________________________________________________________What is your preferred method of contact? __________________________________________Alternate Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________________Relationship to Student: ________________________________________________________Alternate Parent/Guardian Phone Number: __________________________________________Alternate Parent/Guardian e-mail: _________________________________________________What is your preferred method of contact? __________________________________________