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Parent night contact&survey


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Published in: Education
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Parent night contact&survey

  1. 1. Triton Travel Club Contact Information and Survey ________________________________________________ ____________ ______________ Student Name Year of Graduation Birthday ________________________________________________, ___________________, _____, _________ Address Town St zip ________________________________________________ ____________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name Home Phone ________________________________________________ ____________________________________ Parent/Guardian e-mail Parent/Guardian Cell Phone or Work Phone Will you be enrolling your student on the tour? Yes No Why or Why not? ______________________________________________________________ What other countries/places would you like to see the travel club offer trips to? Check all that apply: Argentina Austria Australia Britain California Cambodia Chicago China Costa Rica Denmark Ecuador Egypt England France Germany The Grand Canyon Greece Hawaii India Ireland Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Peru Portugal Puerto Rico Russia Scandinavia Scotland South Africa The South Pacific Spain Switzerland Thailand Turkey Vietnam Wales Washington D.C. Other: _______________________________________________________________________