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AIESEC UWA LC of the Year Application, July 2012


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Published in: Technology
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AIESEC UWA LC of the Year Application, July 2012

  1. 1. AIESEC UWALC of the Year Application 2011-2012
  2. 2. AIESEC UWA Executive Board 2011 AIESEC UWA Executive Board 2012
  3. 3. Growth in our Measures of Success 100 2010-2011 2011-2012 Relative Growth 75TNs 1 3 300% 50EPs 26 66 254% 25TMP 74 168 227% TNsTLP 29 70 241% EP 0 TMP TLP
  4. 4. ExchangeAIESEC UWA has grown 251% in Relative Absoluteexchange realizations over the past 12 2010-2011 2011-2012 Growth Growthmonths. This is due to a combination of TNs 1 3 300% 200%drawing upon the synergies between theportfolios through the use of short term EP 26 66 254% 154%teams, ensuring entire LC mobilization Total 27 68 251% 151%and motivation, reward and recognition “After ourincentives, an organized training Christmas Eve party, we rodescheduled, knowledge sharing between horses out into the desert at 2:30am. The horses wereUWA and its hosted entities and a running really fast and none of us haddetailed recruitment plan to ensure a ever ridden a horse before, so I wasskilled and active member base. hanging on for my dear life! Best Christmas ever!” Volunteer or work abroad - Mei, Egypt these holidays! Like us on facebook and win an iPad! Volunteer or work abroad in the holidays!
  5. 5. Outgoing Exchange Incoming Exchange140 318% 7 200%120 6100 304% 5 400% 254% 80 4 300% 2010-11 2010-11 60 2011-12 3 2011-12 40 2 20 1 0 0 Raise Match Realise Raise Match Realise
  6. 6. Exchange SustainabilityIncoming ExchangeAIESEC UWA currently has 3 GIP TNs confirmed for the year. 2 out of these 3 TNs were re-raises.This showed that AIESEC UWA has constantly delivered high quality interns, matching the clearexpectations set with the TNs. Communication with our current partners have been consistent andregular. There have been negotiations to re-raise all of our current accounts.Other than the current accounts being managed, AIESEC UWA is in final stages of negotiation withseveral companies including CVW Creative, Plant Biology as well as Watercorp. We are expecting toraise interns with these accounts within the next 6 months.AIESEC UWA has also committed to implementing SLAP at our University. We have raised 2interns, expected to be realised by the 30th of July. AIESEC UWA has decided to go through withimplementation SLAP on campus as it adds value in the following ways:1. French intern to help out in French consult classes.2. Spanish program is being used as a market research tool for the Arts Faculty on demand for the Spanish language on campus.3. It made AIESEC the Arts School’s first choice partner.4. It is an avenue to sell OGX through.
  7. 7. Exchange SustainabilityOutgoing ExchangeOGX at UWA has been very sustainable over the past two years, particularly in 2011 inwhich several EPs raised, were transitioned and realized in 2012. Continuing thistrend, UWA has raised 32 EPs in 2012, 9 of which are matched and are being realized thiswinter. Moreover, we have over 20 applicants sitting our next MRB in August, and givenour current raise ratio, we are expecting 15 raises.Our partnership management has been exceptional in the past 2 years, which reflects onour sustainable working style. We have created LC-LC partnerships withTaiwan, Philippines, Cambodia and Kenya in 2010-2011, and we still maintain goodrelationships with these LCs. The LCVP Projects of the LC in Philippines has recentlybeen elected as the MCVP Projects in the Philippines, so now we have an even betterconnection to the entity, as a result of our sustainable partnership development.
  8. 8. MembersAIESEC UWA has built upon thefoundations of the 2011 recruitmentcampaign and has achieved a recordbreaking recruitment in 2012 with 1487sign ups, 133 applications and 29 newmembers. As at today, the LC has aretention rate of 95% and does not haveto recruit new members in the comingsemester.Through cross-functionalinitiatives, members are able to developthemselves in skills across all areas ofthe local committee. This builds a strongLC culture.
  9. 9. MembersOver the past year, our membership basehas received a high quality AIESECexperience through the variousopportunities available over the past 12months. We have established a strongmiddle management structure and haveestablished heavyweight project teams forshort term initiatives. These initiatives haveempowered members through providingthem with the opportunities to manageresponsibilities, rather than tasks, whilstgiving them a sense of ownership andbelonging to the LC. This has enabled theLC to secure its future throughstrengthening our leadership pipeline.
  10. 10. Members Relative Absolute 2010-2011 2011-2012 Growth GrowthTMP 74 99 134% 34%TLP 29 38 131% 31%
  11. 11. Leadership SustainabilityThrough the extensive array of opportunities that AIESEC UWAprovides, through our middle management and short term roles, the LChas an engaged and active membership base with high retention rates.As demonstrated through our recent NTR, majority of our members arelooking to step up either as OCP, TL, EB, LCP, SM and MC.This, combined with our high retention rate, results in knowledge andinformation sustainability, ensuring that future growth for the LC.
  12. 12. SustainabilityFinancially, AIESEC UWA is in an exceptional position with a cash at bank of$24,564. Over the past two year, AIESEC UWA has been fortunate to receivegenerous grants from the Vice Chancellor, but despite no grant being receivedin 2012, the LC still has 8 months of cash in reserves.Such cash reserve is substantial considering that the LC is still investing in itsmembers through national and international conference subsidies as well asinvesting in exchange through membership to the Local Chambers ofCommerce and EP bring back subsidies.The LC is also expecting revenue of $4000 from FNAS( TN taker) and SLAPin the coming weeks.