Go mobile! how to step change the customer experience (English)


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uns through the 5 "How To's" on how to create a mobile strategy that will improve the overall customer experience. From a Cnote seminar held at the 2013 Multichannel conference in Utrecht.

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Go mobile! how to step change the customer experience (English)

  1. 1. Go mobile! How to step change customer experienceSeminar at Multi-channel Conference in Utrecht, NL - April 23, 2013
  2. 2. What do you do with mobile?2
  3. 3. 3Client DirectorVeronique van CruchtenCreative DirectorLea WardCnote: founded in 2006, 10 women, 1 man plus network of freelancers, offices in Amsterdam & BostonWe design products and services that addmeaning to the daily lives of customers.
  4. 4. We do mobile and more …4•  Check-In experience•  Transfer experience•  Service Recovery•  Customer Dashboard•  eCommerce design•  Email design•  Multi-channel experience•  Mobile payment design•  Customer strategy•  Mobile & tab design•  Ecommerce design•  In-store training•  Customer strategy•  Intranet design•  eCommerce designbla blablabla
  5. 5. Mobile is everywhere; mCommerce still small585%under 25years owns asmartphonebron: CBS & Forrester1%7%€19 bn% of online sales via mobile accounts2012 2017
  6. 6. Tablets offer ‘new’ shopping opportunity662%of page viewsnu.nl via tablet4+millionDutch tablet users bron: Gartner Research, via emerce.nl
  7. 7. 7Foto bron: Isaac Brokken – Data: Pew Internet study “Instore mobilecommerce during 2012 Holiday Season.28%view onlinereviews in-storeMobile changes everything
  8. 8. Search8“It’s importantto recognize thatmany mobileapps are reallyvertical searchengines”- Rebecca Lieb, digital mediaanalyst Altimeter Group.Mobile changes how we...
  9. 9. 9ShopFoto: littledoremi.com, brickmeetsclick.com Digital supermarket in metro station Self service price check & order onlineMobile changes how we…
  10. 10. 10PayFoto: outofhome-shops.nl, mobilemarketingwatch.comOrder and pay with myOrder Transfer money with PaypalMobile changes how we…
  11. 11. 11Interact with companiesbron: railandre.nlMobile changes how we…
  12. 12. 12Spend our free timeMobile changes how we…
  13. 13. 13VeroniqueWhat should I do?
  14. 14. Wat nu??14Raak niet in paniek.En maak niet “ook een app”.bron: emerce.nlDon’tpanic
  15. 15. 1501 Customer 02 Journey03 Design 04 Connect 05 It works
  16. 16. 01 Customer16Illustratie: Corey Moortgat
  17. 17. Understand the customer + need17foto: CNN
  18. 18. Get the family to the table via an app??Chapter 18Srouce: http://www.google.com/think/campaigns/lawrys-lawrys-digital-dinner-bell.html,
  19. 19. Easy grocery shopping & cooking19bron: spitsnieuws.nl,
  20. 20. 02 Journey20Foto: carinsurancecomparison.com
  21. 21. 21Crash Follow upGet helpInfo exchangeA collision and insurance formFoto’s: carinsurancecomparison.com, anwb.nl, menthatmovethings.com,
  22. 22. 22Liberty Mutual supports the journeyInfo exchange Photo’s & documents Follow upOK? What to do
  23. 23. 23Wait PayRideCallFrom A to B with a taxiFoto’s: taxibuscentrale.nl, fietsenplanplus.nl, thedctraveler.com
  24. 24. 24Look up PayRideOrderTCA takes a step in the right directionFoto: fietsenplanplus.nl
  25. 25. 25Order PayRideWaitBut Uber takes it to the next levelfoto: Uber
  26. 26. 03 Design for the“user”Chapter 26
  27. 27. 27Design focuses on key tasks
  28. 28. Mobile web vs app28Design to support the journeyApp for personal data & security One website provides access for allmobile shoppersbron: emerce.nl, frankwatching.com
  29. 29. 29Leverage what makes mobile specialGPS – location based services Camera – pictures & scanning bron: mobilemarketer.com
  30. 30. 04 Connect the dots30
  31. 31. Rijksmuseum: audio tours are out of stock31
  32. 32. Why not advertise the app audio tour?32
  33. 33. And connect the physical to the mobile33Physical info cardscould have a QRcode to help visitorsdownload themobile app usingmuseum’s free WiFi
  34. 34. Connect PC to mobile34
  35. 35. Connect PC to mobile35
  36. 36. Does it fail? Ensure customers know about “Plan B”36
  37. 37. TV anno 195037foto: musicforants.com05 It works!
  38. 38. 38foto: bitno.net TV anno 2013
  39. 39. If you make an app, test it live39
  40. 40. Wifi issues.. a deal breakerChapter 40foto: nu.nl
  41. 41. All the effort.. site does not work on mobile41
  42. 42. 42Meet expectations80 %expects that anapp loads inless than 3sBron: Compuware
  43. 43. 43Involve the organisationbron : FastcompanyWhat? Square?" the clerk asks me,as she turns to another Starbucksemployee behind the counter. "Canwe pay with Square?”"I dont know," the other employeeresponds. - FastCompany : Shoddy Starbucks Square roll out baffles
  44. 44. 4401 Customer 02 Journey03 Design 04 Connect 05 It works
  45. 45. 4501 Customer02 Journey03 Design04 Connect05 It worksIs mobile a solution for acustomer’s need?Is mobile part of the“customer journey”?Is mobile designed for the“user” and the journey?Does mobile connect tothe other “touchpoints”? Does it meet a customer’sexpectations? Is it tested?And your project?
  46. 46. 46Mobile can do a lot, but not everything
  47. 47. Customer experience designJacob Obrechtstraat 201071 KM Amsterdamwww.cnote.nl+31 6 55195225l www.linkedin.com/company/c.notef www.facebook.com/CnoteCXt @CnoteCX t @learwt @Veronique_CNote