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9 Ways To Reward Staff With Time Off


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Work is busy, life outside work is busy, and we get busier every year. People are working longer hours, commuting further, looking after families or pets and pursuing more hobbies and interests than ever before.

Time is precious, and we want to do it all. 

Days off from work gives us some time back, but few of us can afford to take unpaid leave so we rely on paid time off, also referred to as annual leave or staff holiday.

Receiving an extra day off work has far more value to the average employee than the monetary value of that paid day. 

Time is priceless.

So as an employer, maybe you should consider offering your employees a day or more of additional leave, over the legal minimum. 

You could also consider one of these interesting alternatives...

1. Give an extra paid day off for a birthday
2. Give extra paid leave for employees with caring responsibilities
3. Option to purchase extra leave (or sell it)
4. Give an extra day off for hitting performance goals
5. Extra leave to reward loyalty
6. Give staff unpaid leave during the school holidays
7. Give generous paid parental leave
8. Wedding Leave
9. The 4-day week

Would you consider implementing one or more of these benefits in your company? Maybe you have worked in a company which offers one of these, or something similar? We'd love to hear your thoughts on which benefits you have experienced and whether you appreciated them. Maybe you have already implemented them and are seeing the benefits?

Please add your responses below. ☺️

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9 Ways To Reward Staff With Time Off

  1. 1. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  2. 2. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  3. 3. employees with time reward9waysto OFF It’s just one extra day, and somehow this perk leaves your staff feeling that the company cares about their overall health and happiness. The company also benefits from this as it means leave is spaced out evenly through the year, rather than everyone taking the same time off during the holiday period, or rushing to use up remaining leave at the end of the leave year. No matter how busy you are, no- one is going to be missed for one day. The cakes will need to wait!
  4. 4. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  5. 5. employees with time reward9waysto OFF At the beginning of this month, Centrica has rolled out a new Paid Carers Leave policy to all of their 30,000 employees. This policy will allow employees who are registered as carers to take an additional 10 days of paid leave to care for their loved ones. Centrica estimates show that UK companies could save up to £4.8 billion a year in unplanned absences and a further £3.4 billion in improved employee retention by adopting flexible working policies to support those with caring responsibilities.
  6. 6. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  7. 7. employees with time reward9waysto OFF Giving your staff the option to purchase additional days off for the year gives them control over their work-life balance. If they value time-off more than salary, or have a special event planned, then they can choose to purchase additional days. By asking employees to make this decision before the leave year starts, you can plan resourcing levels and payroll for the year ahead, making the administration easier.
  8. 8. employees with time reward9waysto OFF Some staff may also value the option to sell back unused leave to the company. If you plan to offer this option you need to consider the overall well-being of your staff who capitalise on it, whilst also ensuring you are adhering to the minimum amount of time-off required by law. By incentivising staff to take fewer days off you are risking increased absenteeism in the longer term.
  9. 9. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  10. 10. employees with time reward9waysto OFF How SMART are your goals, and do you offer rewards for staff who meet or exceed them? Offering an extra day of leave for exceeding goals could help boost employee performance as long as your goals are strong enough to be measured against fairly.
  11. 11. employees with time reward9waysto OFF An alternative is to reward all employees based on company performance. One local council in the UK awarded all of its employees an extra day of holiday for winning the ‘Council of the Year Award’. I’m sure that team really felt like they earned that day, and are inspired to do it again next year.
  12. 12. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  13. 13. employees with time reward9waysto OFF Do your loyal employees get more time off than your new starters? Does someone who has worked for you for 5 years deserve more time off than someone who recently joined? If loyalty is important to you then this could be a valuable benefit to offer.
  14. 14. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  15. 15. employees with time reward9waysto OFF School holidays are always a problem for working parents, and whilst you may not think it is your problem (as an employer), it will become your problem if your staff are struggling to cope. Offering flexible working policies during school holidays could be one way to ensure your staff are kept focused on their job, rather than stressing about how they will manage.
  16. 16. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  17. 17. employees with time reward9waysto OFF Having a baby is one of the most special times in a parent’s life, but it is also a life changing experience as you adjust to an extra person in your family, particularly one who is so demanding! So why not give your staff some extra time to adjust and enjoy the experience. Netflix is leading the way by offering full-time employees an entire year of full pay parental leave for either birth or adoption.
  18. 18. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  19. 19. employees with time reward9waysto OFF We’ve mentioned birthdays and births, so it would be rude not to mention weddings too. Yes, that’s right, some companies also offer Wedding Leave for their staff. Although uncommon in the UK, in Spain and France the governments mandate that employers must give time off for weddings. In Spain, you are entitled to 15 calendar days off when you tie the knot.
  20. 20. employees with time reward9waysto OFF
  21. 21. employees with time reward9waysto OFF We’re currently seeing the 4- day week movement growing in popularity across the UK, with dozens of companies moving to fewer working hours. The business case for a 4-day week is strong, and many companies have seen positive impacts on talent acquisition and retention, as well as staff productivity.
  22. 22. employees with time reward9waysto OFF