Notes from leave a legacy session jan 9 2012


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Notes from leave a legacy session jan 9 2012

  1. 1. NOTES FROM LEAVE A LEGACY™ WORKING GROUP SESSION JANUARY 9, 20121. PSAs and how we get moving forward with them – Colleen will have a strategicplan ready for us shortlyNeeded: Please review the attached media list and bring/send any additions andidentify any you have an ‘in’ with.Agreed that success will be measured by our effectiveness in regular PSAs in thefollowing mediums:RadioTVFiller AdsHazel Lloyst and Laura Lee Hogan agreed to be ‘go to partners’ for media primarily inthe Quinte area and secondarily across the region. They will help Colleen facilitatecontact with media and oversee to ensure we are reaching the key organizations.Chris Winter provided package of information for EMC as it covers almost the entireregion and could be considered key for inserts/psas or filler ads.NEXT STEPS: • Forward any updates to media contacts directly to Colleen who will liaise with Hazel and Laura Lee to coordinate PSAs. • Colleen will be asked if possible to set up a central media file with a view to posting it on Slideshare for use/review as needed by working group. • PSA strategy to be ready to roll out by March 31st2. The insert planning – I hope to have samples for you to view –Needed: Do we do a newspaper insert or do we use partners and others as pickup points?On review of both newsprint insert and ‘glossy coffee table’ insert, it was agreed it maybe worthwhile to try both depending on cost. Go with the ‘glossy’ for the May run andthe newsprint for the fall run and review the impact to determine if one had a betterresponse than the other.Hazel Lloyst and Laura Lee Hogan agreed to be involved from a review perspective forinsert and assist Colleen with coordination.NEXT STEPS: • Colleen to pursue small, glossy insert for May publication 12 – 16 pages max. possibly smaller. • Set up call with Hazel and Laura Lee to discuss ideas, theme, cost structure etc. and roll out.
  2. 2. 3. An event we’re hoping to plan for May that partners can be involved in – aseminar to encourage donors to give away their tax on death using software thatis available to help calculate a rough number. I have a template to share.Needed: Help to organize one in Quinte and one in Kingston in mid-late MayAll in favour in principle to hold two events; one in Quinte, one in Kingston, in late May.Frank Lockington offered to secure dates to host the Kingston event at St. LawrenceCollege.NEXT STEPS: • Frank Lockington to advise available dates in May asap. • Liz to contact Loyalist College in Belleville for Partnership opportunity and interest in hosting event. • Wilkinson & Co. to be approached as panel members in both Belleville and Kingston based on regional representation and Gold Parntership. • Format to include lunch and offer to Partners to bring guests they feel would benefit from information.4. Champions for each communityNeeded: Identify in each community – invites going out to CAGP members as astart • Tim Brown, Lois Hodgins and Hazel Lloyst agreed to be the Champions for Quinte/Belleville. • Kingston includes Liz Dobbs Jones, Korin Flindall and Chris Winter (others welcome to come on board) – please confirm • It was decided that other communities will be brought on as the program develops and grows within each of the areas across the region.NEXT STEPS:5. Partnership drive – update and next stepsNeeded: Members to take on charities in their own community and provide emailaddresses and send out a notice to people they know to encourage them tobecome a partner – what does this look like? Does each partner get asked to ask5 other organizations or advisors?Since meeting request, database has been built with most charities email addressesacross the region. Partners will not be asked to ask others at this time. It was agreedthat there is not an urgency to growing the partners but rather do things well, keepNEXT STEPS: • Group decided partners not be asked to promote partnerships – they will do so as the program builds.
  3. 3. • Continue to spread the word as activity increases through media and thoughtful, well laid out strategies and the growth will happen as a result.6. Declare May LEAVE A LEGACY™ month.Needed: Discuss approach to municipalities in our region • Lois Hodgins agreed to send template of request to Council to declare May LEAVE A LEGACY™ month. – by mid February.7. Update on LinkedIn, Facebook, TwitterNeeded: video, partner photos, descriptions, logosChris Winter provided overview of social media pages and accounts he has set up forLEAVE A LEGACY™ program for Southeastern Ontario.NEXT STEPS: • Submit social media links to National office for vetting/approval – done • Update as required – Chris/Colleen • Send e-blast to prospects, partners to check out the sites – Liz through Colleen before end of JanuaryOTHER:Working group asked for electronic version of updated invitation to partner with LEAVEA LEGACY™ . Current version is out of date and needs clarification – draft sent toColleen for review.All agreed monthly e-blast to partners and prospects an effective way to keep everyoneinformed of progress.Need to review Partner access to use of logo and brochures.Next gathering of LEAVE A LEGACY™ working group: Monday, March 26th 3 p.m.