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Liam Eastland Cv08 03 11


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My C.V.

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Liam Eastland Cv08 03 11

  1. 1. Liam EastlandXian Yin Bei Lu, No. 6 Tel: +86 25 58820088Xing Yue Yuan 7-1 Mob: +86 15951939712Nanjing, P.R. China E-mail: BACKGROUND SUMMARYLiam Eastland is a Managing Director who has a background as a commercially orientated engineeringprofessional with 20 years experience in the automotive industry, both in the OEM’s and in first tier suppliers;fourteen of those years in management positions. He is currently involved with two start-up companies inChina working on procurement, low cost country sourcing and recruitment. His Main skill sets are:♦ Engineering Management ♦ New Product Introduction♦ Project Management ♦ New Business Development♦ B2B Contract Negotiation ♦ Lean Management♦ Strong collaborative & communications skills ♦ Solid Leadership ExperienceSIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS♦ Navigated the path through the complex process of setting up and establishing two companies in China. Setting up the legal entities and successfully recruiting and leading a mixed international team and nurturing both companies to the position where they are profitable and self-supporting.♦ Significantly improved both scrap & productivity during his time at Honda demonstrating extensive problem solving ability –scrap rate for a 2.0L engine cylinder head casting reduced from 30% to approx 3%, a result achieved within 4 weeks.♦ Successfully developed the approach, systems and the team, in order to turn around a failing project in West Yorkshire Foundries where he was able to achieve major improvements, in product quality and equipment uptime and efficiency through the introduction of measurement and control key performance indicators on the shop floor.♦ Played a leading role in the introduction of Lean Management into the foundry operation in the Hydro UK site. Both part of the “Steering Committee” providing the strategic direction and also responsible for working with the supply chain and logistic team implementing lean manufacturing planning and control systems.♦ Has a proven and referenceable record for on-time, on budget delivery of projects in the extremely challenging environment of the automotive industry.♦ Played a leading role evaluating commercial opportunities around the world in South Africa, Australia and China. Responsible for the evaluation of the overall projects from capital investment to business planning to risk assessment.♦ Extensive and successful commercial experience both in the Management of Hydro’s and subsequently Nemak’s business in the Asia Pacific region, bringing about wins for several major contracts in the Asia Pacific up to a value of €15,000,000/annum.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCET&R Williamson and Pavilion Hong Kong Ltd Sep 2009 - PresentChief Representative/Managing Director♦ Responsible for setting up a representative office in China of a UK company and establishing a company for trading through in Hong Kong♦ Establish the company as a procurement agent for large family owned industrial group based in Yemen.♦ Responsible for sourcing products in China, mainly raw materials for the paint industry and negotiating
  2. 2. with the suppliers and ensuring on time shipment and quality of the material.♦ Company has 6 employees based in Nanjing and Guangzhou.♦ I have also developed the company in a consulting role, delivering projects in China for companies such as Wickeder Westfalenstahl from Germany and Pollmann Mechatronics from Austria.
  3. 3. Nemak Europe & Asia Pacific Jan 1996 – Aug 2009Engineering Director –Nemak Nanjing Jan 2008 – Aug 2009♦ Appointed Engineering Director of Foundry acquired by Nemak in Nanjing in 2007, leading a team of 12 Engineers covering the different engineering functions.♦ Development of concept for new production site in Nanjing, and the subsequent relocation project from the old site to the new site.♦ New product introduction projects, responsible for the separate engineering disciplines product, process and plant engineering and the associated project management functions related to delivering developed new products into production.♦ Working with product development centres in Europe to develop process concept and related costs for product economical evaluation and related business planning activities.♦ Recruited and developed a strong engineering team for Nemak Nanjing a combination of talent from with the Nemak group and local engineers.♦ Primary customer contact for commercial and technical issues in order to persuade customer to allow the relocation of production from Europe to the plant in China.♦ Development of concept for new production site in Nanjing, and the subsequent relocation project from the old site to the new site.♦ Significant contribution in the turnaround of the manufacturing operation in Nanjing. Reducing the average external scrap rate from more than 30% to less than 3%. A major contribution to the ability of the plant to achieve on time delivery.♦ Resolved all of the major commercial issues outstanding from the previous ownership including the resolution of a potential US$30,000,000 law suit.Customer Group Manager -Asia Pacific Region Feb 2004 – Dec -2007♦ Responsible for the development of sales in the Asia Pacific market from our European base and also a new production site in the Asia Pacific region which I am also involved in developing.♦ Research, evaluate and pursue new business opportunities in Asia Pacific Region both for supply from Europe and new plant.♦ Acquisition and negotiation of new contracts for manufacturing plants in both Europe and Asia.♦ Negotiation of technology transfer contracts with partners in the Asia Pacific.Customer Group Manager– Hydro Aluminium BU Castings Jan 2002 – Sep 2004Sales Account Manager – Hydro Aluminium Motorcast Ltd Jan 2002 – Mar 2005Sales Manager –VAW Motorcast Ltd Nov 2000 – Jan 2002♦ Reporting to the Business Unit Castings Marketing and Sales Director based in Cologne Germany, he was responsible for the maintenance of all the current sales accounts at HA Motorcast Ltd, and held Customer Group Management responsibility for Ford Europe, PAG and all of the UK based automotive companies.♦ Annual Sales Budget of Circa £40,000,000.♦ Development of new customer contacts.♦ Quotation and negotiation of new contracts.♦ Generation and analysis of cost relevant to new product quotation.♦ Production planning and forecasting♦ Direct reports: Production MP&L Manager; Assistant Sales Manager; Customer Liaison Engineers.♦ Part of the “Steering Committee” responsible for the very successful introduction of Lean Management into the foundry environment in the UK operation.Project Manager – VAW motorcast Ltd Jan 1996 – Nov 2000♦ Lead of the multifunction project teams for the introduction of programmes for Rover and Ford from enquiry to volume production.♦ Facilitation of equipment and service supplier nominations.♦ Focal point for all internal and external company project communication.♦ Co-ordination of efficiency improvement programmes within the business.
  4. 4. Dymag Racing UK. Limited Mar 1995 – Jan 1996Site Manager – Casting Aug 1995 – Jan 1996♦ Management of a small site producing approximately 20 magnesium castings a day for Dymag racing Ltd.♦ Responsible for cost control, profitability and all technical aspects of the casting operation.Production Manager Mar 1995 – Aug 1995♦ Management of a production team of eight people, producing 450 magnesium wheels per month.♦ Planning and scheduling production for machining (in house) and casting (by sub contract).Honda of the UK Manufacturing LTD Feb 1991 – Mar 1995Engineering Co-ordinator Apr 1994 – Mar 1995♦ Quality of all products produced in the Die Casting section.♦ Setting and controlling budget in High Pressure Die Casting Section.♦ Definition and implementation of capital expenditure projects within the die cast section.Production Co-ordinator Jul 1993 - Apr 1994♦ Managing a shift consisting of two teams in the casting area of the engine plant.♦ Short term production planning of production.Engineering Staff Feb 1991 - Jul 1993♦ Maintenance of the quality system in the casting area and for the reduction of reject.♦ Process improvement♦ Specifying and scheduling the maintenance of die cast tooling.♦ Proposal and implementation of capital investment projects within the die casting section.Lydmet Ltd Oct 1989 – Feb 1991Process Development Engineer Sep 1990 - Feb 1991Project Engineer Oct 1989 – Sep 1990EDUCATIONArchway School, Stroud, Gloucestershire 19838 GCE ‘0’ LevelsArchway School, Stroud, Gloucestershire 19841 GCE ‘A0’ Level – MathsArchway School, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1985GCE ‘A’ Levels – Maths, Physics, EconomicsUniversity College Swansea 1985-1987B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering 1988-1989VOCATIONAL TRAINING♦ Project Management ♦ Managing Project Costs♦ Project Risk Assessment ♦ APQP Training Course♦ QS9000 Management Awareness Training Course ♦ Time Compression Technology♦ Developing Consulting Skills ♦ German Language Tuition♦ Negotiation Skills