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My little pony powerpoint


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This PowerPoint will give you lots of info on My Little Pony.

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My little pony powerpoint

  1. 1. MY LITTLE PONYFriendship is Magic
  2. 2. PONY TERMS These terms are used in the presentation. ALICORN-a pony princess, a pony with both a hornand wings UNICORN-a pony with a horn PEGASUS-a pony with wings EQUESTRIA-the world of ponies PONYVILLE- a village in Equestria CANTERLOT- a regal home to royalty and theCrystal Empire
  3. 3. RARITY Rarity represents the element of generosity.She believes that it is very important to lookgood, and dreams of being a famous fashiondesigner.
  4. 4. PINKIE PIE Pinkie Pie represents the element of laughter. She lovesto throw parties, and make her friends laugh.
  5. 5. FLUTTERSHY Fluttershy represents the element of kindness, and lovesanimals. She is also Rarity’s best friend.
  6. 6. APPLEJACK Applejack represents the element of honesty and isalways willing to get dirty to help a friend.
  7. 7. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight Sparkle represents the element of magic,and LOVES to read. She also used to live inCanterlot.
  8. 8. RAINBOW DASH Rainbow Dash represents the element of loyalty. She is agood friend to the other ponies, pegasi and unicorns.
  9. 9. PRINCESSES Every princess in Equestria is an alicorn. Most pony princesses havea responsibility to keep Equestria in order.
  10. 10. PRINCESS CELESTIA Princess Celestia raises and lowers the sun in Equestria. She is alsosisters with Princess Luna, and lives in Canterlot.
  11. 11. PRINCESS CHRYSALISPrincess Chrysalis is an antagonist, though she is a princess. When she wants to, shewill morph into a copy of Princess Cadance and take her place.
  12. 12. PRINCESS LUNA Princess Luna raises and lowers the moon in Equestria.She is also sisters with Princess Celestia, and lives inCanterlot with her sister.
  13. 13. PRINCESS CADANCE Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (Cadence) has a female foal named Princess Skylawhom she is raising in Canterlot with Shining Armor, and is sometimes unjustlyreplaced by Chrysalis.
  14. 14. CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS The Cutie Mark crusaders are an organization of three foalswho do not yet have their Cutie Marks. Their mission is todevelop their Cutie Marks.
  15. 15. SCOOTALOO Scootaloo is technically a younger pegasister to RainbowDash. Her cutie mark will be a racing flag.
  16. 16. SWEETIE BELLE Sweetie Belle is Rarity’s younger sister. Her cutie mark willbe a music note, with a gem in place of the circle.
  17. 17. APPLE-BLOOM Apple-Bloom is Applejack’s younger sister. Her cutie mark willbe four pink and red apple-blossoms.
  18. 18. LESSER-KNOWN PONIES Lesser-known ponies are ponies that,though they are very popular otherwise,are mostly background ponies.
  19. 19. PHOTO FINISHPhoto Finish is a famous fashion photographer inEquestria. She organizes photo shoots for all thelatest fashions.
  20. 20. HOITY-TOITYHoity-Toity is a fancy Earth pony and a major representative of the fashionworld from Canterlot. Hoity-Toity is a fashion critic. The term "hoity-toity"means "self-important, haughty, or pompous". Hoity-Toitys character designis strongly reminiscent German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the style ofhis mane and clothing. His accent is the stereotypical upper classAmerican accent.
  21. 21. OCTAVIA Octavia is a cellist, and lives with Vinyl Scratch.
  22. 22. VINYL SCRATCH Vinyl Scratch lives with Octavia, and works as a DJ.Her DJ name is DJ Pon-3.
  23. 23. BON-BON Bon-Bon is an Earth pony named after the Frenchword for candy. Her cutie mark is three small bows.
  24. 24. CHEERILEE Cheerilee is a teacher at the Ponyville schoolhouse, andloves all of her students.
  25. 25. LYRA HEARTSTRINGS Lyra is a talented musician and plays a golden heart-shapedlyre. She also has a lyre for her cutie mark.
  26. 26. DERPY HOOVES Derpy is a pegasus and has one lazy eye-but thatdoesnt stop her from anything. Her favorite thing isMUFFINS!
  27. 27. MINUETTE Minuette is an Earth pony and is sometimes referredto as “Colgate” or “Colgate Pony”.
  29. 29. THE ELEMENT OF KINDNESS Fluttershy, who tamed a manticore with hercompassion, represents kindness
  30. 30. THE ELEMENT OF HONESTY Applejack, who reassured Twilight Sparkle whenshe was in doubt, represents honesty
  31. 31. THE ELEMENT OF LAUGHTER Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in theface of danger, represents laughter
  32. 32. THE ELEMENT OF LOYALTY Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friendsfor her own heart’s desire, represents loyalty
  33. 33. THE ELEMENT OF GENEROSITY Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with ameaningful gift, represents generosity
  35. 35. PRINCESS SKYLA Princess Skyla is Princess Candaces and ShiningArmor’s foal.
  36. 36. EQUESTRIA Equestria has many towns and areas in whichponies live.
  37. 37. BIBLIOGRAPHYChromeGoogle(Images)Brony.com