Predator prey competition


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Predator prey competition

  1. 1. Predators and Prey
  2. 2.  Predators – animals that hunt other animals for food. • (Always depend on other animals for food) Prey – animals that are hunted
  3. 3. Hawk - Predator Rabbit - Prey
  4. 4. Predators and Prey are connected If prey increase – more food for predators, more predators  predators increase – shortage of prey, some predators won’t get enough food, leave or die If
  5. 5.  In ecosystems living things compete for resources. – the demand for a resource by two or more organisms Competition
  6. 6.  Members of different populations compete for resources: • deer and squirrels eat acorns • dandelions and grass compete for space • hawks, owls, and snakes compete for mice
  7. 7.  If one animal or group gets too much of a resource there may not be enough for the other groups
  8. 8.  Humans can destroy habitats by building houses and buildings. – the role of an organism in their environment niche • ex – a plant is a producer