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Argentine Tango Phoenix


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Learn to Dance Tango offer the best Argentine tango dance classes in Phoenix at affordable prices. You can join our demo class. Our Argentine tango instructor is David. He has ability to attach with his students on multiple levels and personalize his instructions.

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Argentine Tango Phoenix

  1. 1. mjlsdkfkks Learn To Dance Tango Wall-2-Wall Dance Center 617 S. McClintockDrive, Suite 3 Tempe, AZ 85281
  2. 2. Learn To Dance Tango • Learn to Dance Academyis composed of a group of artists who are dedicated to the art of dancing. They understand deep corners of tango dance. • People are joining dance Academy Company to learntango dancesteps such as Tango Angola, Tango Salon etc. Learning dance is an art and it needs someone'sassistance if you are new to any dance. • Learn to Dance Academy providesdance classes in phoenix . We don't just teachdance steps, we teach how to dance in your body.
  3. 3. About Tango Dance • The tangois a hot, sultry dance full of strutting proud men and softly flowing women. While it retains many elements of the other dances, it has its own movements whichset it apart fromthe other dances. • Tango dance tells the storyof sensually chargedemotions betweenman and woman. At Learnto DanceAcademy, David and Nancy are themost amazing instructors. They teacheachand everything about tango dance moves. Theymake their classes fun and breakdown everymove intothe smallest bits so you can fully understand every part and confidently execute the moves.
  4. 4. If you want to learn about tango dance followthese basic steps
  5. 5. JoinLearn to Dance Academy to learn deeply tango dance
  6. 6. Join Learn to Tango dance school and fulfill your requirements
  7. 7. Meet David and Nancyto get more about Tango and their academy
  8. 8. Choose dance academy accordingto your requirementsand learntango dance moves Website: Email: Phone: 480-229-8790 Address: Wall-2-Wall Dance Center 617S. McClintock Drive, Suite 3 Tempe, AZ 85281