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Quotable Quotes from TLV11


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These are quotes from speakers and delegates that were tweeted from the Teaching & Learning with Vision Conference, Nov 2011. See:

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  • My favourite - 'Sounds like we should focus on developing learning environments instead of developing content'
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Quotable Quotes from TLV11

  1. 1. 20 quotable quotes from avariety of TLV11 speakers
  2. 2. Education is the slowestlearner in the world. Photo:
  3. 3. Technology works that draws us together. Photo:
  4. 4. Twitter is not a new behaviourit is like a postcard, technologyjust extends its reach.
  5. 5. Teaching should be full of ideasinstead of stuffed with facts. Photo:
  6. 6. Learning is knowingsomething differently. Photo:
  7. 7. Dont you think that 11 years in we should know how to do 21st century learning? Orat least been brave enough to embark on it! Photo:
  8. 8. If you can’t make real buildings, makevirtual. Even better, let kids make them. Photo: ht
  9. 9. Never recreate learning spaces from your memory - always imagine new places. Photo: ht
  10. 10. Games can connect pleasurable moments with learning. Photo:
  11. 11. Do it first, make trouble,inspire change! Photo:
  12. 12. Kids wont stop learning, they’ll just gosomewhere else...lets let kids learn! Photo:
  13. 13. Kids in UK schools carry "sacrificial phones" = old ones from their parents - when they get caught they hand in that! Brilliant!! Photo:
  14. 14. Life doesnt start after school.... it happens in school too! Photo:
  15. 15. Sounds like we should focus ondeveloping learning environments instead of developing content. Photo:
  16. 16. If were preparing students for life, they should be practising life. Photo:
  17. 17. Why do we think students are atUniversity to become academics? Photo:
  18. 18. Instead of banning our students from using wikipedia as a research source could we set them an assignment to create and edit articles?
  19. 19. We learn best when it matters to us. Photo:
  20. 20. Standardized tests are immoral. Photo:
  21. 21. Give them the skills, expect them to do it, and they will.