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Spanish institutes in north delhi

We offer various type of Spanish Institutes in North Delhi where you get to earn a native command over this language. Such institutes also have the ability to offer placement services to all the students who learn Spanish language from this institute. So, make your career in Spanish language right away.

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Spanish institutes in north delhi

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  2. 2. LEARN SPANISH Learn Spanish, Live Spanish, Be Spanish.
  3. 3. • Learn Spanish is a venture of Sharik Usmani, a Spanish speaker who has graduated from Delhi University in Spanish language. This is a brand new proposition which set forth its journey in August 2014. Mr. Usmani is a thorough entrepreneur who is the owner of the brand name, a leading holiday rental business organization. His love for Spanish language has inspired him to spoil his hands into training willing candidates in Spanish language so that they can make a prospective career out of the same. He endeavors to create a Spanish language training course that will result in an all round development of the individual in the language.
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  5. 5. WHY SHOULD YOU LEARN SPANISH? LearnSpanish is your one-stop solution for learning Spanish language. You can learn at the lowest fee but become an adept professional within a short span of time. They offer industry training to their students so that they can gain practical knowledge by working in BPOs and KPOs. Besides, they also have enormous scope where a candidate can work as a translator, teacher, interpreter, sales and marketing individual, language trainer in an MNC, and travel scout.
  6. 6. Important Reasons behind Learning Spanish Language • There are English speaking countries that are into business relationships with companies in Spain and vice-versa, in both the private and government sector. In such a scenario both the countries need an intermediate who can reach out their respective languages to one another. There a bilingual speaker or a translator can help in establishing a seamless communication. • There are travel agencies in Spain that need people who know both English and Spanish so that they can easily communicate with their English-speaking clients. Same holds true for travel agencies in English-speaking countries.
  7. 7. • Spanish is used as a medium of language by 350 million people from around the world. It is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world today. It is a dominant language in countries like United States, Argentina, the Philippines, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Panama, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Knowing the language opens up the door for you to communicate with such a worldwide audience.
  8. 8. Basement, 1588 Outram Line Kingsway Camp Delhi-110009 (Near G.T.B Metro Station) Phone: +91 9599713408 Email: sharik.usmani@welcomerent Website: