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12.13.19 shelley bio


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Shelley Roth

Published in: Education
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12.13.19 shelley bio

  1. 1. A s a seasoned speaker, author, and social media entrepreneur, Shelley has helped hundreds of organizations transform old perceptions about business leadership and marketing. Companies and individuals alike trust Shelley to simplify solutions for seemingly complicated business challenges and incorporate those solutions into action. With almost two decades of training businesses on the power of digital and social media marketing, Shelley now works with companies to create inclusive practices, answer questions and promote understanding related to the gender spectrum while building inclusive environments for all. These programs are presented with the goals of fostering more accepting conditions for all individuals regardless of their gender identity while raising awareness and providing structure on becoming an ally for gender nonbinary people. Shelley inspires audiences while offering strategies to impact business results. A sincere approach toward creating progress through open, honest dialogue and proactive policies not only makes it a fair world for all but also impacts the bottom line. All proceeds from gender diversity training, speaking engagements and Shelley’s book sales go to a nonprofit supporting education & GLBTQ homeless youth. Shelley R. Roth President, Springboard Ventures, Inc. Published Author Speaker Gender Spectrum Trainer Speaker and Consultant Social Media Trainer Speaker and Consultant Email Marketing Constant Contact Solutions Provider Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed.Shelley Roth, M.Ed. C H A N G I N G P E R C E P T I O N S • 713.256.9363 • Merrill Lynch Houston Galveston Area Council International Coaching Federation Houston Metro Asian Chamber of Commerce Port of Houston JSC Credit Union TechStreet Houston Burnett Staffing Houston Urban League SCORE Houston Gulf Coast Chapter of Credit Unions Park City Club Oracle West Chase District Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Houston Procurement Breakfast Texas Transgender Non Discrimination Summit Clarity Center Texas Diversity Council Diversity Summit And many more A Few of Shelley’s Clients Include:
  2. 2. “Sensitive communication with people from a wide variety of gender identities can sometimes seem hard. Shelley makes it easy – and profitable.” Kate Frank; Authority Redefined Ghostwriting “Shelley is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to social media – and one of the most generous when it comes to sharing their expertise.” Rachel Parker; Resonance Content Marketing “Shelley is the go-to person for any social media platform. Her down to earth approach to training makes learning easy and fun” WenFang Bruchett; Bliss Finance What People Say About Shelley’s Presentations All classes are customized for the specific audience and include a Q & A session. Events can be promoted through Springboard’s channels if so requested. Books on Amazon: Contact Shelley using email:; phone 713.256.9363; or visit: Speaking Topics Include: Gender Spectrum & Inclusion Topics Everything You Wanted to Know About Gender Nonbinary & Transgender Inclusion…But Were Afraid to Ask Learn how organizations are harnessing the power of inclusion by embracing gender diversity and increasing employee understanding and acceptance Understanding & Using Gender Neutral Language Introducing the appropriate words and phrases to make all people feel included, accepted and valued as employees and customers Don’t Call Me Ma’am Shelley’s 4th book and story of coming out as a transgender person will give the audience personal insights into the reality of inclusion Gender 101 Shedding light on the gender diversity spectrum and the many ways to provide an inclusive, positive and respectful environment for all Social Media Topics I’m on LinkedIn – Now What? LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business growth. Learn the basics as well as the many unknown ways to grow your business using LinkedIn The Power of Email Marketing Learn why, despite overloaded email inboxes, research shows an email is the most cost effective and preferred marketing means for companies large and small Facebook for Business Learn the power of Facebook’s billions of users to grow your business with conversational commerce, engagement, and targeted advertising