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A service provider in global education offering academic pathways and experiential outreach programs conducted across the world.

Programs facilitates empowerment of youth through skill enhancement and international cross cultural exposure, breaking the barriers of culture and language.

Programs include global study tour programs, global industry visits, global internships, academic pathway programs and professional training programs in collaboration with Universities, institutions and industries across the world.

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Global industry visits

  1. 1. Program Overview• Industrial visits are an integral part of Engineering and Management Education and it is this experience that help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of various industries. Global Industry Visits enables international exposure to countries emerging as economic powerhouses that adds tremendously to the understanding of business practises among students and helps them in shaping their careers. The programs aims to provide exposure to students who will gain knowledge and first-hand opportunity to visit industries, universities, manufacturing units, sea port and airport in progressive economies like China, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
  2. 2. Objectives• The main objective of the global industry visit is to provide a unique experience to the students and exchange and share good practices which could be replicated to improve the efficiency, production and competency in their respective field of study. This presents the student with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences outside the classroom. Global industry visits helps not only students, but also accompanying teachers who benefit from the exchange of practices, knowledge and expertise during the visits to industries abroad.
  3. 3. Program Locations:• Malaysia | Singapore | Thailand | China | Australia. We are able to provide these services in other parts of the world as well, based on the requirements of the institution. Programs are arranged for a minimum of 6 days to 20 days depending on the preferences of the institutions.
  4. 4. Malaysia & Singapore• Malaysia has a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society. Respect for ancient traditions and a healthy appetite for progress and prosperity have resulted in a vibrant, colourful economy and culture. The country has been occupied in turn by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. It has become the adopted home of thousands of Chinese and Indians.• Despite its small size, Singapore is a world leader in several areas. It is the worlds fourth-leading financial centre, the worlds third-largest oil refining centre and one of the five busiest ports in the world. The exposure to this country will benefit students in many ways.
  5. 5. Certification:• The entire industry visit is certified by Institute of Professional Development- Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM).• All the academic activities are coordinated by : Straits Academy Malaysia ("SAM") was started in 2003 as an in- house training centre of the IAL Group (Dubai, UAE) to create a knowledge pool for the shipping & logistics industry in India , middle east and far east. SAM is offering many courses to students as well as working adults across all domains with collaboration with various Universities
  6. 6. Training & Certification at Open University MalaysiaOpen University Malaysia was formed by the11 public universities in Malaysia. Institute ofProfessional Development (IPD-OUM) willconduct training programs for the studentsand certify the entire International Study Tour.Each student will receive an internationalcertificate for his/her participation of theInternational Study Tour.
  7. 7. Benefits to the Students• The student involvement at all stages of the global industry visit motivates them and helps them take full advantage of all learning opportunities presented. This brings a different dimension to students learning, which they cannot gain in the classroom as well as helping to bridge the gap between industry and academia.• Exposure to better industrial and business practices in progressive economies• Interaction with faculty and students from your field of study in another country• Get to know business skills in a global context encouraging cultural interaction• Develop an appreciation for travel and form a better world view• Understand campus and culture of a different country and many more….
  8. 8. Our Services• Pre-departure orientation and briefing to students and teachers• All transport arrangements at the country of destination• Arranged visits to universities, ports and industries according to the learning objectives of the student group• Accommodation in hotels / university hostels• Meals on all days according to the preferences of group.• Accompanying staff and trained guide for coordination throughout the program• Medical, travel & personal accident insurance.
  9. 9. Requirements• A valid passport with minimum validity of 6 months• Visa for the country to be visited – We provide invitation letter from the destination Country
  10. 10. Travel, Accommodation, Food & Safety• Airport pick up, drop and local Transport and Bus rentals for visits in Malaysia• Accommodation in medium range hotels• Vegetarian meals throughout the tour according to the preferences of the school at medium scale good restaurants• Morning and evening snacks and drinks would be packed and provided on the bus on visit days• Accompanying staff and trained guide for coordination throughout the program• Medical & personal accident insurance is arranged by the school for the entire duration of the program.
  11. 11. Students need to be provided with…• A valid passport (rush and get one if they do not have one! It takes minimum of one month to get a new passport issued)• Visa to enter Malaysia & Singapore – Your school will help the student to get one based on our invitation letter once you have your passport• Pay for the cost of the tour.• Some pocket money to pay for a)Entry fee for attractions/tourist centres b)Personal purchases if any.
  12. 12. Safety and Operating Standards• The safety of our students is our top priority and our rules and guidelines ensure safety in our programs and are in accordance with the law of the hosting country, the specific circumstances of each destination and age of the students.
  13. 13. Our Presence in Social
  14. 14. Our Presence Kochi, India Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  15. 15. Get in touch with us Email: Call: +91 484 6000 789 Website: Our Offices Level 1, Indian Bank Building, 42-2A, Jalan Thambapillay, NH 47 , University Jn, Brickfields ,50470, Kuala Lumpur, South Kalamassery, Wilayah PersekutuanCochin - 682 022, Kerala | INDIA MALAYSIA
  16. 16. Thank You ….