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Mind Gym for Professional
Facilitator: Sohail M. Ali
Dec 26, 2012, Marriott Karachi Investment: PKR 9,000 per participant

Course Objectives:

• Energy and lateral thinking ability to approach any project or challenge.
• Think and communicate clearly; improve your memory, focus, organization, listening and concentration.
• Coordinate your brain and body together to "walk your talk".
• Release physical, mental and emotional stress in just minutes.
• Discover practical tools you can implement immediately.
• Draw out and harness your own personal learning system.
• Create positive, win-win situations at home, in the workplace.
• Use the Brain Gym movements for strategically achieve goals and outcomes.


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Mind Gym

  1. 1. MIND GYM WOR KSHOP BY il Muham mad Ali Soh a 2012 Date: Dec 26, rachi rrio tt Hotel, Ka Venue: Ma
  2. 2. Mind GymCOURSE OVERVIEW •Create positive, win-win situations at home, in the workplace. •Use the Brain Gym movements for strategicallyThe Mind Gym transforms business performance achieve goals and outcomes.by changing the way people think about life and •Understanding of Whole Brain Learning, Livingwork. The study and application of posture and and Leadership.movement is to enhance academic, interpersonal,and physical learning of employees. This coursecovers whole brain integration through wholebody movement using the Brain Gym movements.These movements are the key elements and the ABOUT THE COURSEprocesses in this course promote efficientcommunication between the brain and the rest ofthe body, increasing play and creativity and The course is based on six modules which are asalleviating stress as is enhances performance. It follows:also leads towards the balance processes, whichincludes re-patterning and to develop neural First module: Energizepathways which helps to discover a permanent •Build your energy bank so that you exudetool for reaching personal goals. constructive energy whatever the circumstances. •Bounce back from even the hardest knocks.LEARNING OBJECTIVES •Inspire your team into action. •Flex your influencing skills to suit different colleagues•Energy and lateral thinking ability to approach any project or challenge.•Think and communicate clearly; improve your Second module: Coach memory, focus, organization, listening and •Help every person you manage achieve their concentration. potential•Coordinate your brain and body together to •Deliver feedback so that it hits the mark, ever "walk your talk". time•Release physical, mental and emotional stress •Set your team members on the path to career In just minutes. success•Discover practical tools you can implement •Create goals which stretch but don’t strain immediately.•Draw out and harness your own personal learning system. LearningMinds! GROUP www.learningmindsgroup.com The Learning Difference... TM
  3. 3. ABOUT THE COURSE Sixth module: Thrive •Recognize your individual strengths and put them to good use so that your work energizesThird module: Innovate you.•Discover the ‘messes’ that exist in your •Act consistently according to your own values organization and adopt the mindset of ‘if it ain’t and beliefs, at work and at home. broke, fix it.’ •Know what you want to get out of life and•Shift your thinking from the tactical level to the have the courage to chase it. bigger picture and everywhere in between •Grab any opportunity with both hands and•Use a variety extremely logical techniques to reap the rewards of an optimistic mindset. come up with extremely creative ideas •Be sure footed and sure mindset ready to take•Evaluate your ideas to find the pearls on the challenges uncertainties and•Win round the skeptics and fence-sitters so complexities of life with remarkable calm and that your ideas get implemented assurance.Fourth module: Direct•Delegate so that the other person does it even METHODOLOGY better than you would have•Make the right decision every time, by avoiding •Interactive Presentation the most paralyzing of traps •Mind Gym Exercises•Face difficult conversation with courage •Videos•Turn every conflict to your advantage •Group activities •Real-life smart thinking applicationFifth module: Relate •Brain storming•Build a network of strong connections you can •Creative thinking exercises call on when you need to. •Action planning for workplace•Remain objective and in control when your emotions might get the better of you.•Effectively deal with the common workplace tensions that arise when people from different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints together.•Resolve a relationship challenge which is bothering you at the moment. LearningMinds! GROUP www.learningmindsgroup.com The Learning Difference... TM
  4. 4. FACILITATOR PROFILE Sohail Muhammad Ali Senior Associate and Consultant Sohail M. Ali is associated with Learning Minds! Group as a Senior Associate and Consultant. As a seasoned and thorough consultant and trainer, he also serves Sindh Education Board and has worked with Communities for Change (CFC) in collaboration with the British High Commission and the German embassy to enhance community development. As LMG’s senior associate, he has trained participants from GEO TV, International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), International Textile Limited (ITL), Training Resource Group (TRG), Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan (AKF), Transparency international, Lead Pakistan, National Rural Support Program (NRSP), Aga Khan University, Jaffer Brothers, Soneri Bank, Oyster Technology, Sanofi Aventis, Telenor Pakistan, GSK, Systems Limited, and Chevron. He has also represented Pakistan in programs such as the Muslim Civilization at AKU-ISMC London (2006 – 2008), International Adolescent Education Program (IAEP) in Mombasa (Kenya), 8th Global Leadership Forum in Istanbul (Turkey) (June 2006) and an International Conference on education in London (April 2001). Training Expertise • Mind Gym™ • Negotiation skills • Presentation Skills • Organizational Story Telling™ • Conflict Resolution & Mediation • Creating Learning Organizations™ • Transactional Analysis of Communication™ WORKSHOP INVESTMENT Rs.9000/- per participant. Register 3 or more participants and avail 10% discount.THREE WAYS TO REGISTER 92-21-3 5308169 | 92-21-3 2015445 register@learningmindsgroup.com LearningMinds! www.learningmindsgroup.com GROUP www.learningmindsgroup.comPayment details will be communicated upon receiving nomination via email or courier. The Learning Difference... TM