Active Magazine - Cover Story "Fit and fabulous at 50"


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Active Magazine - Cover Story "Fit and fabulous at 50" A fitness and weight loss success story.

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Active Magazine - Cover Story "Fit and fabulous at 50"

  1. 1. Celebrating 25Years!Travel Over-the-A Taste of counterThailand Skin careRoad tripthroughNew Mexico FASHION DIARY 2010 runway picksA fitness and Fit and fabulousweight losssuccess story JAN/FEB 10 $4.95 at 50ADULT-LIFESTYLE COMMUNITIES: Featuring exclusive maps and amenity charts
  2. 2. weight loss It took more than three years but I lost 50 inches for my 50th birthday Story by Maureen S. Catania FEELING F ITI was nearly 40 before I devel- oped a weight problem. Until that time I thought I was blessed with the mytho- logical gene that enables one to eat anything they want without gaining an ounce. looking fabulousAnd I do mean anything. In myyouth, it wasn’t uncommon for me to when the wakeup call came loud and ness. I had no energy, a low libido,have a chocolate bar and coffee for clear. Someone reminded me that both and poor self-image. Health-wise Ibreakfast, followed by a cigarette or of my parents died in their early fifties was falling apart.two. Not to mention my love of birth- and I shouldn’t tempt fate by carrying To regain control of my life, Iday cake: it didn’t matter if it was my around so much extra weight. embarked on a two-tier weight lossbirthday or not. By my mid-forties I was no longer program that included losing weight For so many years my bad eating hovering under 100 pounds. I had with the help of Herbal Magic andbehaviour continued to reward me. I ballooned to 171 pounds. And I was joining the Fitness Clubs of Canada. Maureen’sam five-foot-two and was then 95 in serious denial.pounds. After it was discovered I had After joining Herbal Magic and reviewing the eating program with Top Ten Tips I coasted along on the assumption hypothyroidism, I came to the con- the HM coach, I wondered how I 1 Eliminate all trigger 4 Seek a weight-loss 8 Reward good results withthat other people needed to watch clusion that I was always going to could eat so little and not feel starved. foods from your diet program to suit your needs something other than foodtheir weight, count calories, power struggle with my weight. Bittersweet, I had to retrain my brain and mywalk, and generally deny themselves I now felt I had the perfect excuse stomach to eat healthier than I had 2 Develop simple, positive 5 Join a busy gym; it will 9 Throw out your “fat” clothes behaviours to support motivate you to workout and invest in something new Photography, Joel Robertsthe pleasure of foods that I had so for being fat. been, and to control my portions.readily indulged in, without a I became used to the side effects In a few short weeks on the HM the new you 6 If you slip up, don’t get 10 Change your attitude andthought to my size 2 waistline. of being overweight. The shortness program, I discovered where the 3 If physically capable, discouraged, get help you’ll change your life Then, like Humpty Dumpty, my of breath, acid reflux after eating, magic was. By following the pre- commit to a fitness 7 Forecast attainablepersonal concept of who I was came snoring in my sleep, aches and pains scribed eating plan, which includes a routine short-term goalscrashing down around me. I was 46 everywhere, and the mental foggi- daily balance of protein, starch, fruits, Active J A N U A RY / F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 0 Active J A N U A RY / F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 0 
  3. 3. weight lossDon’t kid yourself that you can lose weight and then goback to old eating habits. Losing weight and keeping itoff is a lifestyle change, it’s not a short-term application.vegetables, dairy and healthy fats, devoted husband Michael. HERBAL MAGICplus plenty of water along with the I’ve changed my wardrobe entirely. Established in 1996natural supplements, I was no longer I wear dresses and skirts that com- Over 350 franchise centreshungry all the time. plement my figure and I feel like a I found I could actually stick to woman again. And, I have resumed 1.877.237.7225the program and not cheat. Each wearing heels. herbalmagic.caweek I lost weight. What helped me When I was overweight I feltstay the course was the constant mon- invisible. Now, I feel brand new and FITNESS CLUBSitoring and weighing in at Herbal ready to enjoy another 50 years! OF CANADAMagic, three times a week. I was Exercise & cardio equipmentaccountable to someone and they Group exercisewere keeping score. What I liked most about the pro- Personal Trainer Spin classes Personal traininggram was it allowed me to pick the Mike Clements 905.727.1100foods I enjoyed and buy them at my 1local supermarket. I eliminated sugar, Success is dependent on fitnessclubsofcanada.comsalt and fried foods from my diet com- the time frame requiredpletely, and I stopped buying anything to achieve ones goals. If goals can be achieved in shorterthat was pre-packaged and processed. time frames, the chances of positive habits being formedI haven’t eaten pizza in three years! are dramatically increased. This is a major reason whyPizza is my trigger food. If I start, I personal training is so effective at building positive lifestylecan’t stop, so I avoid it entirely. changes. It was seven months into theweight loss program when I joinedthe fitness club. At first, it was a chal-lenge to make the time and put in the 2 It’s better to start 3 days a week rather than every day. The body adapts, mentally and physically, to a new stimulus.effort, but now I go five times a week. Six months into the fitness routine,though, I wasn’t seeing the results I 3 Diet is a bad word. In my opinion proper carbohydrate selection to maintain insulin levels in the body, with the adequate amounts of protein, is the best choice for properexpected. Then I began working outwith Mike Clements, a professional nutrition. 4body builder and personal trainer. At the start of the program, define how success is Because I have a torn meniscus (a measured. It’s not always measured in pounds andcommon knee injury), Clements cus- inches. Success may be measured in strength, endurance,tomized a safe, results-oriented pro-gram for me. With every workout, and even timeduration etc.he watched my form and pushed meto the limit – beyond what I had doneon my own. 5 The first 8-10 weeks is a crucial period. You must see results during this initial period to build up confidence. This will lead to an increase in motivation. After three years of stayingfocused on my goal, regaining myhealth, and becoming more fit thanI ever dreamed possible, I have lost 6 With todays hectic schedules, there is not always enough time for proper and adequate nutrition. On occasion, I do recommend protein or vitamin50 inches, and nearly 50 pounds. I supplementation.celebrated my fiftieth birthday danc-ing the rumba in the arms of my Active J A N U A RY / F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 0
  4. 4. weight lossMORE TIPS FROM MAUREEN Morning Starter I like to start my day with Agnes Ramsay’s Baked Apple Oatmeal – it sticks to my ribs and sustains me all morning. Made with egg whites, grated apple and skim milk, plus a few other ingredients, I top it with fresh or frozen blueberries and sugar- free apple jam. For the full recipe, visit Ramsay is a personal trainer. You can contact her at After Workout Nutrition I enjoy either of these “power” beverages after a workout. • Vanilla bean ISO Protein shake with 8 oz. of Bolthouse Farms 50/50 Berry (fruit & vegetable blend) • VegeGreens mixed with 4 oz. of cherry juice and 4 oz. of water I find that foods rich in nutrients like fruits and veggies work best to sustain me between meals. On Ocassion Because I still crave chocolate once in a while, I limit myself to one Dove Dark Chocolate Square. Honestly, I can eat only one. Each square has 40 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Eat Your Heart Out A Source of Inspiration Tuesday, March 2 I look forward to each issue of Clean Eating magazine. Le Treport Convention Centre There’s always a success story, fitness routines and lots Mississauga of mouth-watering, super low-fat recipes. I also refer to these companion books: The Eat-Clean Diet and The 9th Annual Eat Your The Eat-Clean Diet Workout by Tosca Reno, published Heart Out Event, in support by Robert Kennedy Publishing. To learn more about of the Heart and Stroke clean eating, visit Foundation, is an event that caters to your taste buds and the health of your heart. Teamwork Raises Pain Threshold Enjoy the creations of some of Want to work out harder while feeling less pain? Consider Mississauga’s finest chefs, a sport that involves training as a team. Oxford University featuring heart-healthy food researchers tested the pain thresholds of 12 Oxford Boat and wine, while enjoying Race rowers (as measured by how long the athletes could music, live and silent auctions, bear wearing an inflated blood pressure cuff) following and much more. A popular different types of training sessions. While any exercise event, you should make your significantly increased their pain thresholds, team members reservations soon. were able to tolerate twice as much pain after training 647.500.8478 together versus after working out solo. SOURCE: Biology Letters Active J A N U A RY / F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 0