Signs of Entitlement Mentality Syndrome <br />Many people view their jobs as life itself. Some people suffer from stress r...
They are lazy and operate at their own pace and show no sense of urgency
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Signs of entitlement mentality syndrome


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Signs of entitlement mentality syndrome

  1. 1. Signs of Entitlement Mentality Syndrome <br />Many people view their jobs as life itself. Some people suffer from stress related ailments such as hypertension and some die due to various diseases such as heart failure. Yes, a job brings in the necessary income for us to sustain ourselves, to put a plate of food on the table. But do we really have to go through the pains and agony of diseases in order to survive? Many employees particularly in large corporations and government institutions still believe that the jobs they hold are “jobs for life.” They are oblivious of the current economic meltdown in spite of the signs written all over that the economies of the world are at a down turn. They bring unnecessary stress to their immediate supervisors.<br />The following are the signs to look for that will tell you whether your workforce is suffering from the entitlement mentality syndrome:<br /><ul><li>They are mostly under qualified
  2. 2. They are lazy and operate at their own pace and show no sense of urgency
  3. 3. They produce poor quality of work
  4. 4. They are wasteful in terms of using company resources
  5. 5. They play truant from their work stations for long periods without informing their supervisors
  6. 6. They pretend to be busy even after finishing the work they have been allocated
  7. 7. They are negative to management
  8. 8. They bad mouth and gossip about their colleagues and supervisors
  9. 9. They do not hesitate to rush to their unions at a slightest provocation
  10. 10. They will tell you about their rights
  11. 11. They will remind you about how long they have been employed by the company
  12. 12. They advocate for automatic promotion based on their years of service
  13. 13. They hate interviews and regard them as a waste of time
  14. 14. They are spiteful of external candidates
  15. 15. They arrive late at work and when reprimanded gets very angry
  16. 16. They are the last to arrive and the first to leave
  17. 17. They always take longer tea and lunch breaks
  18. 18. They always take sick leave and conveniently extend their weekends</li></ul>These are employees who will not tell you about their contribution to the company or the company bottom line they increased and the projects they have initiated and successfully completed. They have no trust in themselves and they do not know and understand their strengths. They do not know the vision, goals and objectives of the company all what they care about is a pay cheque at the end of the month. These are the time wasters who visit other colleagues’ work stations to chat about weekend sports activities, it is during these discussions where innocent employees are recruited and turned against management. It is this group of people who complain the loudest when bonuses are paid based on performance results. <br /> When you notice any of these signs from your employees, act fast and remove the employee or employees in question, who show any of these signs before they poison and contaminate your whole workforce. <br />Justice Mandhla is the author of <a href=>What they did not teach you in school: Life Long Learning Tips to land a job straight out of school</a> and he spends a great deal of his full-time writing days researching and writing about job search strategies and workplace behaviour.<br />