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Bryk 2014 developing an aim statement for a nic


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Focusing your aim statement in a Networked Improvement Community

Published in: Education, Technology
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Bryk 2014 developing an aim statement for a nic

  1. 1. The Model for Improvement, Part I: Aim Statements PC1: Improvement Science Basics Anna Kawar
  2. 2. Our Road Map for Learning Seeing the System Understanding the Problem Establishing an Aim Effect Cause Cause Cause Cause
  3. 3. Aim Statements What is the purpose of an AIM statement? ! “True north” for an improvement effort ! Scopes the effort: defines the system that you will improve What  are  we  trying  to  accomplish?     What  change(s)  can  we  make  that  will   result  in  improvement?       How  will  we  know  that  a  change  is  an   improvement?     AIM   statement   The Three Improvement Questions
  4. 4. Good AIM Statements… …Answer the question: WHAT ARE WETRYINGTO ACCOMPLISH? ! How much? (measureable, specific, numerical goals) ! By when? (time frame) ! For what/whom? (target population or setting or system/process) ! Specific yet representative of overarching goal (compelling) 4
  5. 5. Aim Statement Examples Get my students to be more self-reflective. Increase the number of beginning algebra students that learn from their quizzes. Increase from 30% to 80% the percentage of my beginning algebra students who correct their errors on quizzes by the end of March. 5 By when? For whom? How much? What?
  6. 6. Your Turn ! Write an aim statement ! Scoping: – Think about the WILL of the people involved – Think about your ability to generate actionable IDEAS (expertise) – Think about your ability to EXECUTE (resources, influence) 6