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Technology Capabilities – How to Build on Shifting Sands


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Technology has become a critical component of most business including traditional industries with processes and transactions being digitised. Information Technology is also one of the fastest changing landscapes, which poses a challenge for Learning and Capability Management professionals who try ensure that the organisations has the required skills.

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Technology Capabilities – How to Build on Shifting Sands

  1. 1. 1 Thur, 15th June 2017 12-1 PM, Sydney Ways to participate: • Q&A Box - comment, whinge & opinions • Twitter Backchannel - @capabilitycafe #techcapability Knowledge Sharing Better Practices Experienced Panel Technology Capabilities – How to Build on Shifting Sands
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  5. 5. JEEVAN JOSHI Founder at LearningCafe & CapabilityCafe
  6. 6. Culture Leadership Tools Frameworks Business Results Competencies Learning Capability Management CAPABILITY MANAGEMENT Ver 0.8
  7. 7. Our framework for Next Gen L&D capabilities 10
  8. 8. Can the fluid tech landscape be captured completely by Capability/Compe tence frameworks? Problem Statements How do you identify which Technology Capabilities are required in the organisation? What are the effective ways to build Technology Capabilities in the organisation?
  9. 9. When deciding which capabilities to build, companies most often consider customer demand and strategic importance.
  10. 10. There is an ever-increasing gap between technological sophistication and the amount of work actually performed. The result is income inequality, wage stagnation, and social and political unrest around the world. - Deloitte University Press
  11. 11. More than Coding - 12 Disruptive technologies The McKinsey Global Institute
  12. 12. McKinsey - Digital Australia: Seizing the opportunity from the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  13. 13. Six building blocks for creating a high- performing digital enterprise
  14. 14. Barriers to Maturity
  15. 15. Change Manager at ACS (Australian Computer Society) ANDREW BUTOW
  16. 16. BUILDING PLANES IN THE SKY IT Capability in an Age of Exponential Inventiveness
  17. 17. Building Planes in the Sky
  18. 18. Change & Capability done #OldSchool Executive Change/Capability Leadership & Management Our loyal workforce
  19. 19. Pyramids were great when we had the Pharaohs… What about me?
  20. 20. The reality today… Executive Pioneers Millennials Contingents Independent Professional Outsourced Dept Leadership Insourced Dept Managers Perms The Customer
  21. 21. Can you keep up with my ever changing world? • Customers are demanding ever more complicated and specialised services delivered in fast, fun and simple ways • Our traditional models are out of touch, inefficient and broken • Technology and innovation is moving quicker than we have ever known before • Our workforce is another type of customer, embracing a world of digital connectedness • Knowledge is everywhere and easy to find Welcome to the Age of Exponential Inventiveness:
  22. 22. How do we keep up our IT capability? Human Centred Design Approach Change “Ready” vs “Managed” Approaches Fluid & Social Learning Paths Power Up your Networks Benchmark against global frameworks Can you keep up with my ever changing world?
  23. 23. Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) • An open source, two dimensional skills matrix developed in 2003 (v.1) by the SFIA Foundation, a UK consortium comprising IET, IMIS e-skills UK, and BCS (V.6 currently in use) • A capabilities framework which can be used globally • A tool for aligning a workforce to deliver the needs of an organization for a changing digital landscape
  24. 24. Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Map your IT team’s path to success! Using mySFIA to assess capability against your current and potential job roles in the IT sector.
  25. 25. Let’s continue the conversation… Louise Smith Workforce Planning & Development Andrew Butow Change Manager & Digital Crusader
  26. 26. TALENT AND TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE Ananth Bala Solution Principal – Digital & IT Skillsoft
  27. 27. Agenda • Talent Crisis • Role of learning in IT • Change IT Landscape • New Skill sets • Devops • Data Science • IOT • AI and Machine learning • Microservices /API Services • Way Forward and thoughts
  28. 28. Talent Crisis •Components •High Turn Over •Talent Shortage •Expectation Disconnect • Reasons • Need combinations of skills • Entry-level to advanced practitioner • Can’t afford a long search for talent
  29. 29. 86% of organizations polled by ISACA believe there’s a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Only 38% of ISACA members believe their organization is prepared for a sophisticated cyberattack Cybersecurity job postings up 91% and information security job posting up 48% year over year (Source: Dice) In 2015, 89% of cybersecurity job postings went unfilled… (Source: Careerbuilder) Cisco estimates there are over 1 million unfilled IT security jobs (Source: Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report) Cyber Security Example
  30. 30. Role of Learning in IT RETAIN Retaining key employees who maintain tribal knowledge, provide business value or possess intellectual capital valuable to the business should always be a top priority (source: CIO Insight) REWARD Implement an aggressive training program to enhance their skills and develop new skills in other key areas (source: CIO Insight) KEEP CURRENT Once you attract these people you must give them a compelling learning environment to stay current, as technology advances at an accelerating rate. (source: Bersin by Deloitte) ATTRACT While salary and benefits may be one of the most important things you think about in your hiring and investments in people, in reality your investments in leadership, culture, and employee development are far more important (source: Bersin by Deloitte)
  31. 31. Modern IT Learner •Content •Engaging, SME led •Video-based •Hands-on practice •Short / targeted / aligned •Business & Professional Skills • Delivery • Easy to find and get • Easy to consume • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device
  32. 32. New Skills Reference:
  33. 33. Devops Reference: Xebia Labs
  34. 34. Data Science Reference: Chris Bour –
  35. 35. Reference: CB insights
  36. 36. AI and ML
  37. 37. Microservices Reference: Microsoft
  38. 38. CapabilityCafe View Technology Capabilities Identify Plan Source Develop Retire Tech capabilities are difficult to predict Involves making bets. Need to have flexibility. Needs sophisticated approach. Hire, contract, outsource Self directed learners. Make resources available. Detailed thinking about impact on products & services Sourcing learning for emerging tech may be difficult Actively monitor tech lifecycle. There may be competing tech in the organisation
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