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Learning Analytics Toolkit & TinCan/xAPI@Work Proof Of Concept Progress


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Following on from our last webinar on Sharing our TinCan/xAPI@Work Journey, we give an update on creating a working proof of concept for TinCan/xAPI. Dr Kirsty Kitto will presents on the work being done in developing a toolkit, which uses xAPI to store data about student participation in learning activities designed using standard social media tools such as Facebook etc.

We discuss:

What is the status of adoption of TinCan/xAPI in the industry ? How fast or slowly is it moving now ?What can you realistically achieve now with xAPI ? What is the road map you need to take ?Are there opportunities for the corporate and education sectors to collaborate to increase adoption ?

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Learning Analytics Toolkit & TinCan/xAPI@Work Proof Of Concept Progress

  1. 1. Learning Cafe Online Forum Learning Analytics Toolkit & TinCan/xAPI@Work Proof Of Concept Progress 1 Thurs, July 16, 2015 12 -1 pm AEST Ways to participate: • Q&A Box - comment, whinge & opinions • Twitter Backchannel - #lrncafe Knowledge Sharing Better Practices Experienced Panel
  2. 2. Introductions Dr Kirsty Kitto - Senior Research Fellow in the Information Systems School - QUT Aneesha Bakharia - Project Manager/Data Analyst – Connected Learning Analytics Toolkit Cameron Hodkinson - Learning Effectiveness Lead, CGU Insurance. Jeevan Joshi – Producer – Learning Cafe Brisbane (overseas) SydneyMelbourne Some Participating Organisations AMP Australian Red Cross Blood Service BMW Financial Services CBA CCA Cerebral Palsy Alliance Claim Central Clayton Utz CUA DeakinPrime DEDJTR Dimension Data Dimension Data Holdings Empower Institute Executive Perspectives Fairfax Media GTA La Trobe University NATA National University of Singapore NRMA Prometheus Workplace Solutions QUT RMIT University SAP Sewells Group Skillsoft SMS Management and Technology Suncorp TAFE Queensland TP3 Transport NSW University of Sydney xAPI/TinCan used interchangeably There are other potential standards but xAPI/TinCan is most advanced. Adelaide
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  4. 4. LearningCafe - What come to your mind ? • Social learning community for the learning profession • Research, inquiry, practice • Professionals informally catching g up to share learning • A connected group of L&D professionals who are to keen to learn from each other and to explore new ideas and concepts • Networking & learning • A way to stay up to date on new developments in eLearning • Next generation learning • Collaboration and sharing • The practitioner's view. • Expert professionals • Great community, resources and support for contemporary professional learning. • A forum for current ideas/strategies/learning • corporate learning trends • Learning Cafe indicates to me it about sharing and learning through others experiences. • Social constructivism
  5. 5. Melbourne UnConference –Aug 19. 120 Seats 400 + GST - Register before it sells out Learning Labs, Experience Labs, Facilitated Discussions. 20 + experienced facilitators. 17Dynamics Accenture Activatelearning ANZ APA Aurecon Cancer QLD Canvass Capgemini CBA CEB CGU Energy Australia Ericsson EY Fairfax Media Flinders University Future Knowledge IMC K&L Gates Kingston City Council LCafe Community Mgr Melb LearningCafe Macquaire Mindaustralia My Outplacement Obviouschoice QBE QUT Aus Red Cross Blood Services SCCV Siemens Simplot Wrestpoint Business Value of L&D Linking Performance & Learning Content Curation MOOCs &TinCan
  7. 7. Professional Development Opportunity Learning to Teach Online MOOC+ • UNSW MOOC • July 6 – Aug 17 • 6 weeks of study • 3-6 hours/week • In 2014, over 28,000 enrolments MOOC+ by LearningCafe 150 + L&D Professionals Participating from over 50+ organisations. LearningCafe is providing contextualised and implementation inputs through • Virtual Classroom • Additional Resources on LMS • Learner Support • We are in Week 2 of 8
  8. 8. MOOCs Experience 9 Design & User Experience Implications • Expectations for the majority of the learners who have never commenced a MOOC will be socialised before commencement. • Constant reinforcement and communication will be embedded to help them through the MOOC. Design & User Experience Implications • 68% of those who have completed MOOCs found that experience Good or better. This bodes well for the group. • LearningCafe is aiming for a 50% plus completion rate for LTTO +
  9. 9. Collaborative explorations in innovative Learning by Australian organisations facilitated by LearningCafe 9 organisations Explore Experiment Embed 20 organisations Explore Experiment Embed Starting Soon Explore Experiment Embed TinCan/xAPI MOOCs LifeLong Employability Skills
  10. 10. Webinar Dashboard Start Up/ Experiment Organisation / Industry Adoption Why Bother ? Remove Fog Maturity/ Effectiveness Business Value Low Low High High Now Vision Novice Explorer Practitioner Expert Design Business Get Answers Make Sense Just Right Looking for Answers Content/Pace Too Packed Expertise Level Focus Next Steps ? Not Much A Lot - Register for ½ day Masterclass – Melbourne Aug 20 Thurs - Attend Melbourne UnConference – Aug 19 Wed - Get your organisation to join TinCan/xAPI@Work
  11. 11. WHAT IS TINCAN/XAPI 12
  12. 12. Hypothesis – The LearningCafe View “xAPI/TinCan, the new learning standards provides a sound foundation to deliver learning and performance support for the future of work. Learning needs to start using xAPI now”.
  13. 13. Layers of Tin Can Onion 14 Layer 1 • Modern version of SCORM Layer 2 • Record any learning experience Layer 3 • Frees data from LMS Layer 4 • Correlate job performance and training data Happening Aspirational Technical Strategic Low readiness Maturity /capability xAPI/TinCan at Work
  14. 14. About TinCan@work 15 Discovery • Discover TinCan via Working Group Meetings. • Decide to proceed to Conceptualisation Stage based on: • Business impact • If timing is right. • Present findings at Sydey Unconference on 18 Feb 2015 Experimentation • Develop framework & collateral. • Do a proof of concept • Decide on success or otherwise. • Present findings at Melbourne UnConference in August Dissemination • Webinar to update community on progress • Develop white paper & blogs • Spread the word Aug Nov & Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June • CBA • E&Y • 7Eleven • Marsh • Suncorp • Westpac Aussie Home Loans • Red Cross Blood Services • IAG • ASIC • ANZ • 17Dynamics • CGU • Learning Café
  15. 15. Pilot Scope – Use Case • Option 1 – Continuing Professional Development (or another term) • Option 2 – Onboarding/Induction • Other Options • System proficiency learning • Coaching/mentoring 16 Use case will be onboarding which also gives CPD points
  16. 16. Proposed Tech Architecture 17 LMS Moodle LCafe Learning Record Store SaltBox YoutubeFacebook LinkedIn CMS LCafe Corporate LMS If APIs are available If easy SCORM Video Audio Blogs Podcasts
  17. 17. How much do you know about TinCan/xAPI? •Sample Size – 73 •Responses may not add up as some participants may not have answered all questions. •These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.
  18. 18. Impact of TinCan/xAPI. Are you interested in ? •Sample Size – 73 •Responses may not add up as some participants may not have answered all questions. •These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.
  19. 19. If TinCan/xAPI does need to adopted by L&D ? What challenges do you see? •Sample Size – 73 •Responses may not add up as some participants may not have answered all questions. •These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.
  21. 21. Anatomy of an xAPI statement • { • Actor: { • mbox: “”, • name: “Cameron Hodkinson” • } • Verb: { • id: “”, • display: { • “en-US”: “hosted” • } • } • Object: { • id: “”, • definition: { • name: { • “en-US”: “webinar” • }, • description: { • “en-US”: “Sharing our TinCan/xAPI@Work Journey - Step 1 - Validating the L&D Potential” • } • } • } • } 22 “Cameron Hodkinson hosted a webinar”
  22. 22. 23 Online modules and interactive task cards
  23. 23. KIRSTY KITTO
  24. 24. Kirsty Kitto & Aneesha Bakharia Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology [kirsty.kitto,aneehsa.bakharia] @KirstyKitto @aneesha E N A B L I N G C O N N E C T E D L E A R N I N G I N “ T H E W I L D ” : L E A R N I N G A N A L Y T I C S B E Y O N D T H E L M S
  25. 25. t h i s p r o j e c t i s s u p p o r t e d b y t h e A u s t r a l i a n G o v e r n m e n t ’ s o f f i c e f o r L e a r n i n g a n d t e a c h i n g Q U E E N S L A N D U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H N O L O G Y: Kirsty Kitto (Lead Investigator), Mandy Lupton, John Banks, Dann Mallet, Peter Bruza, Aneesha Bakharia U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H A U S T R A L I A Shane Dawson, Dragan Gašević (Uni of Edinburgh) U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H N O L O G Y, S YD N E Y Simon Buckingham Shum U N I V E R S I T Y O F S YD N E Y Abelardo Pardo U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E X A S ( A R L I N G T O N ) George Siemens
  26. 26. S O W H Y I N T H E W I L D ?
  27. 27. W E H A V E A C O H O R T O F T E A C H E R S W H O . . • don’t use LMSs much… • are tech savvy, but not coders • innovators & adopters • interested in & often want to use Learning Analytics.. but its all offered in the LMS! • are often advocates for connected learning, connectivist pedagogy & social learning
  28. 28. A n d L e a r n i n g g e n e r a l l y s e e m s h e a d e d f o r t h e w i d e o p e n s p a c e s … Monolithic “safe” solutions? Or small pieces loosely joined… And Learning generally seems headed for the wide open spaces…
  29. 29. l i f e l o n g p r o f e s s i o n a l l e a r n i n g c a n n o t h a p p e n i n a “ s a f e ” p l a t f o r m d i s c o n n e c t e d f r o m t h e r e a l w o r l d …
  30. 30. How can we support people teaching beyond the LMS? Using: • Google+ • Facebook • Twitter • Wikis • StackExchange • Blogs • GitHub • …
  31. 31. Experience API • flexible data standard • stores JSON statements of <actor><verb><object> form (e.g. Kirsty presented talk) in a Learning Record Store
  32. 32. T h e c o n n e c t e d L e a r n i n g a n a l y t i c s t o o l k i t
  33. 33. F o r e x a m p l e
  34. 34. w h a t w o u l d a ( s l i g h t l y ) c o m p l e x u s e c a s e l o o k l i k e ? IT Capstone project: i. Project Management via Facebook ii. Code uploaded to Github iii. Documentation written in Google Drive QUESTION: Who contributed to the team?
  35. 35. A m o r e c o m p l e x u s e c a s e ? L i f e l o n g , p e r s o n a l i s e d , l e a r n i n g
  36. 36. L o o m i n g p r o b l e m : t h e r e a r e l o t s o f d i f f e r e n t d a t a s o u r c e s …
  37. 37. A C o n t r o l l e d v o c a b u l a r y • Analysis across different platforms made easier with planning • Recipes in preparation: - Microblogging - Content Creation - Collaborative Content Authoring - Content Curation - Association with Course, Team and Instructor
  38. 38. Analytics 1. Temporal Activity When did a learning activity happen? 2. Content Analysis What are students discussing and sharing? 3. Social Network Analysis Have networks developed? How have the networks evolved?
  39. 39. D e m o o f c u r r e n t d a s h b o a r d p r o t o t y p e s
  40. 40. Requirements Elicitation Starting trials this semester
  41. 41.
  43. 43. CLAToolkit - Analytics • Temporal Activity Depends upon scheduling of learning activities (e.g., weeks with semester) • Content Analysis What are students discussing and sharing? • Social Network Analysis Have networks developed? How have the networks evolved?
  44. 44. Connected Learning Toolkit
  45. 45. Topic Model Explorer
  46. 46. SNA EXplorer
  48. 48. What is status of adoption of TinCan/xAPI in the industry ? Is it a lot of hype or is there substance ? One thing I'm keen to utilise xAPI for, is to create internally hosted websites on a topic, using all the power, possibilities and interactivity the html format gives us - and then using xAPI to track back who has done what. Andrew Baker Aus Red Cross Blood Services
  49. 49. Two questions: 1 - Can xAPI - ultimately - replace an LMS? 2 - is there an app to show my (a student's) results and records from an LRS? Michael Henry POINT- PRODUCTIONS
  50. 50. 1. What quality and quantity of data is required to get meaningful insights e.g for predictive analysis ? 2. What kind of skills are required for develop and interpret Learning Analytics ?
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