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The Mechanics - MOOCs for Employee Learning – Online Forum


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In the second online discussion we look at the”how” of using MOOCs (Massively Online Open Courses) and its variants for employee learning. An experienced panel talks about the logistics of deploying MOOCs in the organisational context.

How to Build a Business Case for MOOCs for Employee Learning – Jeevan Joshi
Case Study of Using MOOCS at Jardine Lloyd Thompson – Sunder Ramachandran
Disrupting Workplace Learning ? – Dr Geoff Sharrock
Panel discussion moderated by Michelle Ockers

Our first online discussion on MOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View was attended by 68 Learning & Development professionals and covered the “why”.

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    In the second online discussion we look at the”how” of using MOOCs (Massively Online Open Courses) and its variants for employee learning. An experienced panel talks about the logistics of deploying MOOCs in the organisational context.

    -How to Build a Business Case for MOOCs for Employee Learning – Jeevan Joshi

    Case Study of Using MOOCS at Jardine Lloyd Thompson – Sunder Ramachandran

    Disrupting Workplace Learning ? – Dr Geoff Sharrock

    Panel discussion moderated by Michelle Ockers

    Our first online discussion on MOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View was attended by 68 Learning & Development professionals and covered the “why”.



    Sunder Ramachandran is currently a Senior Training Manager with JLT Group, one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and employee benefits related advice. Sunder’s articles on workplace learning have appeared in Indian & International media including The Economic Times, Hindu Business Line, Times Ascent, National HRD Newsletter and
    Dr Geoff Sharrock is Program Director at the LH Martin Institute and has wide experience in public administration and management consulting. Geoff’s current research interests focus on university strategy, workplace culture, change leadership and management practices, and ideas and images of the university as a social institution. Before entering academia Geoff also worked for 10 years as a private management consultant.
    Dr Preetha Ram has a passion for creating opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. Dr. Ram is the cofounder of, a social learning network for students recently names one of the 10 “most innovative education companies” by TechCrunch. Her mission is to unite millions of learners from every corner of the world, to give help and get help. Dr. Ram is also the Associate Dean for Pre-Health and Science Education at Emory University Preetha has been invited to speak at TEDx.
    Michelle Ockers – National Supply Chain Technical Capability Manager at Coca-Cola Amatil – Michelle is an experienced Learning professional, with depth in learning strategy and program development and implementation, project management, stakeholder management and change management. Michelle is a key member of MOOCS@work initiative.
    Jeevan Joshi – Founder – Learning Cafe – Jeevan is an experienced Learning and HR practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen.
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The Mechanics - MOOCs for Employee Learning – Online Forum

  1. 1. 1 Learning Café Online Trends Forum 100+ Registered Annual round up Looking back at 2013. What is coming in 2014 12th Dec, Thurs Register 7 November 2013, Thursday, 12 – 1 pm AEST
  2. 2. 2 Practitioners Forum Encouraging new thinking and innovation Integrate Learning, Performance & Knowledge Blog Magazine Capability Building Workshops Coffee Catch Ups Webinar Discussions Community of experienced learning & performance professions UnConference Sydney Melbourne Twitter Linkedin Facebook Building L&D Capability
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  4. 4. 4 Agenda • About MOOCs@Work at Work & Learning Cafe • Jeevan Joshi - Learning Café 4 mins • Building a Business Case & Scenario Exercise • Jeevan Joshi - Learning Café & Sian Hartnett 5 + 8 mins • Using MOOCS at Jardine Lloyd Thompson • Sunder Ramachandran - Senior Training Manager, JLT Group 13 mins • Disrupting Workplace Learning ? • Dr Geoff Sharrock - Program Director, LH Martin Institute 13 mins • Discussion – MOOCs at Work • • Led by Michelle Ockers, National Supply Chain Tech Capability Mgr – Coca Cola Amatil Dr. Preetha Ram - Cofounder of 17 mins
  5. 5. 5 Your survey responses 37% 30% Sample size 105, No responses are shown as “-”
  6. 6. ABOUT MOOCS@WORK Jeevan Joshi Learning Cafe
  7. 7. 7 The Call MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and its variants can be a mainstream employee learning option. It offers cost effective learning with the benefits far outweighing the challenges. L&D/HR need to be proactive in exploring and including MOOCs in learning strategies. Working Group • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Advisory Group • • • • • • • Tim Drinkall-GM – Enterprise Training – NBNCo Peter Hall- Head of L&D – Australia and Asia Pacific – QBE Insurance Michael Eichler-Head of Leadership Development & Learning (Direct Insurance)- IAG Julie Catanach-Executive Manager Learning, Organisational Design and Development – Suncorp • • • • • Anish Lalchandani- Standard Chartered Bank Chris Bessell-Browne – Qantas College Colleen Lai-– McGrathNicol Craig Bingham-Royal Australasian College of Physicians David Le Page-Director- 3timesP Pty Ltd Jasmine Malki- Holding Redlich Jeevan Joshi – Learning Café Jenni Reid– Suncorp John Forrest – Allestis & Extreme Impacts Kirsty Smith – Qantas Lee Kirby – The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Lisa Henderson – QBE Michelle Ockers- Coca-Cola Amatil Nicola Atkinson – Ashurst Ryan Tracey - AMP Scott Raymond- L&H Group Sian Hartnett – KPMG ASPAC Siobhan Singh- The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Sunder Ramachandran- Jardine Lloyd Thompson Susan Naylor- The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Darin Fox – Optus Cathy Callaghan – Telstra Angela Hales - MYOB
  8. 8. 8 MOOCs@Work ( Discovery Jun Jul • Formation of Working Group • Undertake MOOC Conceptualisation Aug Sep Oct Oct Nov • Develop framework • Collect data on experiences – Impact Challenges • Think about each aspect of framework i.e. evaluation • Working Group session. • MOOCS Roadmap for L&D Dissemination Oct Nov & Dec Feb • Webinar to on progress • Plan to develop a MOOC • Develop white paper & blogs • Release at UnConference. Mar • Release collateral on web site Later • Develop a MOOC or SPOC.
  9. 9. Framework MOOCS Map
  10. 10. BUILDING THE MOOC BUSINESS CASE Some considerations for L&D Professionals…
  11. 11. 11 Case Study Leadership Course Average Cost Participants Total Cost 2 day workshop $2,700* 30 $81,000 *ASTD Estimates Replace 10% of content with sections of Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Coursera) Costs Savings Participants Total Savings $0 $270 30 $8,100
  12. 12. Do you really need one? Yes? Can you adopt without a business case?
  13. 13. Some key questions to ask Structure • Current / upcoming organisational focus • Do employees have the capabilities to turn MOOC learning into value for the organisation? • Do employees have the time, space, tools, etc. to engage with the MOOC “way of learning”? • Infrastructure and access to required technology? Process • Does the organisation have defined job roles? • Do employees acknowledge impact of “external forces” on the organisation that might require a focus on learning / skill development? • What processes (and the related costs!) will be required to integrate MOOCs into the existing training offered? • Who “owns” the training function – do you have the power to change the current approach? • How will MOOCs be integrated into existing processes e.g. performance reviews, KPIs? Culture • Do the business “stakeholders” have the authority to request the integration of MOOCs? • How will MOOCs be integrated into existing processes e.g. performance reviews, KPIs? • Possible barriers e.g. political? • Are employees / leaders encouraged to leave their “comfort zones”? • Who “enjoys promotions”?
  14. 14. Possible business case “buckets” Driving talent mobility Increasing offering within a recruitment model – “unique people strategies” Creating a new direction / facet for performance management Developing a wider global mindset Providing wider options for employee engagement Improving options for talent management for individuals / teams Improving bench strength ... Creating a continuous learning culture
  15. 15. SCENARIO Sian Hartnett
  16. 16. 16 Scenario - The MOOC Evangelist • Lauren, the head of a business unit, is a recent enthusiast for MOOCs having completed one on construction engineering. • She recently sent an email out to all of the members of her business unit encouraging them to use MOOCs as an alternative to in house training programs currently offered by the organisation. • How will you respond? • Use the chat box
  17. 17. Integrating MOOCs @ Jardine Lloyd Thompson India Sunder Ramachandran Senior Training Manager Distinctive. Choice. 
  18. 18. About Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT Group) Achievement Risk assessed and helped Insure the London Olympic games One of the largest Insurance / Re-insurance brokers / Employee Benefits consultants in the world Businesses Strength Shareholder Global shared service center in Mumbai, India with close to 1000 employees Our primary shareholder - Jardine Matheson backs us with the strength of its USD 65Bn balance sheet
  19. 19. How did it all start?  Social learning happens inspite of L&D & not because of L&D  Group of employees enrolled en masse in a MOOC on Public Speaking via Coursera Employees watching MOOC videos on Public Speaking  We blended the MOOC with an offline cohort which made the Learning interaction rich  It’s no longer about just content & context. Conversation keeps the learning alive Post video discussion session
  20. 20. Role of the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) in MOOC integration  Knowledge & skills are perishable. Use it or you will lose it  L&D curates courses & conversations. Manages communities within the enterprise network  Enterprise Social network as a recommendation engine (Crowd-sourced recommendations)
  21. 21. Embed in workplace culture  MOOCs added to continuing education policy & Signature tracks endorsed  Established an online learning lab to facilitate open access  Learning agility rewarded in R&R forums  CEO as spokesperson Felicitation of employees who have achieved the MOOCs statement of accomplishment
  22. 22. Learn More THANK YOU
  23. 23. MOOCs for Employee Learning: blended learning issues and options Dr Geoff Sharrock 7 November 2013 23
  24. 24. Using MOOCs for workplace learner engagement Background: MOOC features How adaptable to workplace L&D? Usually free, often on-demand courses of study with world-class content, taught by leading scholars. MOOC audience is a student, not a worker - bias for theory, not practice. MOOCs attract random student cohorts. Highly scalable pedagogy, allowing thousands to enrol and self-study. Most drop out – low pressure to complete. Certification of successful completion. MOOCs usually lack industry context. Potentially “disruptive” for degree program providers… MOOCs always lack company context. …challenges for L&D: (campus-based universities with a high cost base but low brand power). But not for L&D where design for context is key. Instead, we’ll see “50 shades of blended learning”. • • • • • Curating content to fit company context Creating company peer cohorts Supporting worker engagement in self-study Putting learning into use Formalising recognition of learning. 24
  25. 25. Using MOOCs (or other online resources) for workplace learning Example: a blended program using curated online resources Client brief: Client context: a research company with 300 staff mostly in Melbourne, Australia. Optimise staff use of existing online resources (non-MOOC) Project: design and deliver a blended in-house development program for emerging leaders. Curate material to fit the company’s Leadership Capability framework Tasks: Limit time participants have to spend off-line, during work hours curate online material design workshops, webinars & discussion boards to blend face-to-face with online self-study over a 3 to 4 month period. Include a work-related project with a senior sponsor Fit within the L&D budget. 25
  26. 26. Evaluation: Live group survey data, discussed with participants in final group session 26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. Ways of improving workplace learner engagement using MOOCs or other generic online resources Employer support for in-house self-study Formal in-house programs using MOOCs Create / update a list of MOOCs seen as relevant to work and careers. Design programs that blend MOOC learning with work-specific seminars/training. Organise peer learning groups who can enrol in these MOOCs together. Curate as SPOCs: small private online courses. Enable staff to rate MOOCs for quality and relevance to their work Recognise (selected) MOOC certification on staff profiles Set a shared time and place (or webinar) for each group to meet and study this week’s topic. Plan a work project with a senior sponsor to apply group learning from the MOOCs studied …and showcase results. Subsidise signature track learning in (selected) MOOCs. 31
  32. 32. PANEL DISCUSSION Your comments, questions and opinions are welcome via the chat box.
  35. 35. 35 Think about these scenarios. • Scenario - Intellectual Property • After extensive research and quality assurance, you have made a free MOOC on Project Management available to employees. • It has been received well and many employees have commenced the MOOC. • Today you received an email from someone claiming to be the copyright owner for most of the course content. The course creator denies the allegations but the matter is being pursued by the parties through the courts. • What would you do ?
  38. 38. 38 blogs free resources Webinar recording, ebooks, L&D frameworks learning conversations workshops learningcafemag Building Effective Employee Social Networks UnConference 2014 Sydney Melbourne Open source initiatives