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Brilliant Residentials - Communication Launch slides - 6 September 2016


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Slides from the Communications Launch of the Brilliant Residentials campaign, held at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre on 6 September 2016.

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Brilliant Residentials - Communication Launch slides - 6 September 2016

  1. 1. Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  2. 2. Welcome Joe Lynch Learning Away Consortium Chair Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  3. 3. Learning Away Findings Elaine Skates Chief Executive, Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
  4. 4. “I never want to go home! I feel so alive here.” Year 4 pupil, Kidbrooke Park Primary School
  5. 5. Compelling research 5 years 60 schools 13 partnerships Over 12, 500 pre and post surveys with students, parents and staff Over 100 focus groups
  6. 6. Impactsand Benefits • Strong evidence about numerous positive impacts of residentials. Showing that Learning Away residentials improve students’… • Attainment • Engagement • Relationships • Resilience and Self Confidence
  7. 7. Attainment
  8. 8. Attainment CaseStudy “Student A was in the middle of her maths test when she literally shouted out, 'I know how to do this! You should have all gone to Carroty Wood - Mr W taught me how to do this!'” Maths teacher, Canterbury Academy “I didn't come to school for about a year because it was boring and I didn't like it. I've started coming back.” Student A, Canterbury Academy
  9. 9. Engagementwith learning
  10. 10. Engagementwith learning “Before going on the trip I hated school, but now I just love it. I love to learn about maths, literacy and science.” Primary Student Focus Group
  11. 11. Relationships
  12. 12. Relationships “One thing that always hits me is that when you come back from a residential, the kids that have been on that residential, how respectful they are to you… they’ll always remember it for the whole year.” Secondary school teacher
  13. 13. Resilienceand SelfConfidence
  14. 14. Resilienceand SelfConfidence
  15. 15. Residentials bring The overnight stay & an intensity of experience A new context for relationships Different & varied opportunities to experience success New ways of learning Short & medium term Enhanced relationships Improved engagement Confidence in learning New & developing skills & understanding Longer term Improved … Achievement, progress & attainment Knowledge, Skills & U Relationships Engagement, behaviour & attendance More successful transitions Theory ofChange
  16. 16. What makesbrilliantresidentialsbrilliant? • Fully Integrated with the school curriculum and ethos • Designed and led by teachers and, where appropriate, students • Inclusive and affordable for all students • Deliberately and collaboratively planned to meet students’ specific learning needs, and to embed and reinforce learning back in school • Part of a progressive programme of experiences • Designed to include a wide range of new and memorable experiences • Designed to allow space for students to develop collaborative relationships with both peers and staff • Evaluated rigorously • Supported by senior leadership and school governors
  17. 17. Recommendationsfor schools 1. Provide a range of inclusive and integrated residentials 2. Work closely with residential providers 3. Plan for the value of informal social time 4. Plan for evaluation to confirm value 5. Support healthy risk taking
  18. 18. Recommendationsfor schools 6. Provide staffing, CPD and support structures to encourage pedagogy 7. Look for wider school community and volunteers 8. Partnership with other schools 9. Inclusive lower-cost residentials or use of pupil premium 10. Support students through key transitions points
  19. 19. Recommendationsfor providers 1. Draw on the finding of Learning Away to inform your offer and approach to working with schools 2. Publicise the benefits of residential experiences 3. Direct schools and policy makers to our research evidence 4. Publicise the unique nature of the overnight stay and the opportunities this offers for learning 5. Promote curriculum integration - residentials should be entitlement not an enrichment
  20. 20. Recommendationsfor providers 5. Work collaboratively with teachers and students 6. Support schools to use informal social time 7. Evaluate the impact of your residentials rigorously 8. Support lower-cost residential models e.g. Camping, shorter residentials, teacher-led activities 9. Draw schools attention to the use of pupil premium
  21. 21. “Hethought forests onlyexisting in story books.”
  22. 22. “Learning Away makes it abundantly clear that in education residentials are, almost without exception, the gift that keeps on giving.” Professor David Hopkins, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Education, Executive Director of Adventure Learning Schools - The gift which keepson giving
  23. 23. Thank you
  24. 24. Brilliant Residentials Campaign Kim Somerville Learning Away Campaign Coordinator
  25. 25. The Vision We want more children and young people to enjoy Brilliant Residentials
  26. 26. Vision We want more young people taking part in residentials We want improved quality of residential provision in line with the principles of Brilliant Residentials
  27. 27. CampaignStrategy & Plan Launch…. 26 September 2016!
  28. 28. Aims ofthe Campaign • Influence the practice of: • Schools (Non-adopters, adopters, champions) • Residential providers • Initial Teacher Training providers • Policy makers • Parents • Youth groups / organisations • Raise awareness that residentials do not need to be expensive … they must be affordable and inclusive to be brilliant.
  29. 29. Audiences& Objectives Schools – Non adopters Awareness; belief; trial Schools - Adopters Enhance quality; offer more; fully integrate in curriculum Schools – High-Quality Enhance; champion Residential Providers Promote Brilliant Residentials; Review practices ITT Providers Drive awareness; Embed the principles Policy Makers Persuade to include in educational policy
  30. 30. CampaignMessaging Residentials are brilliant. School trips with an overnight stay can be life changing experiences for children. Backed by extensive research Learning Away have created a toolkit and range of free resources to help schools and providers develop Brilliant Residentials of their own, which will lead to improved ….
  31. 31. CampaignMessaging Resilience Achievement Relationships Engagement …. and brighter, brilliant futures for young people.
  32. 32. Developinga brand Must … • Relate to Learning Away • Be contemporary and relevant • Not be an endorsement • Be a symbol of support and pride • Drive awareness to change behaviour • Provide a call to action
  33. 33. CampaignTools Earned The audience and influencers spread the message Paid We pay to attract Owned We own and control the message
  34. 34. Website • Content refresh • Toolkit development • New case studies that showcase high quality residentials • Reciprocal links • Regular blog with guest bloggers • Development of a web part to pledge support for Brilliant Residentials
  35. 35. SocialMedia • Add to Twitter and Vimeo social media presence? • Create seasonal (4/per year) social media campaigns • Global Outdoor Classroom Day - Thursday 6th October • Create a listening social media plan • Launch a video which inspires the audience to create Brilliant Residentials.
  36. 36. Publications &Print • Visual identity & guidelines • Creation of events and exhibition material • Material for providers and schools to use and insert their own logo: pull-up banners; leaflets and presentation slides. • E-newsletters • Renowned faces in arts, heritage and outdoor education pledging their support for Brilliant Residentials
  37. 37. Events • Share a toolkit of campaign material within the sector … more of today? • Education and learning outside the classroom events and conferences • Deliver workshops and training to schools and residential providers to share Brilliant Residentials guidance • Create and attend other virtual seminars / sharing / Q&A sessions
  38. 38. PR and Media • Comment pieces on topical news stories • Develop links to foster regular columns / articles / features in education press and media • Sponsor a Brilliant Residential award(s) • Respond to relevant consultations to argue the value and impact of good quality residentials • Encourage organisations that accredit residentials learning experiences to adopt Brilliant Residential characteristics in their guidance
  39. 39. Measuring Our Success • More - baseline and future tracking via the Evolve educational visit approval system, used by 127 Local Authorities nationally • Higher quality - With the support of LMKco. and the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel (OEAP) an online survey will be sent to schools post residentials gauging to what extent a residential was ‘Brilliant’
  40. 40. What now? • Spread the Brilliant Residentials message • Review your practices to ensure the characteristics of Brilliant Residentials are offered • Become a Champion • Pledge your support for Brilliant Residentials online • Displaying the Brilliant Residentials logo on your material • Provide case studies for the Learning Away website • Sharing news and photographs of your residentials online #brilliantresidentials • Speaking about your experiences at workshops and conferences to encourage other schools and providers to offer more and higher quality residentials
  41. 41. Digital Pack 1. About 2. Campaign Plan 3. Brand Guidelines 4. Logos 5. Marketing Material 6. Supporting Text 7. Tweet Sheet 8. BBC Breakfast video 9. Presentation 10. Contact
  42. 42. #brilliantresidentials @LearningAway
  43. 43. Thank you
  44. 44. Action 4 Youth Dave Hollingham Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  45. 45. Providing Challenge, Supporting Growth
  46. 46. Raising GCSE attainment through outdoor residential experiences 85% went on to gain a C grade or higher
  47. 47. High Quality Outdoor Learning Improve customers Evaluate & Improve courses
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Inspiring Learning Matt Healey Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  50. 50. Heading Subheading • Text
  51. 51. Heading Subheading • Text
  52. 52. Heading Subheading • Text
  53. 53. Heading Subheading • Text
  54. 54. Heading Subheading • Text
  55. 55. Heading Subheading • Text
  56. 56. Heading Subheading • Text
  57. 57. Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (SOLD) Sarah Crow Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  58. 58. The Scout Association Colette Morgan Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  59. 59. Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation Video–click!
  60. 60. DelegateDiscussion 1. How can / will you share the #BrilliantResidentials messages? 2. What do you need from Learning Away to help you to this? 3. How are you / can you ensure the characteristics of Brilliant Residentials are offered to schools? 4. What might you need in a toolkit to help you with this? 30 minutes discussion – 3 minutes feedback
  61. 61. Thank you Joe Lynch Learning Away Consortium Chair Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation