Who else wants new Learning Tools?


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At Learning Pool Live, Mark and Paul unveiled some great new products from Learning Pool aimed at helping you reach your audience regardless of the technology they use. The guys demystified terms like responsive web design and demonstrated what Learning Pool’s products of the (not too distant) future will look like – specifically we’ll be looking at DLE 2.5 which is ready to be released and Adapt content that we’ll be releasing in early 2014.

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Who else wants new Learning Tools?

  1. 1. Questions we’ve been asked
  2. 2. Can I have content that’s interactive and works on every device known to man?
  3. 3. Publish once – view on any device Online authoring environment Open source collaboration with Kineo Learning Pool Recommends – new versions Coming your way… early 2014
  4. 4. That’s all great… but my users access the DLE first so it needs to work on my shiny iphone too?
  5. 5. DLE version 2.5 Responsive theme… usable on any device Usability enhancements for administrators Fully up to date for security and performance Opt in upgrade… talk to us today! Coming your way… November 1st
  6. 6. Administering courses in my DLE is really hard… make it easier please.
  7. 7. Course wizard Configure course settings Set completion criteria Manage enrolment Add and update activities Coming your way… November 1st
  8. 8. Yes.. But my users all have different interests and I’d love to be able to target messages at them.. Bet you can’t do that!
  9. 9. Dynamic homepage Different homepage content linked to hierarchy Configuration setting for admin users Feature content or courses Available in DLE 2.5
  10. 10. We’ve heard a lot about eportfolios and accredited learning but its never gone anywhere. Any chance?
  11. 11. Allow your people to earn badges for skills learned on & offline Organisations can give recognition for things they teach Individuals can show badges on the places that matter Potentially global project Applications in social care, hospitality and management
  12. 12. For more information contact: support@learningpool.com