What aren't you doing with your learning environment?


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Learning Pool's Chris Allan takes you on a journey of all teh pretty cool things that you may not be doing with your learning environment.

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What aren't you doing with your learning environment?

  1. 1. The Learning HourWhat aren’t you doing with your learning environment? 14 March 2013 Chris Allan
  2. 2. What you are doing.Mostly• SCORM/eLearning Module• Evaluation form• CertificateAnd a little• Quiz/Assessment• Links• Documents
  3. 3. What else is there?• Course Activities and Resources• Blocks• General Hints and Tips
  4. 4. Course Activities & Resources
  5. 5. Course Activities and Resources
  6. 6. ChoiceI have read and understood the policy Yes No
  7. 7. Choice I have read and understood the policy YesResults can be exported or you can choose to display tostudents • never see the results of the choice • see the results only after they have given the answer themselves • see the results only after the closing date of the choice • always see the results
  8. 8. Assignments
  9. 9. Questionnaire• Not just for feedback & evaluation• Organisational Surveys • Health and Wellbeing • Skills Check Quiz• Not just for assessment• Monthly Fun Quizzes • Increase engagement
  10. 10. Glossaries• They have 2 parts: – Concept – Definition
  11. 11. Glossaries Two popular usesRandomly Generated A-Z List Of Courses byQuote of the Day Subject
  12. 12. GlossariesOther thoughts:• They can be collaborative• They can include links• They can include files such as images and documents• Build a FAQ• Build a glossary about the people on the course• Use it for simple peer assessment
  13. 13. Wikis• A collaborative page or group of pages within a courseUse them for groups• Apprentices• Management Development• Project Teams
  14. 14. Chats and Forums
  15. 15. Chats and Forums• Add true interactivity to courses• Synchronous Vs Asynchronous• Chats require more planning• Forums allow for – Reflection – Encourage transfer of learning• Neither of these options are magic!
  16. 16. Pages• Allows you to create web pages in your courses.• These can include text, images, links.• Gives you the versatility to make documents that don’t require Word• Quicker to update than an embedded Word doc.
  17. 17. Pages Some Examples• A document about the course tutors• A list of Union Learning Reps with photos• Venue details• Make a news blog
  18. 18. Labels• Basically an aid to laying out your courses• Can contain text, images, links…• Can contain spacing.
  19. 19. Databases• Not generally available but can be turned on• Tutor designed databases• Collaborative Databases
  20. 20. Classroom Connect• Real blended learning solutions• Manage your classroom training and e-learning in the same place• Host of features including: – Manage multiple training sessions – Reserve equipment and rooms – Track bookings – Automated messaging – Reduce administration burden
  21. 21. Blocks
  22. 22. Add a block
  23. 23. Main Menu
  24. 24. Random Glossary Entry
  25. 25. RSS Feed
  26. 26. Activities
  27. 27. Comments
  28. 28. Course Completion Status
  29. 29. HTML Blocks
  30. 30. Online Users
  31. 31. Section Links
  32. 32. General Hints and Tips
  33. 33. Accordion Style
  34. 34. What’s Next?
  35. 35. What’s Next?
  36. 36. Use Your TickerOn the left of the page: HAVE YOU NOTICED THE NEW "ONLINEUSERS" BLOCK - Why not update your profile by clicking yourname and the update profile tab? Click here for Help and Support
  37. 37. Questions?