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Surfing the Waves of Change, Kersten England, Chief Executive City of York Council


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Kersten discusses the challenges of leading large and complex organisations through change and illustrate how, with the right approach, it is possible to take charge of a situation & successfully steer your organisation towards its desired goals.

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  • Thabnks for expanding my paradigms Kersten, 20 years ago I was a York resident, you have encouraged my return, will look for roles in your management team to expand the social care sector focus in the city. Fantastic video where can it be viewed?
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Surfing the Waves of Change, Kersten England, Chief Executive City of York Council

  1. 1. Taking Charge of Change – Surfing the waves of change Kersten EnglandChief Executive, City of York Council
  2. 2. A bit about me• Chief Executive of City of York Council• Background in • equalities, organisational development • communities • central/ local Government•Belief in agency of individuals andcommunities•Necessity of respect and collaboration
  3. 3. Our Context – Paradigm Shift From‘paternalistic’ and ‘benevolent’ To catalyst and facilitator
  4. 4. Two Overriding Priorities•City of Enterprise•Resilient, capable communities ….And for the Organisation •Innovative •Entrepreneurial •Resident focussed
  5. 5. Organisational Development Agenda•Structural change•Investment inleadership•Mature,professionalrelationships
  6. 6. Organisational Development Agenda•Investment incommunication•Recognising and celebratingcontributions and excellence•Crowd-sourcing ideas
  7. 7. First Fruits•Co-producing the future –developing a co-operativelibrary service•Each one teach one on theservice to city programme•Utilising untapped skills
  8. 8. First Fruits•GeniUS ideas•Closing the digitaldivide•Corporate SocialResponsibility•# TeamYork
  9. 9. Things I have learnt / am learning •Find ‘True North’ •Develop strong narrative •Conscious constant articulation •Unlock potential •Co-create / produce
  10. 10. Things I have learnt / am learning •Honour the past •Dissent •Hurt •Create safe uncertainty •Work in the circle of influence •Rest, recuperate •Celebrate
  11. 11. 800 Years of the City ofYork