Learning Pool | Using mobile to improve poor learning retention


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Check out Paul McElvaney and Deborah Limb's presentation from Learning Pool's recent Learning Hour on 'Is poor learning retention killing your strategy?'.

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  • Our philosophy is the stuffing old content onto 4 inch screens isn’t going to work so we’ve gone back to the science for inspiration and believe that Mobile presents us with some new opportunities to support learning in the workplaceWith help from Donald Clark we’ve recognised a few things:1 – that our customers are looking for tangible performance improvement in their jobs2 – that not everyone has a PC, but everyone (almost) has a smartphone)3 – that providing refresher content really can make a difference to how people retain knowledge4 – that there is a win in giving people that content while they are on the job
  • Here’s how training traditionally worksAt end of the 19th century Hermann Ebbinghaus – a German Psychologist demonstrated that in a very short period of time learners forgot almost 80% of everything they had heard when there was a gap between learning and having an opportunity to reinforce that learning, either by repeating the learning or by applying it to practice – this is the Ebbinghaus curve
  • What If we could provide up to the minute, scheduled content to help people remember?More recently studies at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada have demonstrated that when a learner is given opportunities to revise their learning or put their learning into practice repeatedly over time, they retained almost everything they had learned – it is also well known that learning in real life situations is beneficial, Diana Oblinger and Brian Hawkins quote: 2006: “The ability to transfer learning to a real-world situation enhances the application of knowledge and leads to enduring understanding”
  • What if having created that content, you could just send it to your audiences’ mobile phones?Learning Pool Mobile lets you do just that….
  • User logs into their DLE using their existing username and password.The user will stay logged into the app until they choose to log out so they won’t need to remember their passwords etc.For customers using shared equipment the app can be set to always log out when the user closes it down.
  • Courses are shown at login and the user can see either a) all courses present on the DLE or b) only the courses that they are enrolled on
  • Perhaps chat about some great potential uses of this around blended learning; project specific or problem specific learning for say senior managers or those in similar roles, induction, intensive learning programmes…what else?
  • Learning Pool | Using mobile to improve poor learning retention

    1. 1. Using mobile to improve learner retention
    2. 2. Who are we?Paul Deborah Lisa
    3. 3. The Science
    4. 4. Learning is really about forgetting
    5. 5. Learning Pool ‘Encore’ addresses this
    6. 6. The Solution?
    7. 7. Learning Pool Encore aims to…Improve job performanceImprove knowledge retentionProvide just in time learningReinforce learning messagesTest knowledge over time
    8. 8. All embedded in your existingLearning Pool service
    9. 9. Here’s how it works
    10. 10. www.learningpool.com
    11. 11. What’s next?
    12. 12. Create content inside your DLEGeneratereminders as acore part ofyour course inthe DLE
    13. 13. Set as manyreminders asyou need andwhen you wantthem sent
    14. 14. Follow thenormal processto createcontent in theDLESet the intervalas you needthe remindersto be pushed
    15. 15. Send tomobile?
    16. 16. Low costTightly integratedAlways availableAvailable now as a private beta
    17. 17. www.learningpool.com