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Learning Pool's Deborah Limb shares 'Learning - Anytime, Anyplace' at Learning Pool Live 2013.

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  • 50% - will be 75% by 2016 (Portio Research: http://www.newmediatrendwatch.com/news/1189-three-out-of-four-uk-mobile-users-to-own-a-smartphone-by-2016) – that’s 44 milllion smartphone contracts
  • Study by O2
  • Lots of memory research and studies – Ebbinghaus 1885 to more recent research…unless we repeat/put into practice new learning we will simply forget it. S what a waste of time and money that course was! The concept of spaced practice was first introduced by Professor Mace in 1932 – it is a learning technique that incorporates incresasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material. Many more studies have been undertaken by cognitive psychologists from the 60s onwards.
  • Courses are shown at login and the user can see either a) all courses present on the DLE or b) only the courses that they are enrolled on
  • Jean is a Customer Services manager…Jean’s team attended a customer service training day - they came back fired up with some new techniques but she knows from experience that they will quickly fall back into old habits if they don’t quickly put the learning into action. Jean has the team download Learning Pool’s new Encore app to their smartphones and has set up a series of tasks on their DLE to be sent daily to each team member to remind them of the key learning points. The first day after the course they receive a scenario based question that puts the learning in context; the day after they receive a summary checklist of one of the key learning points covered and the next day they get a short video showing great customer service in action. The arrival of the tasks each day create a bit of a buzz around the team and after two weeks of daily short Encore tasks the training is still being discussed and practised.
  • Learning - Anytime, Anyplace

    1. 1. Learning: Anytime, Anyplace
    2. 2. Quick Quiz
    3. 3. By end of 2013 how many mobile users will be smartphone users? • 35 % • 50 % • 75 %
    4. 4. How much time does the average smartphone user spend on their phone per day? • 30 minutes • 2 hours • 4 hours
    5. 5. If you learn 10 new terms in a course on Monday, how many will you forget in 48 hours? • 10% • 40% • 60%
    6. 6. How fast can Alfie the whippet run? • 18 mph • 30 mph • 38 mph
    7. 7. Learning Pool Mobile Encore
    8. 8. This is Jean…
    9. 9. Learning Pool Encore aims to: Improve job performance Improve knowledge retention Provide just in time learning Reinforce learning messages Support behaviour change
    10. 10. Encore pilot
    11. 11. Encore feedback • ‘Enjoyable approach and intuitive’ • ‘I found this a refreshing and really good way to learn’ • ‘I think Encore is a brilliant tool to reinforce learning over time’ • ‘I looked forward to opening each task to see what it would be’
    12. 12. Mobile apps
    13. 13. Learning Pool apps • • • • • London Bridge Hospital Child Development Health & Safety for Childminders NCT: Babychange UK City of Culture: Derry 2013
    14. 14. Activity
    15. 15. Mobile learning How can you use Encore and mobile learning to drive performance improvement in your organisation?
    16. 16. Test!
    17. 17. What is Learning Pool’s spaced practice learning app called? Encore
    18. 18. What is Learning Pool’s responsive e-learning tool called? Adapt
    19. 19. What’s this fast furry fellow called? Alfie
    20. 20. Thank you!