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How to create 'One Front Door' to learning and development


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Learning Pool's April 2014 webinar centered around 'How to create 'One Front Door' to learning and development. It was hosted by L&D professional Rachel Faulkner & Learning Pool's Head of Business Development Sam Barbee.

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How to create 'One Front Door' to learning and development

  1. 1. Warwickshire County Council Learning Management System
  2. 2. • Clarified sponsorship and backing • Set out a detailed specification • Ensured the project was in line with WCC ambitions, ICT Strategy, data security • Robust procurement from the G Cloud Framework • Worked closely with Legal Team and Procurement to develop and secure the contract with Learning Pool  Wanted……A Learning Management System?
  3. 3. Initial developments • Contractual arrangements • Systems, Data and Information Security • Branding – the initial look and feel • Authoring Training (Re-purposing would have been sufficient. To enable a number of people to be able to assess Learning Pool eLearning Modules ready for the Launch date)
  4. 4. • Systems training, classroom connect • Quality Assurance process for eLearning and modules • Communications – a variety of approaches across the • Council and key stakeholders • Identify Face to Face programmes to be transferred or uploaded on to WILMa Initial developments contd…….
  5. 5. • A number of key themes / clusters of work emerged • These formed the basis on the initial workstreams • Which in turn informed the governance ……and then there was the name….. • Warwickshire Interactive Learning Management……….. ummmm? We had problems with ‘a’ Initial developments contd…….
  6. 6. So WILMa was created Warwickshire Interactive Learning Management A branded cloud- based solution, providing access for all Warwickshire County Council staff. While enabling access to learning for partners from a range of agencies and organisations. Creating ‘one (multi-agency) front door’
  7. 7. • Workstreams were put in place, working towards the WILMa Launch (1st Oct 2013) • WILMa Management Team to give direction, develop processes and documentation (e.g issues log, roles and responsibilities for the WILMa community, managing WILMa’s emails etc), monitor activity of the workstreams • And in time a Steering Group formed with representatives from across the Council to guide the ongoing developments of WILMa Warwickshire Interactive Learning Management
  8. 8. • Systems training, classroom connect WILMa Workstreams Communications Evaluation Data Maintenance Systems & Classroom Connect Training and Development ELearning and QA of courses
  9. 9. WILMa Launch - 1st Oct 2013 Overall Site Administrators (L to R) Nikki Bagworth, Alison Ward, Rachel Faulkner
  10. 10. Governance
  11. 11. Systems Workstream • To drive forward the initial project activity • To develop, oversee, co-ordinate, implement, monitor and review processes, including classroom connect • To develop guidance and establish quality standards for the creation, review and maintenance and be committed to the delivery of a Learning Management System which provides opportunities for all workers, in all sectors, who access learning and development • To work closely with Learning Pool to enable robust reporting and data extracts Challenge: Ensuring that there is consistency across the whole system in line with WILMa guidance.
  12. 12. E&M Workstream • To plan, implement, monitor and review the development and • quality of electronic and mobile learning within WILMa • To establish and monitor quality standards for the creation, review, branding, repurposing, sharing and sign-off of electronic and mobile learning within WILMa • To act as the initial point of enquiry on the development of electronic and mobile learning Challenge: Ensuring that modules are effectively and efficiently quality assured in line with guidance; ensure that all modules reflect current practice knowledge requirements, policies and legislation.
  13. 13. Data Maintenance Workstream • To ensure an effective data transfer from WCC HRMS to WILMa is maintained to enable robust reporting • Own any issues highlighted with the accuracy of data within WILMa and ensure these are resolved or included for future development • Liaise with the HR/IT systems teams to ensure interdependencies of the two systems are addressed, when changes/improvements are made to either system • Manage any future versions/rollouts Challenge: Ensuring that data quality and integrity is monitored and maintained and issues are identified and addressed in a timely fashion.
  14. 14. Evaluation Workstream • To be responsible for reviewing evaluation across the whole business to ensure a consistent approach is implemented • Responsible for evaluating WILMa and engaging with learners and key stakeholders • Reviews and adapts forms and questionnaires to provide business leads with ROI and application of learning information. • Currently reviewing and revising evaluation reports Challenge Identifying the most effective questionnaire, quiz or form to use which provides the reports required by the business
  15. 15. Initial Communications Workstream • To raise awareness of changes in accessing Learning & Development Offerings • To encourage sign-in to new system via individual emails • Generate interest in WILMa and get people talking (+ve or –ve) • Co-ordinate Roadshows and drop-in sessions Challenge Ensure the communications are appropriate for all potential learners This has developed into the Marketing and Comms Workstream
  16. 16. Training and Development Workstream • To identify and understand training and development needs for various groups - administrators / managers / staff and external users • To work with all other workstreams to offer a range of support e.g. on-line, guides, face to face courses, demos • To consider how best to provide this, dependent on need - in-house or via Learning Pool Challenge: Ensuring that there is consistency across the whole system in line with WILMa guidance.
  17. 17. Working with partners Due to WILMa being a cloud-based solution and in conjunction with the Learning Pool approach our developments have also been embraced by our partners in other Local Authorities, Public Health, Police etc Where required, Learning Pool have provided a bespoke look and feel for discreet areas of the organisation. Such as our work with the Respect Yourself Campaign To date, we have worked in collaboration to provide effective eLearning solutions such as MECC (Making Every Contact Count) and Prevent
  18. 18. Next Steps • Continue to develop the WILMa Community across WCC to support the progression, ongoing developments and promote WILMa as one front door to earning • Continue the work with Learning Pool on reporting activity to ensure organisational compliance can be evidenced • Identify opportunities to work in partnership in collaboration with other organisations to develop eLearning by co-ordinating (timely ) Content Jams • Continue with the six month review in line with the developing WILMa roadmap
  19. 19. WILMa’s Travels
  20. 20. Ensure strategic sponsorship for the project and your approach fits with local objectives and strategies Identify and develop a broad scope of key stakeholders and willing colleagues, from across the organisation/s Put processes in place to manage interdependencies between workstreams or task and finish groups Be prepared…..However much capacity you think you will need - you will need more Top Tips…………
  21. 21. Thank you for taking the time to join this presentation …..and thank you to all Warwickshire colleagues who have worked so hard and with such commitment to develop WILMa, so far…….. …….and to colleagues from the Learning Pool Community who have provided support along the way