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From Zero to e-Learning in 90 days


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Framework Housing's Aisla Nicholls talks to Learning Pool Live delegates about going from Zero to E-Learning in 90 days.

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From Zero to e-Learning in 90 days

  1. 1. From Zero to e-Learning in 90 days Aisla Nicholls Head of HR
  2. 2. Who Are We?  Framework is a specialist charity that exists to tackle homelessness in all its forms  We work with more than 9,000 people across the East Midlands and parts of South Yorkshire  Everything we do fits in to three broad areas: 1. Preventing Homelessness 2. Helping people who are homeless 3. Providing opportunities to people who may otherwise struggle to find them
  3. 3. Services we provide…  Street Outreach  Accommodation Services Direct Access Supported Accommodation Move-on Accommodation  Homelessness Prevention Services Generic and Specialist Floating Support Legal Support  Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services  EVE
  4. 4. People We Support People supported by Framework come from a wide array of backgrounds and can have vastly different life experiences, from vulnerable young care leavers to experienced business people.
  5. 5. What was our need?  Growth of the organisation from 2010 onwards – despite the recession and third sector cuts  Greater geographical spread – Lincs, S Yorks  Getting more value for money  Ensuring everyone gets the same experience  Variety of course content  Variety of working hours – staff in hostels working shifts, peripatetic care staff, catering teams  Variety of services – NHS professionals, support staff, catering, painting and decorating, back office professionals etc
  6. 6. Meet Jon Leighton – Framework’s e- supremo…  Connected to Paul Webster (@watford_gap)  Showed me the variety they could offer  The rest is history….
  7. 7. My cunning plan...
  8. 8. Development of our DLE and its content  Urgent need for safeguarding training – differing availability in localities so this was our first port of call  Development of other courses – reviewing the content of existing products in the LP catalogue and branding them as FHA – quick wins  Compulsory enrolment  Used Adult Learning Week and worked with UNISON to promote engagement
  9. 9. Adult Learning Week  Used as a driver for engagement Prize Draws! Love 2 Shop vouchers Chocolates
  10. 10. Big thanks to my staff – without them this wouldn’t have happened Emma Hill – for marshalling the workforce and being so enthusiastic Christine Wilson – for her concerted effort and using her previous expertise with e-learning to get things going
  11. 11. Thank you for listening – any questions?