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Creating learning pathways with Open Badges


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Watch as learning specialist Bob Price shares his plans to use Open Badges to create a learning pathway that will underpin the knowledge required for the team at Newport City Homes.

Open Badges is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning.

In this presentation, you’ll find out how to:

- Collect badges from multiple sources, online and off, into a single backpack

- Display skills and achievements on many mediums

- Encourage and motivate learners with badges

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Creating learning pathways with Open Badges

  1. 1. Creating Learning Pathways with Open Badges Bob Price HR & OD Systems Officer
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Learning Pool DLE
  4. 4. What are Open Badges?
  5. 5. Recognition • Paper based • Easy to create • Easy to display • Difficult to verify
  6. 6. Badges… Visual representations Skills Learning Competencies Qualities Achievements Interests
  7. 7. Digital badges: “ an online representation of a skill you’ve earned” Open Badges take the idea further: “skills are verified through a credible organisation”.
  8. 8. Open Badges • Led by Mozilla Organisation • Open, online standard for verifying skills, learning, interests and achievements • Images with Metadata hard-coded into them • Recognise formal or informal learning • Collect badges from multiple sources into a single backpack and share through social networks
  9. 9. How it works…. Training Online Learning Volunteer Programs Learner Open Backpack
  10. 10. Open Backpack Share to social networks and other websites Job Opportunities Lifelong Learning New Possibilities How it works….
  11. 11. CVs are a bunch of claims Open Badges are a bunch of evidence
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Who is using them?
  14. 14. Who is using them?
  15. 15. Who is using them?
  16. 16. Who is using them?
  17. 17. Learning Pathways and Badges
  18. 18. Steps to take • Define clear criteria/definition of achievement to earn a badge • Be clear on what is to be achieved • Build the framework • Publicise!
  19. 19. Badging ecosystems Define your standards Validate Verify Authenticate Standards from in house, QCF, external bodies How do we validate the competencies that have been defined? Who ensure that the badging system is operating correctly within the organisation? Are the badges being displayed authentic and from the sources they say they are from?
  20. 20. Learning pathways using badging ecosystems Flat form badges are not dependant on each other
  21. 21. Dependent Key badges are dependant on other badges + =X Y Z Learning pathways using badging ecosystems
  22. 22. Levelled Graded badges with increasing difficulty Learning pathways using badging ecosystems
  23. 23. Meet the Academy
  24. 24. The Learning Pathway
  25. 25. How we did it… • Badges awarded via Learn@NCH • Learn@NCH profiles linked to an Open Backpack • Recipients show off their achievements!
  26. 26. Badge to be issued for evidence Badging and NVQs Module Unit 201 – Diversity Unit 203 - Health and Safety E-learning modules to be completed to underpin knowledge Equality and Diversity Health and Safety Essentials Fire Safety Manual Handling
  27. 27. What else?
  28. 28. Thank You @bobpricepln
  29. 29. Open Badges Learning Pool Open Badges MOOC Open Learn Barclays Digital Driving Licence City & Guild Tech Bac