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Career Exploration Steps Two and Three


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Step Two is Occupational and Educational Exploration. Step Three is Career Planning. Learn the steps of the career planning process.

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Career Exploration Steps Two and Three

  1. 1. Created by Dr. Mary AskewHolland Codes Resource Center © 2002 - 2012
  2. 2. Step Two: Occupational and Educational Exploration• Researching Occupations • Salary and Job Outlook • Occupations Linked to Vocational Interests, Abilities, and Skills • Post-Secondary Training Required
  3. 3. Step Two: Occupational and Educational Exploration (2)• Exploring Educational Opportunities • Major Courses Required • Educational Programs • Selection of a College, Technical School, Apprenticeship, Internship, or University • Financial Requirements and Scholarship Sources
  4. 4. Use the Research a Career database to find information on 1200+ occupations. Each Occupational List provides information on –• Overview• Interest (Holland Codes), Skills, and Values Scores• Outlook and Earnings• Job duties and Working Conditions• Advancement and Areas of Study• Training or Educational Levels• School Search Tools
  5. 5. The Research a Career Tool allows you to research careers by name or Industry Group.The Industry Groups are –• Architecture & Engineering• Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media• Building and Ground Cleaning and Maintenance• Business and Financial Operations• Community and Social Services• Computer, Information Technology and Mathematics
  6. 6. Step Three: Career Planning• Planning for College • College Web Sites • College Brochures • College Catalogs • College Admission Departments
  7. 7. Step Three: Career Planning (2)• Preparing for a Career • Career Web Sites • Community College Career Centers • Informational Interviews • Job Shadowing • Apprenticeships
  8. 8. The School Tool obtains school from a database of 6000+ post-secondary institutions. The School Tool searches for schools according to the following criteria –• Name of School• Location of School• Region in the USA• Type of School• Size and Cost• Major Areas of Study