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This presentation is about the 7 excuses people make when asked why they don't run their own webinars

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On demand webinars

  1. 1. The 7 Excuses People Make When Asked Why They Don’t Run Their Own Webinars 25 October 2010
  2. 2. "I dont think I can make money from webinars, and can't see their place in my product portfolio." • If you are a service based organisation, you can productise your knowledge and share it with prospective clients. Free Webinars can help to build your list with prospective clients interested in what you do. • Your webinars can help qualify them, or you can charge for them and earn a revenue from the "admission fees". Alternatively you could always followup your webinar delegates by email with one of your other "existing solution" cross sell or upsell promotions.
  3. 3. "I don't know how to create content for a webinar." • Many people don't. Some interview industry experts, record the interview, transcribe the interview, create a report or other digital product using the content of the interview and sell it and its derivatives. • Other website owners conduct polls and surveys to find out what prospects and clients are interested in, and outsource the content creation or compilation for their Webinars.
  4. 4. "My list isn’t big enough, to promote a webinar." • OK. So find a JV partner, website owner, or ezine/newsletter owner whose list is big enough, offer to interview them on the understanding that they will mail their list. Alternatively there are a whole host of different tactics you can use to promote your calls and webcasts such as PPC, blogging, using squeeze pages, Free Items of Values and much more. • You could even embed your content using an on demand webinar platform and distribute your content on high traffic sites and resources to help get signups for your webinar. .
  5. 5. • Maybe you need to incentivise or reward them with bonus gifts and incentives to register for your Free and "paid for" webinars. • Maybe you'll offer them an early bird discount, or other added value to help encourage them to sign up. "I don't think I can motivate prospects to register for my webinars"
  6. 6. "I don't have much of a marketing budget or advertising budget, so how I can promote my webinars” • Refer back to Slide 4. You could also do ad swaps in people's ezines, or offer to write articles for their ezine/newsletter. Maybe you know a Group owner on Facebook or linkedin.com with a sizeable list who might offer to do an endorsed mailing for you. • When you think about it long enough, you can come up with lots of ways to promote your webinars.
  7. 7. • You have a psychological advantage, as many people love to be interviewed, and many will furnish you with questions, that will help them be seen or come across in a good light, and put across all the relevant points they want to share. • Refer to Slide 3, for you could ask your prospects and clients questions that they have about a particular topic or subject and pose their questions in writing to your "guest speaker or expert". You could of course, get someone else to interview them. Either way, you've got an excellent strategy for generating content for your webinars. "I don't have the confidence to interview experts in different industries. I wouldn't know what to say to them or ask them”
  8. 8. • Maybe you will, then again, maybe you won't. But, what if you got just 20 people to pay you £49 to attend a webinar. What if you got 4 joint venture partners to recommend you to their lists and they generate 100 registrations for your £197 webinar. • What if you get 1, 3 or 5 (or more) people signing up to your £3000, 8 week telecoaching program. Remember webinars are seminars without the travelling, without the room hire, and without the overnight stays, and your prospects will recognise that. You could then record your webinars and get the same joint venture partners to sell your transcripts, audios, videos or other digital products you create from your webinar content, to sell it back to their lists. "I really don't think I could earn an extra £5000 a month from webinars."
  9. 9. Thank you Now visit www.solvexx.com and learn about how to run your own webinars.