How i felt while first public speaking


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I would like to share a short story of how I felt while first public speaking. I believe that it is inspiring and tell you about some simple challenges you face while you're a kid or might be even when you're young.

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How i felt while first public speaking

  1. 1. How I felt while first public speaking Public speaking can be a very frightening moment for most of us. While many people enjoy it, for me, my first anchoring experience is filled with surprises and perhaps many stressing moments. It was the summer of the year 2010. I was in my sixth grade when one day some teachers came to me and told me that I had been selected as one of the anchors of the Annual function that was soon going to be held. My joy knew no boundaries; but it was the first time I was going to speak in front of a mass so I got a little frightened. I was not a very confident person. So keeping my heart from getting afraid, I joined the team of 10 students who were going to host the show. The next day, I went to my school feeling proud that I was one among the team. The teacher gave me my script and told me to practice it really well because the Annual function was in a week. So, I took the script in my hand and carefully read my lines. Then, I scrupulously folded it and kept it in my bag. Then, I went home and started reading it; I read it several times. I was afraid that I would forget it on the right day. So, I kept reading it. But later I found it an amusement so I forgot the main reason of reading it and stated reading it for fun. I read it in different accents and voices and suddenly I realized that I shouldn’t have wasted time doing that. I looked at the clock and found that it was 10 pm. I quickly went to bed. And after a week came the Annual function that I had been quite frightened about. Just about only 3 days ago, I had recovered from a sore throat. So, I wasn’t much confident but I had inspiration in my heart. I looked at the other people’s performances and looking at how well they did, I got a little bit more nervous because I thought I couldn’t do it as good as they could. I hadn’t slept all night; I couldn’t. So, I was very tired. Then it was my turn. The teacher called me to the backstage and gave me the microphone. I held it tightly with my shivering hands. Then, with butterflies in my stomach, I slowly got on the stage. I couldn’t feel myself when I was in the stage; I forgot everything and my mind went blank. I was almost frozen when I saw everybody staring at me; everybody’s eye was stuck on me. Then, I took a deep breath and calmed down. I then forgot the lines of my script and started talking to the audience as if I knew each one of them very well. I forgot about the announcement and started to talk about funny things. And, just when I was in the middle of a joke I was sharing, a teacher behind the curtains softly whispered about the announcement. And I got a bit nervous and was embarrassed about what I did. I quickly stopped my stupid talks and announced the next program. Then I was badly scolded by the teacher; I was demotivated.
  2. 2. I thought I was useless and was unable to announce. I returned home disheartened but my parents kept consoling me telling me that I had done a great job. But, I didn’t believe them. The next day when I went to school, I was up for a surprise. The principle called me which made me really badly frightened. I entered his cabin and was soon surrounded by teachers. I got really nervous and before they could say anything, I apologized about my mistake. The principle intervened and told me that I had actually hosted very well. But I could remember nothing that time about my anchoring except for the fact that I had messed up a lot of things. I was pleased to hear that but was also confused. I got inspired and felt quite happy later. And from that day, I learned that whenever the time gets though and the roads get rough, listening to your heart is the best solution. In fact it is like your heart knows about what will happen next and prepares you for the moment.