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Arduino Labs

  1. 1. Arduino Labs Arduino Labs V2 Dated Dec 20,2009
  2. 2. Why Arduino It is low cost - Just Rs 1000/- gets you started. It is easy - 1 hours on PC and you are confident. It is open source - nothing is hidden. It is multi platform - Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OSX It can create complex applications/ products.
  3. 3. Simple Labs Lab 1 deals with just one LED, start with a simple blinker to code that says SOS or SMS (morse code) Lab 2 deals with serial port or interface computer with Arduino Port Lab 3 interface GPS device and computer where location is sensed and displayed lat/long/time info on serial port
  4. 4. What will you learn Basic Grammer, Simple commands Communication bet ween 2 devices (computer and embedded unit) Communication bet ween 3 devices (complex embedded unit, simple embedded unit and computer)
  5. 5. What Next Interface simple other devices - Alpha numeric devices - Key board and Digital Display - Real Time Clock - Relay and Opto couplers - Temprature, Current, Voltage - DTMF Signals
  6. 6. After That Integrate Multiple Devices Add user interface / sequence Create a real life application that inspires you.
  7. 7. Material Required Computer with Linux/Windows/MAC OS with RS232 port Arduino Board with pre-programmed ic with boot loader +12V Power Supply RS232 Cable
  8. 8. Installation Download and Install latest version of Arduino soft ware (017 as on Nov 2009) Connect Arduino board with power supply and RS232 port. Note the mcu on Arduino and Serial port of computer Run ARDUINO. Select board and port from tool menu.
  9. 9. Arduino Pin Numbers Arduino board has 20 I/O lines. Numbered from 0 to 19 All are general purpose I/O Some has additional functions Pin 13 is LED on Board. It glows when pin is HIGH and off when LOW.
  10. 10. Some Common Words Sketch - Program that runs on the arduino boards. Digital - Only t wo values 1(HIGH) or 0(LOW). Analog - Multiple values (like volume, light intensity) Usually has a range from 0 to 255. Pin - input or output connected to something like switch or led.
  11. 11. More Common Words Port - Serial port on which arduino is connected for uploading the program (sketch). Bootlaoder - Like OS. A program that starts first. Wait for new user program. If nothing received then start the existing user’s program. Upload - A process done at computer that sends the user program via serial
  12. 12. Just Remember Select proper com port (Tools | Serial port) Select proper board (Tools | Boards). For version 1 it is Arduino NG or Older with ATMEGA168 (some may have ATMEGA8) When uploading ensure that Hyperteminal is disconnected or close.
  13. 13. PWM (PWM-AT168) PIN 0/1 JP0 SERIAL GND REF ENABLE AREF R1 0V 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 T2 R2 TX RX C1 C2 C3 LED0(Tx) PIN 13 R5 R7 R8 LED1(Rx) R6 PIN 2(TxD) PIN 3(RxD) R3 16MHz ICSP MISO SV PIN 4(DSR) SCK MOSI PIN 5(GND) RST GND T1 RESET C9 S1 C6 C7 C5 C8 D2 D3 R4 R9 L1 R10 SDA SCL D1 POWER R11 12V C4 AUTO RESET RST NC GND 5V 0 0 9V 0 1 2 3 4 5 DC1 ANALOG IN LED14 (POWER) JP4
  14. 14. Common Queries I am doing MCA. I have no Idea about elecronics. - That’s okay. - There is no electronics more than you have in PC. - In PC you connect key board, mouse, pen driver, external HDD/CDROM, modem or Monitor. - Here also you may connect some boards like GPS or GSM or Display.
  15. 15. Common Queries This is too simple. I plan to work on sound analysis or TCP/IP protocols - That’s okay. - Inital labs deal with leds and serial port. - Very soon you will be able to connect to a ser ver via TCP protocols or connet to ethernet or control a complete elevator with this board. - By the way the speed of this board is more than 3X of that of IBM/PC - first popular computer that you may remember
  16. 16. Common Queries This is only for hobby - Yes, this is for hobby. - And at the same time, it is used for commercial and power ful application. - Some application that we have installed are remote monitoring of Mobile Phone Towers and Traffic Timers. - Check on web, you may be able to find lot more serious application than hobby applications
  17. 17. Common Queries This version is with RS232 and only for Desktop - This is an entry level model costing Rs 1000/- - Next model with USB connectivity is also available. - More models with memory upto 128kb and I/Os upto 50 are available. - They of course cost more. Yet the same programs will work on them as it is.
  18. 18. Common Queries Do I have to buy boards from you. - The complete details including PCB design, circuit diagram are available from - All parts as well as complete boards are available in local markets in India. - On line training is open and free. - Personal training is available from various sources and is paid. There is nothing extra that is not on website.
  19. 19. Contact Have more ideas, queries, suggestions? Contact me at - Vinay Chaddha email : SMS : 9811074026
  20. 20. Spread the knowledge This training is at zero cost to you We request you to explain the process and give demo to 20 more students. Update their names, college name, course name, semster, email id and mobile number to trainees